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Popcorn movies, thundering dramas and gorgeous images filled with social media spur our eyes all the time. The world famous works are not in the museum. On the radio and on the Internet, the commercial mass production of pop music has bombarded our ears. The fans screamed for the high price of the traffic stars, and the audience of the classical concert was cold and clear.

In this fast-paced society, in this fast-changing society, people tend to choose simple, no-brain sensory stimulation, and refreshing cola allows everyone to have a drink at the party, while carefully brewing red wine It requires relevant knowledge and cultural understanding to subtle taste.

But when you really want to get in touch with the highest crystallization of these human cultures, are you confused by the modern art museum to see the dotted lines on the wall? Are you lost when you read the stream of consciousness? Or when you approach a concert hall to enjoy a symphony, you are overwhelmed by the huge number of notes and the large number of notes from the pavement?

People tend to be discouraged before the threshold of elegant art. Whether it is literature, painting or music, different art works have different thresholds for aesthetics. To understand the subtlety of Li Bai's poetry, you need to understand the rhythm of poetry and rhythm, and appreciate Monet's famous paintings. You need to know how to understand the uniqueness of his composition, light and shadow, and strokes. To appreciate Beethoven's symphony you need to have a basic understanding of the structure of the music and the changes in harmony.

The cultural monuments of these human beings are engraved with the password of the goddess of art.Crossing this threshold to understand the subtleties, the interpretation of the Muse's password is precisely the fun of appreciating the works of art..

Bai Hao Art specially invited the artistic director of the Baiji Music Season, a violinist from the United States, and a Ph.D. from Michigan State University.Jia WeiBringing you a refreshing, live performance demonstration and presentationLectureTogether with you to reveal the password of Muse, he will lead you to use the visual changes of visual art, stereoscopic perception, linear development of literature and art, frame structure to interpret and appreciate classical music works, and explore the logical commonality in art with you. Help you step into the threshold of enjoying the fine art.

Jia Wei

Jia WeiyiSolo and chamber musicianHis identity has been active on the world stage for a long time. His performances cover China, the United States, Japan, Singapore, Germany, France, Luxembourg and other countries.

From 2009 to 2016, Jia Wei worked in the Guiyang Symphony Orchestra, the American Ermen Chamber Orchestra, and the Las Caninas Symphony Orchestra. Currently working for the Midland Symphony Orchestra, the Bad Quaker Symphony Orchestra, the Traverse City Symphony Orchestra and many other American professional symphony orchestras, with the New Mexico State Philharmonic Orchestra and the Southwest Michigan Symphony Orchestra.

Jia Wei served as assistant professor of the University of Oklahoma, the chief of the Symphony Orchestra, and solo. Javey is currently teaching at the Blue Lake International Music Festival, one of the largest youth music festivals in the United States, and is the chief and soloist of the International Youth Symphony Orchestra. Invited by Marietta College of Ohio, Javey is a guest musician at the school. He also teaches master classes for the students of the school.

Since 2018, Javey has been invited to serve as the artistic director of the New York White Dragon Music Festival, founded the White Chamber Chamber Orchestra, customized the music season concerts and regularly performed in New York and gave lectures. The violin currently used by Javey is a private collection of Professor Walter Verdehr, a French violin made by Paul blanchard in 1899.

Jia Wei is currently studyingMichigan State University Ph.D.He is currently taught by the famous violinist Walter Verdehr and the Paganini International Violin Competition gold medalist Dmitri Berlinsky, Professor Zhu Hong, Professor He Minnan.

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May 18, 2019

14:30 to 17:30


Midtown Manhattan

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