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"I used to think that the man is my favorite person in the world.He shot the gun at my head many times and said that he would kill me.

This is Leslie Morgan Steiner's TED speech sharing her personal experience as a victim of domestic violence.

"People are constantly asking a question, why don't I leave?


No matter where in the world, the implementation of domestic violence is by no means an exception.

This phenomenon has become a serious social problem, the world35%Women have suffered physical and/or sexual violence from intimate partners or sexual violence from non-partners, and cases of domestic violence against men are rarely publicly discussed.

People know little about the definition and causes of domestic violence. What is even more frightening is that many people are not aware of themselves in a domestic violence environment. More people are still plagued by the psychological shadows of spiritual violence in the original family.

domestic violence n.

Domestic Violence 

Referred to as domestic violence, it refers to the occurrence of family members,Beaten,Bundle,Confinement,MutilationOr other means for family members frombody,spirit,SexAnd other acts of injury and destruction. Domestic violence directly affects the victim’s body, causing the victim’s physical or mental suffering, jeopardizing his physical health and personal dignity.


This session will explore and answer the following questions:

1. When we talk about domestic violence (domestic violence), what are we talking about? What is a domestic violence? If I haven't gotten married yet, will I experience domestic violence?

2. Domestic violence sounds serious, but it is very common, why?

3. Why use violence? What do the two sides of the domestic violence think? Why can't he/she stop using violence against a loved one? Why do people I love violence with me, but I don't leave?

4. How does violence in a native family affect me who is healthy in adulthood? Does the child have less influence than the age of the note, violence against him/her or violence in front of him/her?

5. Is the domestic violence really only once or innumerable on the Internet?

6. Is domestic violence a chores? If not, where is the limit?

7. If violence cannot be used, how can I solve the problems in the family and intimacy?

8. Is the sense of boundaries really so heavy? The clear boundaries make me very uncomfortable. Why can't my blurred boundaries be respected?

9. If violence is real in a domestic violence relationship, then love? Is there love in this relationship?

10. Will the impact of domestic violence on me be with me for a lifetime? how should I do?

Presenter introduction

Li Gezhou

I long for life as my own name, an oasis on the Gobi Desert, a natural healing system, giving hope to others and myself. New York State Certified Psychologist, graduated from a rare Jewish university in New York but international students(Yeshiva University). NowCommunity Counseling and MediationRenFamily Treatment RehabilitationProject supervision, while entering the United StatesBetterhelpAnd domesticKnowyourselfThe platform is a counselor, frequent amateurs"Pick upThe customer background is very different and the consulting experience is rich. Since childhood, semi-professional dancers have remained competitive, and they are keen to develop themselves to understand themselves, to stabilize their hearts, and to go beyond themselves from the inside out. Do not seek wealth, but seek to maximize the social experience and feel the life. A hard life will only leave in the future.



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August 21, 2019

18:30 – 21:00


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