The 229th White Art

White Dragon Music Season Premiere: Tango & Jazz Trio Live

The purpose of the Baiji Music Season is to enjoy the taste of elegance and popularity. The audience often has rejection and fear of the classical concert. We hope to break this traditional concept and encourage those who are busy on weekdays to have the opportunity to enter the concert hall with the fare of the people to enjoy the first-class music. Quality and artistic level concerts.

Popularize high-quality classical music to a wider audience, and also establish a platform for face-to-face communication with musicians in the form of a combination of music lectures and performances to achieve deeper levels of culture. Dialogue, expanding the audience's understanding of music. The phoenix inhabits the indus, the mountain is not high, the name is immortal, the water is not deep, and there is a dragon.

We believe that this platform of Baiyin Music will attract more and more outstanding performers and audiences to join our concerts. In the future activities, we will bring more high-quality concerts and wonderful lectures to the audience, so that the audience can enjoy the appreciation of music while enjoying the music.

— Music Director: Jia Wei
Music Director: Wei Jia


Astor Pantalion Piazzolla (Spanish: Ástor Pantaleón Piazzolla, March 11, 1921 - July 5, 1992), Argentine composer and Bandoneon accordionist . As a composer, Piazzolla, based on omni-system classical music training, creatively blends the traditional classical music and jazz composition, and promotes tango music from popular dance accompaniment music to stand alone on stage. The purely musical form that is highly artistic and expresses profound philosophy, and thus created the "Tango Nuevo" music, became one of the representative figures of Argentine culture, and an important figure in the history of South American music. In Argentina, Piazzolla was revered as “the father of tango” (el gran Piazzolla).

Piazzolla added the rigor of classical music and the improvisation of jazz music to tango music. Secondly, in order to break the unchanging melody and repeated rhythm of traditional tango music, Piazzolla makes his melody more unconventional, more complex, more profound, more rich in form, and expands the performance of tango music.

Compared with other South American music, especially Brazilian music, Piazzolla believes that his music is more rational and calm, and does not deliberately seek Europeanization or classicalization, but creates a new culture.

Buenos Aires is the capital and largest city of Argentina. Spanish means “good air” and is known as “South America Paris”. Buenos Aires is located on the south bank of the La Plata River, on the southeast coast of South America, and on the other side is Uruguay (Oriental). Buenos Aires under Piazzolla is even more mysterious, and every melody is beautiful. Buenos Aires is also the home of tango dance, with a profound cultural heritage and artistic atmosphere. In the San Telmo district, there is a wonderful tango show on the weekly market. Piazzolla's "Four Seasons" is a collection of four seasons of his hometown of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The structure is the same as that of the "four seasons" of Vivadi, only in the southern hemisphere. The beginning of the year is summer, so Piazzolla's "Four Seasons" also starts from "Summer." It is said that when he wrote "Autumn", he decided to make the "Four Seasons" complete.


02 Performance tracks


03 Concert guests introduction

Zhang Xing

Zhang Xing

Zhang Mei, a young pianist from the United States, a bachelor's degree in piano playing from the Boston Conservatory of Music, a master's degree in piano playing at Yale University, a master's degree in piano education from Michigan State University, and a double in doctoral degree in art direction.

Zhang Xing has been active in the world for many years as a piano soloist, chamber musician and piano educator. Zhang Xing has long been invited to work at the famous classical music festival in the United States - the Walnut Hill Art Festival and the Italian master classes at the Centro Studi Carlo Della Giacoma. He was an art instructor during the Boston Conservatory of Music and a piano instructor and undergraduate professional instructor at Yale University. Currently, he is the artistic director of string music and wind music at Michigan State University and is responsible for the teaching tasks of undergraduate piano group classes.

Zhang Xing has won numerous awards in her musical career. Her honors and awards include: First Prize and Scholarship in the International Competition of The High Achievement Awards of The Harvard Musical Association, and invited to hold a solo concert. In 2011 and 2012, the Boston Conservatory of Music's Honor's Competition and the Liszt team won the first prize. The New York CVNJ Young Artists Competition and the Boston Conservatory Concerto Competition were all finalists. Full-time scholarship and Ken and Sandy Beall Endowed Study Abroad Scholarship, Mary Nelson EIDSON Scholarship in Music Scholarship, and Full Scholarship Fellowship during Yale University. Full scholarship and Graduated with cum laude during the Boston Conservatory of Music & selected in Pi Kappa Lambda Scholarship.

In addition to a large number of individual solo performances and teaching, Zhang Xing and his twin sister Zhang Chen have long been focusing on the piano four-handed, double piano performances and academic research. They have won four hands in the Hong Kong Chinese Piano Competition. First place in the group. He has recorded four-handed demonstrations for the piano teaching CD of Mr. Chang Hua, a member of the Central Conservatory of Music. In March 2017, the first double piano concert in the history of Michigan State University was successfully held. In the same year, he was invited to participate in the Lansing Symphony Orchestra Chamber Music Concert Series. In May 2018, in the morning of the Star Morning Sisters in China, the "Can Ru Xing Chen" piano solo and four-handed national tour audience and the media gave high praise to their incomparable cooperation and exquisite performance.



