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Current theme

Unlocking the Cultural Revolution – Pursuing the Memory of the Home Country

Those who fight monsters should be careful not to be monsters. The abyss is staring at you as you stare into the abyss.

– Nietzsche (German philosopher, thinker)

Historical nodes and events are always with people at the timeUnexpectedly, rarelySweet cockroaches. There is no doubt that the times are always changing and moving forward, so historyShould notIt’s just the typeface in the book and the red points on the test paper.More should notIs academicImprisonment. Chinese people are most concerned about the unity and harmony of the home country, pay attention to"With history as a mirror, you can know how to replace it.". The history of the thousand words, can be described as full of enthusiasm,History and its recordsIn the hearts of Chinese peopleSacred statusNot only as the only nation on earth that has never been interrupted by history.Pride declaration, will also be our continued reproduction and uninterrupted on this planet.Credential and confidence.

Everyone has his own history,White New YorkWill soon passFourth AnniversaryNode. Looking back, the most grateful thing is to accompany you to this day.Friends. In the days when we will leave in 2017, as the last day of the year, we always want to do something for our best friends.

In 2017, when we took the opportunity to innovate, we have prepared a topic that is not diversified: society, politics, finance, history, literature, medicine, workplace, film and television, and so on. However, it seems that I always feel that something is missing. When I think of Nietzsche's words, I suddenly realize that what we lack most is to understand ourselves and to interpret our own inner confession. Only by truly bidding farewell to the history of the past, even if it is shameful and shameful, it is possible to move towards the future with sunshine.

Therefore, adhering to the concept and slogan of “Independent Thinking” in New York, as the finale of this year, we will bring a understanding of ourselves to everyone, especially overseas Chinese after 80, 90, and even 00. The historical topic of roots – the Cultural Revolution.

Despite years of dust, the ten-year movement that took place around the middle of the last century is often lingering.Three generations of ChineseThe heart can't be relieved. Some people condemned it as"catastrophe"Some people also miss it for"scar". It must be admitted that this is a difficult subject.


We are very honored to have invited this white forum.Experienced the Cultural RevolutionAt the same time, it is almost the current Chinese cultural revolution.Most authoritativewithMost famousofScholar - Teacher Xu Youyu- Come for usUnlockThis is full of bitterness and awkwardnessHome country memory.Teacher Xu will lead the friends to unlock the Cultural Revolution.Cause and effectAnd variousKey words,includeDominant power behind the scenesAnd the same periodChinese and foreign rebel movements. Finally, togetherPositive attitudeTo face this history, toMore grounded, more popular,withMore specializedThe way to interpret the Cultural Revolution and reflect on the self.

As the finale of the year, we alsofirstIntroduced in the White ForumMode of moderator. As a guest of the forum, this is a famous Chineseeconomist, agriculture and economic developmentTop expertLuo Xiaopeng teacher.

This forum will be friends and social sciences and political economy.GeminiLooking back at history and pointing out the rare opportunities of Jiangshan. Our original intention is to let our friends who are overseas Chinese better understand themselves and better meet the future. Let usSelf-reflectionwithSelf-confessionThe way, together with a relatively full stop for 2017!

Guests in this issue

Speaker - Xu Youyu

Xu Youyu, former researcher of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, 2015-2017 is a resident scholar of The New School in New York. His academic expertise is language-analytic philosophy, political philosophy, and the Chinese Cultural Revolution. He was a visiting scholar at Oxford University, Harvard University, and the French Academy of Social Sciences. Sweden Professor Palme, a Distinguished Professor of Hokkaido University, has published more than 20 books and won the 2014 Palmer Award.

Member of Parliament - Luo Xiaopeng

Luo Xiaopeng,A well-known economist, Harvard Fairbank Center contacted researchers. Ph.D. in Economics, University of Minnesota (1999), Master of Economics, Renmin University of China, Visiting Scholar, Oxford University. He used to be the director of the China National Development Bureau's Rural Development Research, the director of the Macroeconomic Research Office of the Development Research Institute, the director of the International Development Enterprise China Program, the director of the Guizhou University Center for Poverty Alleviation, and the Distinguished Professor of the Carter Center (Agriculture and Rural Development Center) of Zhejiang University. Main research areas: China's agriculture and rural development, poverty alleviation, central and local relations. The main works: "Reciprocal Localism", "The Prime Minister's Problem in the Party World", "Review of the History of Price Reform", "New Thoughts on China's Reform". Professor Luo is considered to be a top expert in agriculture and economic development.

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