The 210th White Talk

“Deep Roundtable”: Digital Currency and Blockchain Guide

The surge in 2017 has allowed the world to fully understand the digital currency, as well as the various new concepts that followed: blockchains, smart contracts, ICOs, and so on, so that people can't keep up with the times and can't keep up with the rich.

From the outside of the door, this "coin circle" is a mess, and the "experts" each hold a word, from "bubble", "scam" to "the future of human society", far from public.

Look at the people around you, there are a group of people who have rushed into it:
My friend Xiao Wang invested in ICO and is now wealth free.
Friends Xiao Li sent a white paper to attract hundreds of millions of dollars
Friends Xiao Zhang’s investment in Bitcoin at the 20,000 high point has now disappeared in the circle of friends.

The best way to face the cognitive shocks and anxiety brought about by new things is to patiently understand it from scratch.

This is what we want to bring to you in this issue of "round table deep talk" - we have invited a new generation of investment banks that help global blockchain projects to do digital currency distribution, the top 20 digital currency exchanges in the world, and the rate of return More than twice the founder/CEO of the three-party digital currency trading fund.

We will start from the bottom and bring you a comprehensive industry overview and deep thinking.

In order to allow the audience from different backgrounds to understand the discussion of the guests as much as possible, this event will start from the basic question of “Bitcoin is a flaw”.

first part
Let us know the design of the original bitcoin and blockchain, and carry out a shallow knowledge popularization from the underlying technology, cryptography and operational mechanisms, thus creating a fundamental understanding of the role and application of blockchain.

the second part
We will use the excellent tradition of “round table deep talk”, with the new hot spot of ICO (first release of digital currency) as the entry point, covering the preparation before the release of the blockchain project, related matters of the landing exchange, and the trader's perspective and currency. Maintaining three aspects of stability, giving full play to the background advantages of the different upstream and downstream industry chains of the three guests, to give you a comprehensive ecological map of the currency circle. In the discussion of each other, explore the key to the future of the blockchain.
There are no slang words that are out of reach, and there is no floating head that "get rich quickly", just to discuss and share in good faith.
In this issue, "Deep Roundtable", I look forward to your joining.

Guest introduction

Nicki Yang

Co-Founder and CEO @ The LeoTank Group

Independent partner of the Jewish family in New York, independently in charge of the RMB 500 million investment account, participated in large-scale IPO, M&A projects

Blackstone Group Alternative Asset Management Department

LeoTank’s return rate exceeded 200% last month

Aries Wang

Co-Founder @ & General Partner @ ZG Fund

BiBox's top 20 global Cryptocurrency exchanges

Invested in several blockchain early projects through ZG Fund, including: Fusion, Arcblock, Nucleus Vision, Trinity, Alphacat, Platinum Chain, etc

Martin Chen

Founder and General Partner @ GDV Consulting Group

Established three companies in China and the United States and was successfully acquired.

Blockchain technology consulting and overall project solutions, involving technology enterprise financing, decentralized database architecture, copyright confirmation and use, supply chain enterprise chain

Round table

The round table deep talk boutique series is held every two months. One topic per issue, the host and a number of guests discuss the nature and prospects of an industry. The invited guests in each issue are the senior practitioners/industry leaders in the industry ecosystem, engaged in different industries upstream and downstream.

Desire to open the appearance of the industry from both ends of the supply and demand relationship.

The round table has an outline and no outlines, from knowledge to in-depth discussion. The invited guests rely on their different industry chain backgrounds and different deep thoughts to ask each other and share their mutual inspiration. We are trying to capture the constant nature of the industry and to derive ever-changing business applications and opportunities. Finally, each guest and the audience will share better insights.
Moderator introduction

Virgil Zhang

Microsoft New York Technology Strategy Consultant & CEO of offline advertising media company has no hesitation in the abnormal process of commercial divergence. With consulting and advertising experience, we have deep contact and shallow understanding of all walks of life. I am full of infinite curiosity about everything, and I like to explore the nature of various business phenomena.
details of the event

February 24, 2018
14:10 to the scene
Start at 14:30 on time

Dongtian private food
15 Union Square W, NY10003, 2nd floor


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15 Union Square W, NY10003

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NIcki Yang

Nicki Yang, Co-Founder and CEO @ The LeoTank Group Independent partner of the New York Jewish family, independently managing the RMB 500 million investment account and participating in large IPO, M&A projects

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