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A discipline, three ecology, more than 40 years, more than 60 million wholly-owned public welfare investment, nearly 100 billion invested in the amount of restoration works: desert islands, deserted sand, deserted beaches, wetlands, canals, bare cliffs, the Yellow River, the bridge , repair roads.


Professor Zhu Renmin is looking for various typical wild landforms that have been destroyed by human beings in China, and has carried out more than 30 years of arduous ecological restoration to confirmSave the ecology with art"The theory and its feasibility."

After more than 30 years of hard practice, Professor Zhu Renmin founded the "Human Ecological Restoration". With the concept of "saving the ecology with art", he continued to practice and create, and finally realized the use of art to pull GDP, so that the ecology, economy, art, employment rate, etc. go hand in hand.

Thank you in this issueConfucius Institute at the School of Optometry, State University of New YorkIn the cooperation, Professor Zhu is a guest of art, explaining the ecology he saved through art and the ecology he is saving. Professor Zhu will also introduce us to his different forms of personal artistic creation, includingChinese painting, Zen painting, prints and comics.

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 Professor Zhu Renmin

In this lecture, Professor Zhu will explain to us some of the ecological restoration projects he has done:


Lotus Island Daguanyin Project and Luohan Changdi

                                     ——Save the desert island with art

The lotus island before being repaired is a desert island facing thedestroyIsland reclamationrisks of.Zhu Renmin had no choice but to buy it.In the absence of any electricity, water, warmth, roads, routes, docks and other predicaments, more than 20 years of arduous repair and struggle, with one's own efforts to finally protect this nature's ingenious work.

With the artist's imagination and social responsibility, Zhu Renmin spent 20 years alone and repaired the desert island intoGreen building wonderland at sea.

Zhu Renmin used the ballpoint pen art to create a bird's eye view of the "Lianhuadao Daguanyin" project, and began to fully design and implement.


Garbage River Restoration - Hangzhou Shenglihe Food Street

 Before repair

The original appearance of the Victory River before the restoration was originally the famous garbage river in Hangzhou and a high incidence area. From the beginning of the Grand Canal, Zhu Renmin has been pursuing to Hangzhou, and chose to settle the ruin of the most severely damaged Grand Canal and repair it with artistic means.


After repair

In 2008, Zhu Renmin created the long scroll of the Great Canal and the Hushu River on the Chinese Grand Canal, and transformed the long scroll into the famous Grand Canal landmark in Hangzhou, repairing the city's famous garbage river.China's top ten food streetOne of them. He combines the history of the Grand Canal with the modern format in an artistic way, creating a new Grand Canal architectural food street with a perfect blend of culture, ecology and business.


Zhu Renmin's creation with Chinese paintingRing house》,Zhu Renmin used the landform of the Three Rivers to design it into a ring building and became a scene of art on the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal.


Bare Cliff Restoration - Putuoshan Wharf

In front of the huge bare cliff where the designer was discouraged, Zhu Renmin used Chinese painting techniques to deconstruct and reorganize the elements of the small islands that are about to be lost. The serialization and harmony of functions, lines and colors are in the local culture. The fusion of modern languages creates a model of architectural excellence.

Zhu Renmin created the Chinese painting design into a bare cliff building called "The Potala Palace at Sea".



Sandy Rehabilitation - Ningxia "Yingcui Lake National Wetland Park"

Before repair

Since 1999, Zhu Renmin has spent six years, designing and repairing more than 10,000 mu of desertified saline-alkali land in the dust storms in western China into the “National Wetland Park” on the only saline-alkali sandy land in the western part of China and the Yellow River Basin. The Baijia Wetland Park was ranked among the best in the selection and won the title of “China's Ecological Protection Best Wetland”. Zhu Renmin used less than 60 million yuan of investment (excluding the land purchase price), and created a miracle that made the 10,000 mu of saline-alkali desertification a unique place in the world to integrate ecology, GDP, employment rate and art.

At the same time, it has also established a habitat for hundreds of thousands of large migratory birds, and has become a miracle of ecological restoration of a large animal and plant in the west. All the buildings, sculptures, landscapes and greenery here are independently designed by Zhu Renmin. It is the work of the modern architecture of the Ningxia Hui nationality in the early years and the largest land art work on the deserted land.


After repair

Aerial picture of the restored absolute ecological zone

As a scholar who transforms art on the shelf into earth art,Professor Zhu’s achievements in artistic creation cannot be underestimated. Professor Zhu will also take everyone to appreciate him.Chinese painting, Zen painting, prints and comicsWaitPersonal creation.


Chinese painting, Zen painting, prints, comics

Zhu Renmin was invited to create the Grand Canal·Xixi Dragon Boat Club for the FAO China Pavilion. This is the only Chinese artist work in the FAO Headquarters.


The Zen works of Renmin around 1992 are full of poetry-like mystery and creativity.

In 1984, Zhu Renmin's print of the folk form of the "Severe Warning" won the bronze medal of the "Seventh National Art Exhibition" at the National Exhibition of the highest level of the Ministry of Culture.

The comic book "Master's Examination Diploma" is a satisfactorily and tough, relaxed and dignified brush, which strongly satirizes the general phenomenon that the society used the diploma to measure the real talents.


Paper tile waste sculpture

Paper tile waste carving is a masterpiece of Zhu Renmin's artistic ecology in the sense of environmental protection. The work is made from the waste of the sculpture factory and the scrapped drafts of the paintings.



Zhu Renmin was born in Ninghai, Zhejiang, China. In 1996, he served as director and dean of the Landscape Architecture Design and Research Institute of China Academy of Art.Zhu Renmin first proposed in the 1980s to "save art with art"Academic philosophy and three ecological theories of "spiritual ecology, natural ecology, cultural ecology",Started to create the discipline of "Human Ecological Restoration". He has worked hard for more than 30 years;Fight alone in desert, desert island, yellow river, canal, bare cliff,The most ridiculous landforms that have been destroyed by human beings, such as wild beaches; written nearly a million words of ecological restoration,Literary and artistic works and articles; repaired the amount of ecological restoration projects invested by nearly 100 billion RMB;Created ecology, GDP, employment rate,Cultural and other rare ecological restoration achievements in the world;He has invested more than 50 million charitable charitable funds in his own sole proprietorship and established numerous spiritual ecology.Free educational public welfare institutions; bringing out thousands of art and design talents.

Honor record

  • In 2012, he was awarded the honorary chairman of the Italian National Artists Association by Vannino Chiti, deputy speaker of the Italian National Assembly.

  • 2014 “Green Design International Contribution Award” (issued by China, Europe World Green Design Organization)

  • 2015 “International Ecodesign Design Achievement Award” “Father of China Ecological Restoration Design” (issued by IEED International Eco-Environment Design Alliance)

In the US Silicon Valley, the Italian government of Verona, the Zhejiang University of China, the Ningbo Municipal Government, and the Shanghai World Expo, Zhu Renmin established a personal art gallery to spread his concept of “saving the ecology with art” and the positive energy of life.

Among them, "Verona Zhu Renmin Art Museum" is the only permanent personal art museum established in Italy for Chinese.

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November 19, 2018

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