BaiLu New York is an independent non-governmental, non-religious, non-profit comprehensive cultural exchange platform registered in New York, USA. With the concept of “improving the ability of independent thinking and the overall quality of the backbone of society,” BaiLu currently has over 1,000 members.


Initially, BaiLu aims to make thoughts more independent and seeks to provide an independent social and cultural theme exchange platform for Chinese residents, visitors, as well as young practitioners around New York. For more than four years, encouraging young Chinese and American people to think broadly, to exchange ideas and to perform cross-border learnings, BaiLu has gradually created the first brand of face-to-face exchange activities for young Chinese overseas.


BaiLu organizes free offline exchange activities every weekend in Manhattan, New York. Our boutique activities include:BaiLu Forum,White Talk (Thematic Exchange), white art.


BaiLu, the name of our organization, is taken from Yuelu Academy located on Yuelu Mountain in Hunan, China. Bai (meaning "white" in English), symbolizing refinement and idealization, pursues independent thinking and is determined to transcend traditional ideals. BaiLu, therefore, defines our persistence in both maintaining our origins and surpassing the spirit of tradition.


Email: bailu.newyork@gmail.com

Micro signal: bailu_culture

Fan Fan
Zhou Anbo
Ya Ting
Tang Yuan
Lu Yihua
Dong Zhang Gu Yi
Wendi K
Li Wei
Hu Jinyu
Guo Mengyu
Ye Lin
Tang Jun
Chenjing Wang
Tang Wei
He Siyuan
Wu Shizhen