Issue 187·White Talk 荀 Son and Legalist: Sexual Evil and Totalitarian

Xunzi and Legalist: Sexual Evil and Totalitarian
After Mencius, Chinese history came to the end of the Warring States Period, and Xunzi was one of the representative figures of Confucianism at this time. Different from Mencius's claim to good nature, Xunzi proposed the sexual evils that the later Confucians called "extremely biased" and "big Ben has lost." Xunzi rejected the legalist, but his two famous disciples, Han Fei and Li Si, became legal figures and were reused by Qin Shihuang. The lecture will introduce the evolution of the Chinese humanistic spirit from the end of the Warring States Period to the Han Dynasty. From the perspective of Xunzi's sexual evil theory, this paper discusses the thoughts of Xunzi and its similarities and differences with the Si Meng School, the Legalists and the Western religious concepts. Later, we will explore the theory of legalists and their relationship to the theory of the Qin Dynasty and their influence on the concept of modern people.