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China's landscape paintings are famous in the world, but the Jinbi landscape is little known. Jinbi Shanshui, with the three colors of mud gold, stone green and stone green as the main color, is more muddy than the "green mountains and rivers". Mud gold is generally used for hooking and dyeing mountain profiles, stone patterns, slope feet, sand mouths, color clouds, and palaces and other buildings. It originated and flourished in the Tang Dynasty, so the application of gold powder was originally to highlight the prosperity of the Tang Dynasty. Mr. Zhang Daqian, who is good at 100, is a master of Jinbi landscape painting. His "Jinbi Landscape Diagram" is one of his masterpieces.

However, the changes of the times have also changed people's definition of "beauty." The paintings of Jinbi's landscapes were gradually replaced by the literati landscape paintings that were later developed in the later generations. However, Jinbi Mountain Water, as another cultural heritage outside the mainstream literati landscape, still provides a unique channel for our contemporary people to understand the spirit of the literati: its unique decoration, the combination of mud gold and blue and blue, and The sensory enjoyment brought by people is irreplaceable by many landscape painting schools that dilute the melody.

Mr. Wang Shengnan is a teacher of Yu Zicai and Su Chunsheng. Under the guidance of Mr. Yu Zicai, Wang Shengnan started from the Yuan Dynasty, attacked the Five Dynasties, the Song Dynasty, and chased the Ming and Qing Dynasties. He studied a large number of works and laid a solid foundation for the later creation of Chinese painting. After achieving considerable success in the green mountains and rivers, he was involved in this kind of painting that was on the verge of loss. After more than ten years of exploration, he finally found his own path. He inherits not only the ink and brush technique, but also the painter's style unique to the older generation of artists.

"I want the painting to continue to be passed down, and more people are involved in the creation. So I have made the technique of my research undisclosed and hoped to use the power of books to spread it farther and longer."

——Wang Shengnan

Teacher Wang Shengnan not only has outstanding achievements, but also is committed to the inheritance of Jinbi Mountains and Waters. He edited China's first Jinbi landscape tutorial, hoping to continue to cultivate and pass on this unique cultural heritage.






Mr. Wang Shengnan, the first person in contemporary Chinese Jinbi landscape painting, was invited by ArtNetworking Global Art Alliance to visit New York. His works will be exhibited at the Yabo International Art Center in New York from October 3 to October 9. On October 9th, Mr. Wang Shengnan will have a deep interactive exchange with Baiyou and his friends to chat about his 20-year journey of seeking mountains and rivers.

In this lecture, Mr. Wang Shengnan will analyze the famous works such as “Jiangshan Ruyi” and “Listing the Small Mountains” (you can find the correct network) and analyze its color, lines, composition, shaping, strokes, etc. etc.



Wang Shengnan, a Shanghai painter from China, was born in 1946. Chinese national intermediate artist, member of the Shanghai Artists Association's Haimo Chinese Painting Working Committee, famous Chinese painter and oil painter.Known as the first person in contemporary Chinese Jinbi landscape painting.

    Mr. Wang Shengnan is a master of Chinese painting art and a professor of Shanghai University of Fine Arts, Mr. Yu Zicai; a teacher from the former art department of the Art School of East China Normal University, and a doctoral supervisor, Professor Su Chunsheng; an oil painter from the former Dean of the Shanghai University Academy of Fine Arts, Shanghai Oil Painting and Sculpture Institute Professor Chang Ruimin and a good friend with famous artist Chen Yifei.

Wang Shengnan has been engaged in art research and creation for more than 60 years and has achieved outstanding artistic achievements.


In 1997, he was selected as "World Who's Who" (China Volume). In 1992, the Chinese painting "Qianzhangyan" won the "China Port Cup Painting and Calligraphy Competition" Excellence Award. In 2012, "Book and Painting" magazine published an article written by a famous art critic, "Jin Huai Qiu, Mo Ning Dan Qing".

Since the 1990s, Wang Shengnan has painstakingly explored the Chinese landscape painting, Jinbi Landscape Painting, which has a history of more than 1,300 years. After nearly 20 years of exploration and research, Wang Shengnan combines in-depth life, sketching and creation on the basis of China's excellent tradition.Original Jinbi landscape painting new painting, new painting style, its Jinbi landscape painting, colorful, magnificent, never fade. In June 2017, Shanghai People's Fine Arts Publishing House published Wang Shengnan's book "The Course of Chinese Jinbi Landscape Painting Techniques", which is a university art textbook. This book isThe first Jinbi landscape painting technique tutorial printed in China has filled the blank of the Chinese painting technique tutorial.


Wang Shengnan's collection of Jinbi landscape paintings has a high aesthetic value and is deeply loved by collectors and the public. Wang Shengnan's oil painting art is also deeply loved by the public. It is good at scenery and figure painting, especially the oil paintings of the Jiangnan water town and mountain villages in China. It is deeply loved by collectors.

Wang Shengnan's Chinese paintings "Maple Bridge Night Map" and "Huashan Map" were displayed at the Kyoto Hotel in Japan, and the works "Spring", "Summer", "Autumn", "Winter", "Song Eagle", etc. are displayed in Germany. Hamburg Consulate. The work "Yujiang Chunxiao" was collected by the mayor of Lyon, France. Collected by senior executives of General Motors, Intel, and German insurance companies.His works are collected by museums and collectors in many countries around the world.


    Wang Shengnan's art is highly respected by the art world. Chinese art masters Hua Junwu, Liu Kaiqu, Xie Zhiliu, Yu Zicai, Ding Shaoguang, and Su Yuanlei have successively encouraged their inscriptions.





Deng TianyuanIs a modern art scholar who grew up in Shanghai and lives and works in New York.She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. at the Institute of Arts at New York University, and is a Wallace Prize winner.Undergraduate from Thomas Crow. She specializes in modern art history and theory, as well as contemporary art reviews.His comments are published in art forums, OCULA, Momus and other newspapers and magazines. She graduated with an undergraduate degree in art history from the University of Chicago.Master's degree in Modern Art Criticism and Curation at Columbia University.


She is currently working on the translation of Professor Thomas Crow's academic work The Rise of the Sixties (Yale University Press).He is also an academic translator for the Hong Kong Asian Art Archive.Because of her long-standing interest in promoting multicultural dialogue,She worked for the Office of the Curator of the Metropolitan Museum of New York before her Ph.D.Organize the Global Curator Forum,Each year, 14 directors from all over the world gather for a two-week exchange.

This period


Since this forum is located on the last day of this New York art exhibition by Mr. Wang Shengnan, we will beHost a closing reception and offer a delicious Chinese buffet. Listening to the story of Mr. Wang Shengnan whileHave the opportunity to conduct in-depth artistic exchanges and discussions with him.


The photo shows the previous Yabo buffet photo, for reference only.

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October 9, 2018

18:30-19:15 Dinner time

19:15-9:00 Closing ceremony and lecture


Fl 16, 265 W 37th St, 

New York, NY 10018


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