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Who is the representative of the sixth generation of directors in China? So no suspense should beJia Zhangke. 

The world's most authoritative film list TSPDT, the 2017 edition of the film's greatest 250 directors list, in the Asian director's ranking, Jia Zhangke ranked first15Position, before Chen Kaige (18th) and Wu Yusen (20th).




In 2015, Cannes will award the "Golden Carriage Award" for the "Pure Film Genius" Lifetime Achievement Award to Jia Zhangke, he becameThe first Chinese director to receive this honor.


The awards statement of the Film Festival Organizing Committee may best explain the difference between Jia Zhangke's films: "We decided to award this year's Golden Horse Car Award to Chinese director Jia Zhangke, and we are impressed by the vitality shown in Jia Zhangke's film. He The film is an image of poetry, and each frame is extremely accurate. The temperament of poets and prophets in Jia Zhangke's works makes us sincerely admire. His works tell the story of human loneliness and spiritual exploration, and witness the collective existence.




Looking back at 2018, Jia Zhangke’sChildren in the rivers and lakesEnglish:Ash Is Purest White)It is one of the most popular and concerned films in China. At the 71st Cannes Film Festival, "The Children of the Rivers and Lakes" became the only Chinese film selected for the main competition unit.

Among the "2018 most anticipated 100 films" listed by the famous film website Ioncinema, "Children of the Rivers and Lakes" ranked 9th. Even foreign media called it a "Balzak-style chronicler", "the most serious attempt to make a crime film since "Days of Heaven"", "one of Jia's greatest movies"...


And what’s exciting is this year.3Month 15day,This "Children of the Rivers and Lakes" will beQuad Cinema at Lincoln Center, New YorkReleased!


inFebruary 15On Friday night, Jia Zhangke will visit in person.BaiLu ForumI will share with you the "Children of the Rivers and Lakes" in his heart, share the story behind the movie and more about the film creation and film industry.


If you are curious about the rough and delicate rivers and lakes under his lens, if you are hesitant about how to appreciate literary films, if you want to know more about the status quo of the Chinese film industry. Then, don't miss out on the face-to-face communication opportunity with the most watched director in the Chinese film industry!



Presenter introduction



Jia Zhangke
Famous Chinese film director


In 1997, the 28-year-old Jia Zhangke won the 48th Berlin International Film Festival Youth Forum Award and the 3rd Busan International Film Festival New Wave Award for his long-form debut novel "Xiaowu".


In 2000, his feature film "The Platform" won the 57th Venice International Film Festival Asian Film Promotion Alliance Award.


In 2006, his feature film "Three Gorges Good Man" won the Golden Lion Award at the 63rd Venice International Film Festival.


In 2013, Jia Zhangke won the Best Screenplay Award at the 66th Cannes International Film Festival for his film "Days of Heaven".


In 2018, Jia Zhangke nominated the Palme d'Or at the 71st Cannes Film Festival with "Children of the Rivers and Lakes".


Movie posters for "Taiwan", "Three Gorges", "Days of Heaven"



Introduction to the movie "Children of the Rivers and Lakes"


"The rivers and lakes are both my romantic world of imagination, and the life I have actually experienced."—— Jia Zhangke


In "The Children of the Rivers and Lakes", Jia Zhangke carried out the grand reel of social change more completely. The story tells the story of a criminal love story between a pair of lovers in 17 years. In 2001, a city outside Shanxi. The model is clever and the taxi company owner Bin Ge is a pair of lovers. Bin Ge calls friends every day outside, and he hopes to enter the marriage as soon as possible. Once, Bin brother was attacked by competitors on the street. He was sentenced to five years in prison for protecting Bin’s street. After I was out of jail, I started looking for Bin brother to start again, but things have changed unexpectedly...



Jia Yuke's "Children of the Rivers and Lakes", the story originated from the rivers and lakes, and the gradually clear outlines of the rivers and lakes are placed in the gradual development of the life of the children of the rivers and lakes. This is a film that uses the dialogue between the mountains and the west. It is rooted in the county towns and mountains where the land of China is very ordinary but beautiful. In the course of the 17-year era, the sea of sangtian, things are human beings, the children of the rivers and lakes have experienced rough times, and the wave of the times has been pushed into the sky. Jia Zhangke picked up the fragments of time and used an invisible line to connect the Chinese story with mountains and rivers, rivers and lakes, children, and love and ordinaryness.

The film is starring Liao Fan, Zhao Tao, Xu Wei, Liang Jiayan, Yan Yinan, Ding Jiali, Zhang Yibai, Zhang Yi and Dong Zijian.



"Jianghu Children" Awards


The 71st Cannes Film Festival  (2018)

Main competition unit Golden Palm Award (nomination) Jia Zhangke

The 55th Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival  (2018)

Golden Horse Award Best Actress (nomination) Zhao Tao

The 13th Asian Film Awards  (2019)

Best Actress (nomination) Zhao Tao

Best Screenplay (nomination)

The 5th Douban Film Annual List  (2018)

The highest rated romance (nomination)


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February 15, 2019

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