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:"Hey, hello.Don't sleep, it’s timeGet up and play the game!
Have you ever thought about the story of the designers behind the game when you are addicted to the game at the end of the screen?
In this issue of White Talk we will lead you to the details that have been forgotten behind those games.

Game to meIs a form of expression of creation.

Relative to animation or comics, the game can bring a stronger immersive experience.

Through play, the player catches a glimpse of the corner of the world created by the game creator and participates in it.

This form of game can establish a communication that spans time and space, allowing authors and players to understand each other.

Knock · black · board

In this issueOtaniIn the game design thinking, game development is carried out as a whole.When he sees the game as a work of art, the program forms its skeleton, the art adds its flesh, the music renders its atmosphere, and the game plan gives its soul – every one is essential.

On the other hand, the loss is a thousand miles.The same soul and concept can be expressed in differently different bones.The completeness of the planning at the beginning of the project, the control of the details of the fire, determines the final appearance of the work.When the fire is shallow, it is rough and simple. When the fire is over, the plan is ignored, and it is caught in the cycle of barbarian growth.


This time, 麓Talk, we invited a senior game developer, Otani, who lives in New York, who will combine development.Eddy Purpleversus"Diffuse Simulator"Experience,share it:
  • How to get in touch with the game, and finally choose to embark on the heart of the game producer's journey

  • Creative skills and project planning experience in the development of single player games

  •  The concept behind the 48-hour game design competition and the importance of teamwork
  • On the importance of music design for a game practitioner


Bloody Dairy 

Otani scored for this work and was selected for the Festival International du Film d'Animation d'Annecy. The film was inspired by Min Liu, a contemporary artist from New York. Every day for 1-2 seconds, she records her own whimsy with hands-on; about life, art, affection or the kittens at home. The 100-day inspiration diary was set up into a short film, so I got this Bloody Diary.


  • A game practitioner makes a soundtrack for contemporary art installations

Otani has done a soundtrack for the contemporary art installation "ORIENS East", "Red Tide_RedTide", etc. The full version can be seen on the artist Cao Yuxi page:


  • Recommend quality games for everyone from the perspective of game producers

  • Otani's outlook for the next generation of gaming platforms


Classmate,I heard that you are interested in the story of game developers?

Hu Luobei

Hey. I believe that the sisters and men who like to explore the story behind the game are not too bad..


If you are also interested in game development, art or the arranger behind you, you are welcome to join us and have a day and night without a limit.


About the present speaker

Otani Spitzer

Otani is a game developer living in New York, specializing in programming, art, and composition. The individual independently developed the "Diffuse Simulator" and "Eddy Violet" two games, and participated in the compositional music part of the game "Fantasy Township forever disappearing" and "True Track".
2018 – 
Personal Development of "Diffuse Simulator"
The final chapter of "Fantasy Township forever disappearing"
"Tracing" composing
2017 – 
"Eddy Purple" personal development
"1998 Great Combat" composer / sound effect
Song of Fungus Personal Development – Ludum Dare The 12th 72nd Game Development 12th (1,841 games)
"ORIENS East" Composer - New Media Installation, Beijing Today Art Museum
2016 – 
Zombies Shall Not Pass! Personal Development – Selected for the IndieCade Los Angeles E3 Indie Game Zone
"Cat Box 2" technical art
"Turn it! Gear Jun" composer / sound effect
2015 – 
"Bloody Dairy" Composer / Sound Effect - Animated Short Film, Selected for the French Annecy Film Festival

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August 24, 2019

14:30 to 17:30


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