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Rural girls, Silicon Valley workers, breaking through tradition, changing destiny

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Year 2009

Hunan rural girl

Pipeline women workers


Google worker

Located in Manhattan, New York, USA

After 2019


Sun Ling Susie

My name is Sun Ling, one is fromRural girl in HunanI graduated from elementary school for a period of time due to family reasons and did not have the opportunity to go to college.After graduating from high school in 2009, I was fortunate enough to get in touch with the computer and embarked on the road of programmers.

In September 2011, after I was tired of domestic code farmers,Have the intention to go abroad. Interested in it, I created a public account for English learning in June 2014, and I have gained a lot of followers who are interested in English. I came to the United States in October 2017 to continueStudy and work,it is ... nowGoogle programmerWorking in Manhattan, New York.

I like it in addition to writing code every day.Frisbee, running, hiking, skiing. I have been to the Frisbee competition in many places, the longest walking distance is 60km, and I ran over 5 whole horses (swearing never to run all the horses)~

Sun Ling Susie

Hunan Rural Girl·Google Programmer·Life Aesthetics

Sun Ling (second from the left in the back row)

28 years old this year,

Is now atManhattan, New YorkOn the eighth avenue

Google Office BuildingWork in.

Leading her out of the small village,

NotSimple pursuit of annual salary and position,

And herChange the perseverance and courage of fate.

Google Building

@New York Manhattan Chelsea


Soul questioning

in case

youBorn in the countrysidePrimary school graduationForced to drop out of school.

Facing the surroundingQuestioning and traditional thinking,

        Will you live a lifetime in a small village?

  Accept this life?

still is

Will be like this young girl,

In five yearsMake up for fatedifference,

                        Out of Hunan Xiaocun Town,

                                    Five more yearsBeyond ordinary people,

Change your life?

a chat-style exchange

Sun Ling quickly became popular on the Internet, so that everyone is right for her.Open lifeHave a certain understanding.

This time, Baiyun Talk was fortunate to have Sun Ling, let her face to face to tell us in the online report.Unseen story.



As a Silicon Valley programmer, in addition to writing code every day, I will do a lot of projects in my amateur, such asRecording a documentary,participateMarathon runWith friendsRidingWait. At first it was to get out of the comfort zone and now it has developed into a hobby.

——Sun Ling


We are all time travelers,In search of light in life,For the rest of his life,Walking on a long journey.

- Andy Andrews


It is said that New York is not New York in the United States, it is New York in the world..

People from all over the world come to New York at the same time.

Carrying their own dreams and beliefs,

Let yourself be bornGolden years,

Bloom in this city full of possibilities.


What is it that makes Sun Ling have such aThoughts and beliefs;

What is the edge of a few times on the verge of giving up?Support her;

Now sheWhat are you doing at the top of the world?

Her futureWhere will you go to the corner of the world?

Continue to shine?

—To Be Continued—

Heavy | Event Host

Zhang Chujun

Master of Media, Bilingual Host, Senior Event Host

Zhang Chujun is a bilingual presenter and is currently pursuing a master's degree in the Department of Media at Columbia University. She holds a bachelor's degree in journalism from Renmin University of China and a master's degree in television and film from the University of London. Now ChinaDaily is an intern reporter and has worked and internships at BBC, CCTV, Phoenix TV, and Xinhua News Agency in London.

Zhang Chujun has participated in the filming of four TV series and has hosted many Beijing TV stations and domestic and international events, including the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the United States hosted by the Carter Center in Atlanta, the 6th Inter-Omaha Summit, the Columbia China Forum, and the 2019 Grand Spring Festival Evening. The 26th China Chamber of Commerce Spring Festival Gala in Atlanta, the Spring Festival Evening in the North American Three Schools, the North American Mingde Forum of the Renmin University of China, and the Talent Exchange Development Conference of the North American College Alliance. She has independently filmed documentaries and microfilms and published papers in the China Science and Technology Communication Journal.


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白麓Talk | Sun Ling·10 years of barbaric growth



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