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The New York Lushan Institute Learning Board is a new creativefreeCultural social activities. Through the limited number of participants (within 20 people) and the unique design of the activity process, we are committed to creating a platform for active interaction and efficient knowledge acquisition. I believe it will bring you a chic experience!

[Seeing a gentleman, Yun Hu is not happy]

“Drunken towns are less familiar, only with Dongjun.”

—Song Mao

"There is no distance, and Wanli is still a neighbor."

—Tang Zhang Jiuling

"The gentleman is a friend of the text, and he is a friend."

- "The Analects of Confucius Yan Yuan"

"I will always be friends with me, and I will be a neighbor."

—Tang Zuyu

In a blink of an eye, the New York Lushan Institute has been established for nearly three years. The growth and future of the school is inseparable from the support of the book friends. At the end of the year, we held a special gathering of book friends, hoping that old and new book friends would come together, chat and chat, give us feedback, and make suggestions, "to book friends."

"For another year, come together."

2016 late party


A: Book exchange activities:

  1. Each participant must bring at least one book to exchange with other bookmates
  2. Concentrated books for numbering
  3. Participants draw lots to confirm the order of picking

    Example: On the 1st, I began to pick out the book I liked from the pile of books. I briefly explained the reason for choosing this book. Then the owner of the book introduced the book: Content, why bring this book, and choose this book. The person's reading advice and so on.

  4. If you want to participate in the book-changing activities, please click "Special Tickets - Book Exchange Activity" in the eventbrite link.

Book exchange activity explanation:

1. The first round of lottery rules is to ensure that everyone can exchange their books.

2. I hope everyone can be in their own books,Clip a note or card: Explain your story or experience with the book.        


  • Question 1:I am still not familiar with the book I have exchanged. How to do?

You ask the original owner.

  • Question 2:After the book change, can my book still come back?

In principle, after the book is exchanged, the ownership of the book belongs to others. As for how to negotiate in private between the book friends, please do so freely according to your own wishes.

  • Question 3:After the lottery is exchanged, can I change the book freely?

Yes, after the first round of book exchange, the book friends can discuss the book exchange or borrow books.

Two: New Year gift sweepstakes (everyone):

1. Each person carries value $5—$20 one's gift

2. The society will collect gifts for numbering

3. Participants in the lottery box draw the number to get the corresponding number of gifts

4. Book friends who participate in book exchange activitiesYou can also bring a gift to participate in the sweepstakes (the draw will be held after the book change event.)

5. The scene will also organize a fun killing game.


Killer game rules:Each of the book friends who come to the year-end party will be assigned to the card with another book friend for their murdered object. The back of the card is printed with the killing method (pinch the right wrist, touch the left shoulder, shake hands, etc.), the assassination will be successful. Get the card on the murdered object. At 5:00, the collected cards will be reported to the volunteers, and the person who collects the most cards will win and receive the prizes prepared by the school.

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details of the event

12/31/2016 (Saturday) 2:00pm—5:30pm

110 Wall St., 5th Floor, New York, NY 10005

ways of registration

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Activity costs

Completely free

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American-Chinese Higher Education Society


American-Chinese Higher Education Society


It is a non-profit organization of educational technology and technology with extensive influence in North America. It is a 501(c)(3) organization registered in New York State and approved by the IRS. It is sponsored by top professors, alumni and professionals from China and the United States. The aim is to break the opacity of information asymmetry, provide free, real and high-quality information for international students and international students in the United States, and transmit the true image and voice of international students to help foreign students apply for admission and adapt to the US higher education environment. The Higher Education Society also connects government, enterprises, university resources, expands online channels, and organizes offline activities to help domestic enterprises recruit in the United States and attract top international talents to return to work from the school to the full-service students.

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Lushan Tips

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  1. Please bring your photo ID on time. Check in at the door.

Participants’ speech does not represent the position of the school!

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Currently, we organize a free reading club event in Manhattan every week. The specific location is announced in the WeChat group one day before the event.

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