2015-03-05 Hong Yingming Lushan Institute

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"Cai Gen Tan" is full of speculation, full of the strategy of governing the country through the state, rich in the philosophy of life, and poetry. It integrates Confucianism and Buddhism into one, with the core of mind and Zen. It is not only the wisdom of the author Hong Yingming, but also the predecessors of Hong Yingming's vision. Slim, family, ruling the country, the world, the avenues are all; planting flowers and plants, enjoying the moon playing the piano, a small view. This is a sentient being, with different backgrounds. People with different statuses, different academic qualifications, and different personalities can benefit from it. Therefore, in this issue, select some of the famous sentences in the book for readers to read and feel.

1. It is difficult to be barren, it is not difficult to use it in the chastity; it is difficult to be rich, it is not difficult to be tempted, but difficult to be good.

2, the world is still not moving, and the air machine has no interest and less stop; the sun and the moon run and run, and it is not easy to see. Therefore, when a gentleman is busy, he must have a tight mind, and he must have a leisurely interest in his busy life.

3, the wind and the world can not be a day without peace, the human heart can not be a day without joy.

4, Enli originated from the disaster, so when you are happy, you must turn back early; after the defeat or counter-success, so the heart, Mo will let go.

5, with the knowledge of the accumulation of goods and wealth, in order to seek the morality of the fame, love the parents with the heart of the wife, to protect the country. Going out of this, the thoughts are only a few milliseconds, and the character is far from heaven. Doesn't Hu suddenly turn to read?

6, sputum licking the intestines, more ice and clear jade; 衮 clothing jade food, Gan 婢 knee slave face.

7, the mind of the gentleman, azure and white, can not make people do not know; the talent of the gentleman, the jade beads hidden, can not make people easy to know.

8. Kungfu is doing things at a self-confidence. If it is against the wind, it is a true spirit. It is a true news that learning is self-sufficient and it is like getting sand and getting gold.

9, before you just think about it, there is no way to do it; if you ride a donkey and regain greed, you will not be a Zen master.

10. Therefore, the gentleman wants not to offend Zhao Zhao, he must not offend himself.

11, snobbery, not close to the clean, close to the person is Yu Jie; Zhizhi machine skill, do not know who is high, knowing but not using is especially high.

12, grasp the undecided, should be extinct, so that this heart can not see the desire and not chaos, to clear the my body.

13, Gai Zhi to 澹 明 明 明, and the festival from fat and mourning.

14. When I am willing to be interested in the scent of flowers and sorrows, it is the illusion of creation and the mourning of the hearts of the people. After the grass has been dried up, it is necessary to get some news from the sound of the sound, and it is the root of the ancient things.

15, Zhicao has no roots and passive, Zhishi should be a fierce wing; Caiyun is easy to loosen glass fragile, Daren should turn back early.

16. When it is a non-evil, you can't move it a little. If you move a little, you will lose it. If you lose money, you won't be too clear. If you are too clear, you will avoid it.

17, the scholars have a hundred percent will not return to the true heart, only the endless use of magic.

18, do not blame people for being too small, do not send people privacy, do not read people old evil. The three can raise morality and can also be far from harm.

19, today's people are looking for no words, and they are indispensable.

20, to be a man to be refined, not to have a pretentious heart, should be at any time, can not start a time of thought.

21, the night is quiet and quiet, sitting alone and watching the heart, the beginning of knowing the poor and really revealing, (www.lz13.cn) every time in this big game fun; both feel really can not escape, but also in this big .

22, blasts and anger, birds and birds; 霁 daylight, grass and wood.

23, the narrow path, leaving a little and pedestrians; taste strong, minus three points for people to taste. This is the one-and-a-half peace law.

24, the blame, the original is not too much, but the feelings are flat; the blame, seek for too much, then morality.

25, love is the root of the Wanyuan, when you know the cut, the knowledge is the basis of all desires, to sweep away.

26, humiliation is not shocked, leisurely before the court flowers bloom; go to stay unintentional, with the sky outside the clouds and clouds.

27, the operation is both strong, and when the wind and dust are mixed, so that the heart can see the desire and not chaos, to raise the round machine.

28, Fu Jiufei will fly high, the first to thank Xie early; know this, you can avoid worry, you can eliminate the rush.

29, the evil of attacking people is not too strict, you must think about it; the goodness of teaching people should not be too high, when it is acceptable.

30. The world is shallow, and the dyeing is shallow; it is deep and the machinery is deep. Therefore, the gentleman and his training, not as simple as Ruo;

31, but the current willing to send out, naturally gradually into nothing.

32. Establishing meritorious deeds, everything must be done from the ground up. If you admire the name, you will become a false fruit. If you preach, you should establish a foundation from the virtual point. If you take a little effect, you will fall into the dust.

33. Those who are obsessed with morality are lonely for a while; those who are in power, are desolate and eternal. Reaching people outside the object, thinking of the body behind; rather than a moment of loneliness, take the eternal desolate.

34, 醲 辛 甘 甘 甘 非 非 , , , , 辛 辛 辛 辛 辛 辛 辛 辛 辛 辛 辛 辛 辛 辛 辛

35, the ear often hears the words of the ear, the heart often has a heart of things, is the rock of the practice of entering Germany. If the words are pleasing to the ear and everything is quick, then this life will be buried in the poison.

36, the use of people should not be engraved, engraved on the effect of those who go; friends should not be abused, abused the Gongga.

37, worry is a virtue, too bitter is not suitable for the mood; indifferent is high wind, too dry is not good for people.

38, can not be happy and light, can not be ridiculed by drunk, can not take fast and many things, not because of tired and endless.

39. The demons descended from the heart first, and the heart sorrows the group to retreat; the squatters sighed first, and the temperament did not invade.

40, the hair is falling, the illusion of the fade; the bird's flower blossoms, the truth of self-identity.

41. If you encounter a change and you are not busy, you must keep your mind in constant order; if you want to die without greed, you must look at everything in your life.

42. Everyone is happy with the good times, and the gentleman is coming from adversity. Everyone is worried, and the gentleman is worried. The people are worried and happy, and the gentleman is also happy.


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