The 220th White Forum

How to relive life from the perspective of Zen

In today's society, the "Buddha" is a strong "trend"! More and more business giants choose the genre of Buddhism as their self-cultivation school. Zen is more popular because of its philosophical and practical. For example, the founder of the world's largest hedge fund giant Bridgewater Associates, the American billionaire RayDalio is a determined Zen practitioner. It is said that in this way he has reached himself in an extremely ethereal state. Become more focused, calm and creative in silence and deep thought. Not only business and the workplace, various types of psychological counseling, or health and wellness, but also the important role of meditation in decompressing and improving emotional stability.

If you want to know more about Zen, then the opportunity is coming! On Saturday, May 5th and Sunday, May 6th in Manhattan, Dr. Jimmy Yu will give a lecture on Zen and meditation in New York.

Dr. Jimmy Yu ((Yu Yongfeng) is probably a rare meditation instructor with rich experience in Zen theory, meditation practice and life application.
Dr.Jimmy YuPrinceton UniversityReceived a doctorate, currently atAssociate Professor of Religious Studies at Florida State University.
He was born in 1968. In the 1980s, Jimmy Yu was a bass player in two well-known hardcore punk bands in the United States.Death before Dishonor (the original), and Judge.
Although he was a rock-and-roll youth, he began to meditate at the age of four. At the age of thirteen, he officially followed the Zen master of Taiwan, Master San Yan, to study meditation. In 1991, he became a monk under the door of the Emperor San Juan of the Fagu Mountain."Fruit Valley."In the next 9 years,Fruit Valley MasterHe received systematic training of the orthodox Chinese Zen, became the waiter and translator of Master Sheng Yan, and accompanied the Master of Sanqu to spread the law around the world.
In the various dojos established by Master Sheng Yan, he helped lead the meditation and Buddhist courses, as well as the English translation and editing of the Master of the Master.
Master Gu Gu also obtained the seal of the sacred experience of the meditation experience of Master San Yan and the Lin Xiong Miaoxin Temple.
In 2009, he founded the Tacheng Meditation Center in Florida (Sheng Yan Chan Court,, and served as a lecturer in the Dharma Temple and the Dharma Mountain System Dharma Teacher Training Course in New York.
As a scholar, Gou's research interests include body-related cultural history, Buddhist monasticism, Zen Buddhism, and Buddhism in the wider world in the 15th to 17th centuries. He has published several books on Buddhism and meditation and life use:
  • Passing Through the Gateless Barrier-Koan (practice for Real Life) (published 2016)
  • Sanctity and Self-Inflicted Violence in Chinese Religions, 1500-1700, (published in 2012)
  • The Essence of Chan: A Practical Guide to Life and Practice according to the Teachings of Bodhidharma, (published in 2012)
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On May 5th and May 6th, Bailu New York invited Mr. Gogu to come to New York to communicate with everyone!
This day's activity will be divided into two parts:
Saturday Zen Learning (1~4pm)
Although meditation is popular, it is difficult to achieve the best results without the meditation of Zen wisdom. The wisdom of Zen can often lead to a clear understanding of the problems we have in life, career and interpersonal relationships.
In this lecture, Mr. Gogu will discuss with you the spirit, concepts and methods of Zen, and how to apply the wisdom of Zen to all aspects of our lives and bring positive influence.
Fruit Valley teacher will alsoA brief explanation of the theory of the general knowledge of the Dharma will be compared with the study of human psychology and the nervous system in modern scientific theories.Helping us better understand how our mental state is generated and how it affects our perception of the world, and how we should avoid cognitive “misunderstandings”.
Join us and learn how to relive life from the perspective of Zen, live more free and easy, free and active!
Sunday (1~4pm) Meditation Workshop
Teacher Gu Gu will teach us the essence of meditation.He will be from neuroscience"Emotional construction model"To explain why we have a false awareness of reality, and lead to excessive stress. How to meditation, peace of mind, and unintentional through meditation.
heWe will start from the most basic meditation posture, teach us how to use the method to settle the body and mind, and will lead us to meditation and repair, help us to withdraw our hearts from the chaos of the week, and enjoy the present.
(Please bring your own futon/mat. If not, be sure to bring a large towel or other substitute for the correct posture in the chair.)
/details of the event/
Buddhist lectures on the afternoon of May 5: 1:00-4:00
May 6th afternoon meditation workshop: 1:00-4:00
(Optional for one or two days, meditation workshop is limited to 30-40 people)
Midtown Manhattan
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Jimmy Yu

Dr. Jimmy Yu, Ph.D., from Princeton University, is currently an Associate Professor of Religious Studies at Florida State University.

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