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White Dragon Music Season 2018 Review | Experience the exciting world of diverse music

The best thing in the world is to meet someone who knows you. A wonderful hand to pick up the sound of the outside world, a childlike heart to dream of the realm, Hayao Miyazaki has given us another world, and Hisaishi Jean has fulfilled our dreams.

 "Playing is the last step in making music into music. This is the scene, the last chance. The audience is in front of us, everything is close to a certain boiling point. A button that is invisible to the eye is triggered, and the music finally becomes music."

On January 20th, we will celebrate the first concert in 2019, "The Music World of Hisaishi". This concert will pay tribute to the famous Japanese film soundtrack masters represented by Hisaishi, the musicians from China, Japan and Korea. We will bring the melodic melody of Hayao Miyazaki's animated films and other famous film and television works to everyone in the day. The concert's work is a chamber music version created by our musicians for this concert. The large-screen projection and unique live performance will be an immersive sensory feast.

First violin: Javey    

Second violin: Kailag (US)

Viola: Seyka Camarca (US)   

Cello: Sasaki Miki (Japan)

Flute: Liu Tinghe (South Korea)       

Piano: B Yi Nai Yi (Day)

More about the soloists and members of the Chamber Orchestra Welcome to the official website of the Baiji Music Season

Playing tracks

Kiki's home delivery suite

Howl's Moving Castle

Kikujiro summer

Princess of the ghost

Castle in the Sky

Firefly's Tomb

Goldfish on the cliff

Spirited Away 

My Neighbor Totoro Suite

Entering the division

Cat's repay


Venue address

The audiovisual concert will be held at MARC A. SCORCA HALL of OPERA AMERICA. It has a dreamy and comfortable color space, excellent live sound presentation design, excellent audience viewing experience, superior piano quality and theater lighting system.

This concert is an anime theme, and you are welcome to cosplay or wear anime theme decorations.

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January 20



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