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Share with: Lin Wenping

Sharing the bibliography: "This is the healthiest"

Time: 2016.5.22 2:30pm to 5:00pm

Location: Fordham University (113 West 60th Street), the address will be notified after registration.

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Sharer profile:

Lin Wenping

I came to the United States four years ago. I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin two years ago and now I am a BI Consultantst in a clothing consulting company in New York. vegetarian. Enjoy tasting and making a variety of healthy dishes. Passionate about meditation, exploring the relationship between the body and the mind, and exploring the laws of the universe. At the beginning of this year, an accidental opportunity to get in touch with the book "The Most Healthy Eat This Way" completely changed my concept of diet and firmly adhered to the path of vegetarianism. After reading this book, I especially look forward to sharing the essence of this book with more people and learning the correct concept of eating, so that the body and mind can achieve peace and happiness.

Moderator introduction:

Lin Xuejing

Columbia University biometric PhD is reading. Love food, love life, love nature. Concerned about health and spiritual growth, I believe that the body and mind are a unified whole, and are willing to explore ways to reconcile the body and mind. Now that the direction has been clarified, I am concentrating on studying at the Dimon Institute.

Share the bibliographic introduction:

"This is the healthiest"

This is a best-selling book printed 78 times in Taiwan, which is said to have completely changed the Taiwanese diet. After long-term research and clinical practice, the author of the book, Dr. Jiang Shuhui, believes that the best health model is: natural and clean diet + good attitude towards life + abundant life care. In this book, she categorizes food in four ways, such as euphoria, denaturing and inert foods, acidic and alkaline foods, negative and positive foods, high-stress foods and low-stress foods. Details the effects of each type of food on the body. By recognizing the nature and characteristics of food, we are able to correctly select the food that is most appropriate and most suitable for the nutrients we need. Know what to eat, what to eat, then, how to mix food is the most beneficial? Next, Dr. Jiang introduced us to the “Diamond Combination of Food – Vegetable and Fruit Valley Bud Diet”. The diamond combination of food is a return to the natural and traditional diet. The four kings of vegetables, fruits, grains and sprouts are rationally allocated according to the physiological characteristics of human beings. It not only makes us full of vitality, but also can make existing diseases. A reversal occurred. The biggest benefit of this book should be a big change in our concept, such as the release of toxic substances before the animal dies, and the fact that you can't eat fruit immediately after dinner, because the fruit will be eaten immediately after the meal, and the fruit will be slowly digested than the food. While waiting for the process of digestion, it will change due to high-temperature fermentation. The benefits of fruit are gone. There are many opinions like this, which is worthy of our experience. Dr. Jiang also advocates that it is the best doctor to observe his body from time to time. It is the best medicine to take a balanced and natural food.

About the Author:

Jiang Shuhui

Born in 1956, he graduated from the Chinese Medical College and the Graduate School of Medicine. "Academia Sinica" is engaged in the research of cellular immunology and the research on immune function of traditional Chinese medicine in the Institute of Biomedical Research. He has the qualifications of Chinese and Western medicine licenses, and is widely involved in European, Indian and Chinese Tibetan medicine. His academic background is solid.

From a young age, she was very admired by Shi Huaizhe. When she was 9 years old, her mother suffered from cancer and died of illness. It also affected her attitude of being serious, charitable and empathetic with her patients. She is bitter, and constantly advocates the correct concept of health. She believes that disease has a close relationship with diet. Especially diet is a lifelong matter. Everyone should know the food around and pay attention to the efficiency of eating. She not only diligently studies in the academic field, but also studies various humanities classics for a long time. I hope that after the in-depth study of life sciences, the future life of mankind will be more happy.

He used to be the attending physician of Taoyuan Hospital of Taiwan Province of China. He served as a clarification hospital in Taichung, and often held large-scale health talks to and from the United States, New Zealand, Australia and Singapore. In addition, the “Healthy Way” Center was established in Taichung as a base for implementing preventive medicine and training volunteers. She is a doctor who advocates vegetarianism, raw food, fasting food reform, respect for life, people-oriented, and very environmentally friendly concept. She is convinced that the doctor's mission lies in education, guidance and counseling; the most extreme realm of doctors is to do preventive medicine.

Highly interactive activity process:

1) The sharer introduces the book and expresses his own opinion (about 15 minutes);

2) Each participant expresses his or her own feelings (about 2 minutes/person);

3) All participants will be divided into small groups to communicate and propose a topic-related question;

4) Participants discuss the issues raised and show their speculation. (about 2 minutes / person);

5) After the event, welcome friends who are still unfinished to join the dinner and continue to talk.


friendly reminder:

1) Participants are not required to prepare in advance, and the sharer will provide the information needed for discussion

2) Please try to be on time to avoid missed sharing of the bibliography

3) Please bring your ID

4) If you can't find the venue, please send a message in the event temporary WeChat group or Facebook 麓山学社 Group, we will respond promptly

5) The number of people per reading will be limited to 18 people. Please invite your friends to register as soon as possible. After completing the form and scanning into the temporary group, the registration will be successful. The full registration will be in the waitlist.


All the speeches of the participants of the event do not represent the position of the school.



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