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The New York Lushan Institute Learning Board is a new creativefreeCultural social activities. Through the limited number of participants (within 20 people) and the unique design of the activity process, we are committed to creating a platform for active interaction and efficient knowledge acquisition. I believe it will bring you a chic experience!

This issue
Iron and Steel Ambition
A famous series of World War II simulation games produced by Paradox Interactive. The game is known for its detailed details and huge calculations. "Iron Mans" allows players to play in any country in the world that existed or may exist during 1936-1948, and dominated the world in World War II through political, economic, intelligence, intelligence, and war.
Paradox Interactive
Swedish video game publishers, which distribute games developed by their own subsidiaries and games developed by other companies, are called P companies by players in Greater China. The company is based in Stockholm and is famous for issuing many historical strategy games. The main representative works of its subsidiary Paradox Development Studio include the European Fengyun series, the Victoria series, the Crusaders series, the steel ambition, the star series, etc. The above five series of works are represented by the same engine and developed by the same engine. It was nicknamed “P-Five Wu Meng” by Chinese players. In addition, the company is also a publisher of the horse riding and slashing series.
Fan Wei
Advocating the radiance of humanity and the unknown truth. Listen to all the good things in silence and listen to each story quietly. Look for clues to the corner and learn about the self that cannot be confirmed or falsified. Follow the inner guidelines and allow regrets, but ask for no regrets. Smile is dedicated to the happiness that truly belongs to you.
Share people
Zhao Yao
Senior strategy game player
Carnegie Mellon University graduated. New York University and the State University of New York joint project doctoral students, biomedical engineering. The research direction is the brain-computer interface, which is to use the machine learning method to interpret the neural signals, and then to control the external machinery, or to quantify the feeling. Senior strategy gamer, mystery fan.
details of the event

8/7/2016 2:30pm

Manhattan - see the WeChat group notification after registration
ways of registration
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Activity costs
Completely free
Activity process
1. Share people introduce books/topics and express their own opinions (about 30 minutes)
2. Each participant expresses their own feelings or asks questions (about 2 minutes / person)
3. All participants were discussed in small groups (about 20 minutes)
4. The group selects the representative to summarize the statement and the sharer and the moderator make the final statement.
5. Friends who are still unfinished after the event can voluntarily gather and continue to talk.< /section>
Lushan Tips
Activity notice
1. Due to the limitation of the number of people, if you are unable to attend due to any reason, please inform the volunteers of the society as soon as possible and withdraw from the event group so that other book friends can join.
2. Please bring your ID to arrive on time.
3. Any questions about the book club can be submitted at any time in this event group, and the volunteers on duty will try their best to help you.
Participants’ speech does not represent the position of the school!
About New York Lushan Institute
Lushan Institute "Let the thoughts be more refined"
Lushan Institute is a privately organized organizationNon-government, non-religious, non-profitPublic welfare organization. The New York Lushan Institute has enhanced the participants' discernment ability and expanded cultural cognition through a series of activities such as reading clubs. Based on the interest in reading, we share our thoughts and sentiments, and make friends who share our interests.
Currently, we organize a free reading club event in Manhattan every week. The specific location is announced in the WeChat group one day before the event.
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