this is BaiLu NYC 's 259 th Event

Remember 2019yearJanuary 20,IMeet each otherin"The music world of Hisaishi"? People's thirst for music makes it hard to get a ticket for this concert.


We pay tribute to the famous Japanese film soundtrack masters represented by Hisaishi. The musicians from China, Japan, Korea and the United States will bring the melodic melody of Hayao Miyazaki's animated films and other famous film and television works to everyone.





9Month 1We will welcome the first concert of the 2019-2020 White Dragon Music Festival.


The concert was carefully arranged by members of the White String Chamber String Quartet.Chinese traditionsDrama and stage play, passionateTango musicWesternclassical music,AnimeversusModern movieClassic soundtrack. Large-screen projections and unique live performances will be an immersive audio-visual feast.


"String Quartet through Time and Space",Let us cross the boundaries between time and space,Go all outInterpret and feel the charm of music.


Chalk Chamber Orchestra String Quartet


Xin Yu (Xin, Yu)

Traveling to Singapore,American violin playingFamily,Depaul School of Music, Chicago 

Jia Wei (Jia, Wei)

Artistic director of the Baiji Music Season,a violinist from the United States,Michigan State University PhD

Qiao (Dan)

a viola player from the Chicago Symphony Orchestra,Michigan State University PhD

Hong Caiyuan (Hong, Chae Won)

Brigade, the United States, a Korean cellist,A number of international award winners

More about the soloists and members of the Chamber Orchestra

Welcome to, the official website of the Baiji Music Season.



Track list



Happy Sariha

Take the Weihu Mountain and hit the tiger up the mountain 

White-haired female(including audition link)

"White-haired Girl" is one of the famous masterpieces of traditional Chinese opera. If you want to understand the traditional Chinese opera, this song is one of the must-have.



Piazzolla Free Tango

Astor Piazzolla: Libertango


a step far 

Carlos Gardel: Por una Cabeza




A step away (Spanish: Por una Cabeza) is a famous Spanish tango song, the fiddle song "Por Una Cabeza". In 1935, he was composed by Argentine singer Carlos Gedel, and Yafado Lepera finished his lyrics. "Por una Cabeza" in Spanish is the term for horse racing, meaning the length of the "poor one (horse) head". It is used in songs to express the inconvenience of being intricate and difficult to give up.


Because of its classic, this song has been selected as an episode by many famous movies, such as"Smelling a Woman", "Brave Heart", "Godfather", "True Lies"Wait.


Danish Quartet


Polska from Dorotea


Shine you no more



Germany Austria

Mozart play In D Major

Divertimento in D major, K. 136 

Mendelssohn: String Six Quartet 

Mendelssohn String Quartat No.6 in F minor, Op 80


Tchaikovsky:Such as the song board is selected from Tchaikovsky No. 1 string quartet 

Tchaikovsky Andante Cantabile from String Quartet No.1 in D


Hisaishi Joe: Two works of the Japanese TV series "Quartet"  

Student quartet

Melody road (including audition link)


The theme melody comes fromChinchilla, fireworks, bad kids sky


Japanese folk songs

Seaside song


Moonlight night




A hymn of love Original singer: EddiePiaf

Edith Piaf: Hymne a L'amour




Ennio Morricone: nuovocinema paradiso tema d'amore

Eni Morricone: Paradise Cinema · Theme song of love (including audition link)




"Paradise Cinema" directed by Italian director Giuseppe Tona Dore, the feature film starring Philip Novare and Sawatli Casio, was released in Italy on November 17, 1988.


The film tells the story of a lot of protagonists. I like to watch the projector's Evette special movie. I found the fun of childhood in the film. Later, I became a film director far away from my hometown.


The film won the 62nd Oscar Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 1990, and the 42nd Cannes Film Festival Jury in 1989prize.The music inside is even more impressive.



details of the event


September 1

4:30-6:30 PM


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