Hong Hong

Hong Wei, a cellist in the United States, is currently the chief cello of the American Lansing Symphony Orchestra and the International Chamber Soloists, the chief cellist of the International Soloist Chamber Orchestra, and the cello assistant of Michigan State University. He has studied with Shen Zhang, a cello teacher at Xiamen Music School, and Chen Jiuhe and Mr. Cao Min from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. In 2003, he obtained a full scholarship and accepted an undergraduate degree from the Conservatory of Music at the National University of Singapore. He studied with cellist Qin Lizhen and Nella Hunkins. He obtained a bachelor's degree in music in 2008.

During this time, he served as the chief cello of the Singapore YST Chamber Music Symphony Orchestra. In 2008, he won the Pibati Scholarship with honors, admitted to the Peabody School of Music in the United States, and studied cello Amit Peled. He obtained a graduate degree in postgraduate studies in 2010. During this time, he served as the chief cellist of the Baltimore BE Symphony Orchestra. In 2010, he obtained a degree from the Michigan State University Conservatory of Music and obtained a master's degree in cello performance in 2012. From 2012 to the present, he continued to study for a Ph.D. in cello playing at the university, and studied under the famous cellist Suren Bagratuni. From 2010 to 2014, he served as the chief cellist of the Michigan State University Symphony Orchestra.

Hong Hao received other awards such as the Stanley and Selma Hollander Endowed Scholarship for First Chair in Violincello and the special sponsorship of Mr. GR Edwards for his outstanding performance. During the school, he was coached by Ma Youyou, Alan Stepansky, Jeffrey Solow, and Zeng Yuyuan, and they all highly appreciated Hong Hao's performance. Ma Youyou gave Hong Hao a very high evaluation: Hong Yi's music can bring the audience to another realm. Hong Hao has been active on the world stage for many years, including China, Singapore, Thailand, the United States, Germany, Italy and other countries. In solo, the cooperating conductors include Zhang Guoyong, a famous Chinese conductor, and Beth, the conductor of the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra. In terms of chamber music ensembles, co-authors include Tchaikovsky cello silver medalist Suren Bagratuni, Paganini gold medalist Dmitri Berlinsky, former Israel Symphony Orchestra viola chief Yuri Gandelsman, American famous violinist Rachel Barton Pine, Japan Violinist Yoshiaki Shibata. In 2009, he was invited to perform at the European Music Festival, performed at the Mendelssohn Conservatory in Leipzig, Germany, and live on local TV. The 1894 Paul Blanchard, Lyon French cello is now available from Singapore's famous violin collector Lin Qiming and his wife.



Music Director: Jia Wei

Music Director :Jia, Wei

David Vivi, a violinist from the United States, is currently pursuing a Ph.D. degree from Michigan State University. He is a master of the famous violinist Walter Verdehr and the Paganini International Violin Competition gold medalist Dimitri Berliner. (Dmitri Berlinsky), from 2009 to 2016, Javey worked in the Guiyang Symphony Orchestra, the American Ermen Chamber Orchestra, and the Las Caninas Symphony Orchestra. Currently working for the Midland Symphony Orchestra, the Bad Quaker Symphony Orchestra, the Traverse City Symphony Orchestra and many other American professional symphony orchestras, with the New Mexico State Philharmonic Orchestra and the Southwest Michigan Symphony Orchestra. Jia Wei teaches at the Blue Lake International Music Festival, one of the largest youth music festivals in the United States, and is the chief and soloist of the International Youth Symphony Orchestra. Since 2018, Javey has been invited to serve as Music Director of the New York White Dragon Music Festival, customizing the music season concerts and regularly performing and conducting lectures in New York. Jia Wei is active on the world stage as a soloist and chamber musician. The violin currently used by Jarvie is a private collection of Professor Walter Verdehr, a French violin produced by Paul blanchard in 1899.


Concert venue address

The premiere concert of this music season is honored to be held at the MARC A. SCORCA HALL of OPERA AMERICA. It has a dreamy and comfortable color space, excellent live sound presentation design, excellent audience viewing experience, superior piano quality and theater lighting system.

/details of the event/

September 9, 2018
15:00 to 17:00

Opera America
Marc A. Scorca Hall
330 7th Avenue, New York, NY 10001

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Jia Wei

David Vivi, a violinist from the United States, is currently pursuing a Ph.D. degree from Michigan State University. He is a master of the famous violinist Walter Verdehr and the Paganini International Violin Competition gold medalist Dimitri Berliner. (Dmitri Berlinsky), from 2009 to 2016, Javey worked in the Guiyang Symphony Orchestra, the American Ermen Chamber Orchestra, and the Las Caninas Symphony Orchestra.

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