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This book is a bit hard for me, but I still have a headache and lack of sleep to read it.

Chinese title: the secret of super hot goods

English title: Blockbusters: Hit-making, Risk-taking, and the big business of entertainment

What is the theme of the English book name: The big business of the entertainment industry comes from a super strong file, and it is built under great risk. Like the superhero's nirvana, it is necessary to divide the outcome.

Content: Online stores use long tail theory as the basis for operations, and Amazon is the most successful company.

Long tail theory

Although this tail is longer than you think, 80% of the revenue is still concentrated in the head, only 20% in the back of the paragraph, which means that the tail is actually much thinner than you think.

That is, the 82 rule: 80% of the revenue comes from 20% of the super strong goods. The other 80% of the products don't contribute much, but the sales data is used as an experiment to build the next super strong file.

So Google executive chairman Schmidt said: You can have a long tail strategy, but you better have a head because all the revenue is concentrated there.

To create super-strong products, even for entertainment and stars in various fields, the risks to be paid are great. But if it succeeds, it will be like a killer, sweeping the army, and it will be invincible.

in conclusion

In fact, how to use it in reality?

Based on my previous experience in the technology industry, Taiwanese companies like to shoot birds with guns: the boss wants new products to be in one year, not right, six months, no, three weeks later, the more products can be launched. The better.

However, Apple only launched a super-strong strategy in one year. From the current sales results of both parties, Apple is obviously superior.

Because this is a world of winners, no matter how many resources you have, whether you are a business owner or an office worker. Your chances of success will be in a concentrated bet on a commodity, or concentrate on developing a nirvana.

This is a hard book, but it is very rewarding for skimming and perusal, I hope to help you!

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