[No. 207·BaiLu Forum] Wang Ban elaborates Zhang Ailing's novel "Live Love"

Zhang has an important page in the history of world literature. She wrote "Golden Lock", "Yangge" and "Resentful Woman" written in Chinese and English, and won the praise of China (Hu Shi, Fu Lei) and European and American literary critic and literature professor. praise. After her death, the New York Times wrote in a essay: "If it was not for the civil war between China and the Communist Party, Zhang Ailing would be the first person to win the Nobel Prize in Literature in China."

Zhang Ailing was born in a privileged position, and her life was so lonely and lonely that her life was legendary. The description of his death can be described as "strong", which is the topic of discussion among Chinese people around the world.

This special invitation to the co-chairman of the Huamei Literary Association, a famous New York scholar, translator and speaker, Mr. Wang Ban gave a special speech from 1:30 to 6:00 on Saturday afternoon, February 10, 2018, to analyze the representative works of Zhang Ailing's short stories. One of the "legacy". Mr. Wang has specially taught this novel in Huamei. This lecture is a rare opportunity.
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