Have you never thought about it,

I can also look at the movie "Little Prince" from a psychological point of view.



Time can heal all the pain. When this parting sorrow subsides, you will be grateful for our meeting.

-"little Prince"

You are only

need to have a rest







Fatigue in life,

People occasionally want to drive an airplane.

Drive to the vast desert,

Drive to the boundless sea,

It can be done anywhere.

There, recognizing some interesting people,

Don't ask for a name,

Also irrelevant to status;

There, going through some interesting things,

Just leave,

Come to a romantic adventure.


There is a little girl living in a gray city.There is no childishness in the eyes of the same age child, and the future is already planned by the mother of the woman.


After all the changes, there was a change: the little girl and the strange grandfather next door became friends. He was told that the young pilot himself was forced to land in the desert, and the story of a little prince was cherished.


The stars are shining in the night sky,

Maybe to make everyone,

Can be in the sky,

Find their own planet...

                                                    -"little Prince"

After the old man fell ill, in order to help the elderly achieve a goodbye to the little prince wish.

The little girl drove the plane and started an unknown and moving adventure.


That's right!

This is the story in the movie "Little Prince"


Marc Orben

Dubbed by Jeff Bridges, McKenzie Foy

Adapted from the classic work of the same name by Anthony de Saint-Exupery

This time, I was lucky enough to invite Professor Peter Lin. The professor will watch the "Little Prince" movie with you and lead everyone to discuss it from the perspective of psychology, open the door to the psychological world for you, and sort out the intricacies of your heart~


This day, the psychological guest of the day

Peter Lin

Senior psychologist

St. Joseph's College current professor

Professor Peter Lin is an authorized New York psychologist. He holds a master's degree in biostatistics from Columbia University and a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Yeshiva University. Professor Peter Lin studied and practiced at the Weill Cornell Medical Research Institute at Cornell University and the HIV Research Center at Columbia University. Professor Peter Lin has been exposed to various age groups and faces various psychological problems in Mount Sinai, New York Hopital, and NYU-Bellevue Hospital. Long-term study and practice undoubtedly made him a senior scholar and doctor in psychotherapy. Currently, Peter Lin teaches at St. Joseph's College and teaches Cinema Therapy and Therapeutic Photography.

White 麓 NYC

Activity time: September 20th 18:30-21:00

Venue: 315W 36th St. Wework 9th Floor

Those who have seen the movie, you can choose to come to the scene to revisit with everyone; you can also choose the second half of the event to 噢~

This event is limited to 8-12 people!Please register quickly

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Professor Peter Lin:Watching the movie "Little Prince"

Chalk psychology

White 麓 NYC

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