“Self-improvement” Qiu Chen, with his team in the show desperately, calmly face life in the cancer experience. She is like a "pessimistic optimist", pessimism is the appearance, optimism is the core, she uses internships to express the life creed.

"Ecleious" Ma Weiwei, she lives according to her own character. "The reversal of life is nothing more than a transition between moods." In this world, a good personality is a living method, and she chooses to be independent of others.

"Hundred Years Old Soup" Huang Zhizhong, he is a gentle but powerful person. "You don't have to be ashamed of the goodwill of others, not to express your dislike." He is an expressor, and the part of the interpretation is left to the audience. It is superficial or esoteric and has nothing to do with him.

All three are independent self, but they still understand each other tolerant and cherish. Take interest as the starting point and love as the driving force. Proud of independence and gentleness by love.