177th White Talk

Jinxi Sexology Report

–– Sexual behavior of human males

Share Book Description: Kinsey Reports ("Jinxi Sexology Report") two books, respectively, "Human Sexual Behavior" (1948) "Human Sexual Behavior" (1953). AC Kinsey and colleagues collected nearly 18,000 interviews related to human sexuality and sexual orientation, revealing the first time human beings have sex in the world. Kinsey's sexual research has been controversial since its publication, but it is undeniable that it has had a tremendous impact on the American sexual liberation movement, the feminist movement, and later sex studies.

The author introduces: Alfred Charles Kinsey (June 23, 1894, August 25, 1956, translated: Kinsey), is a 20th century American biologist, entomology and Professor of zoology, as well as human science researchers. He is known for his work on the Jinxi report and the Jinxi scale. Jinxi's sexual studies on humans laid the foundation for the field of sexology. He is also the founder of the Jinxi Sex, Gender and Reproductive Research Center.


Lena Gu

From the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties to the rural areas of Pennsylvania to the big apples, professional psychology, amateur actors. Sharing reasons: The Jinxi report has far-reaching historical significance. At the same time as the huge social controversy has arisen, the sex research of Kinsey has had a tremendous impact on the American sexual liberation movement and the feminist movement. The Jinxi Report is an epoch-making milestone in the history of world research. People who need to understand sexual studies or sexual issues are worth reading. Anyone who cares about contemporary issues can draw useful knowledge from the results of Jinxi.

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