The status of Guqin was held by Confucianism. The teacher was a famous musician. Confucius once learned the piano from him and learned a song. The teacher said that he could learn something new. Confucius said that he should not (⊙ˍ⊙), this song I haven't practiced the skill yet; a few days later, the teacher said that you can learn something new. You are already familiar with the skills. Confucius said that you don't want to (⊙ˍ⊙), the mood of this song has not yet been realized; after a few days The teacher said that you can learn something new. You have already realized it. Confucius said no (⊙ˍ⊙), I don’t know the author of this song. A few days later, the teacher saw that Confucius looked serious in the face and asked him what happened? Confucius said that I realized the author. The face of this song is very dark. It is a hegemonic president and must be Zhou Wenwang.师襄Σ(° △ °|||)_: "You are very good, this song is the legendary "Wen Wang Cao"." (Note 1) So we know, Guqin is good, you can communicate to the author. (→_→) I have less piano and I don’t know the true and false, but I can hear that the author of "The Wine Mania" is very basic, and must be Zhu Linji.


It is true that you have to find a friend by playing the piano. Zhang Han of the Western Jin Dynasty, writer, character season eagle, like to play the piano, sitting in the Jinxi Pavilion of Soochow, suddenly heard someone playing on the river, Zhang Han liked it, so went to the boat to hook up, it was a famous scholar, the two chatted Very happy, Zhang Han said: "Where are you going to go?" He said: "I am going to Luoyang." Zhang Han: "(/≧▽≦)/Oh, it’s too clever, I just want to go to Luoyang! "So I followed Hehe to Luoyang." His family could not find him, and after many inquiries, he knew that he had gone to Luoyang. (Note 2)

By the way, I went to Zhang Han of Luoyang and made a big official under Qi Wang Sima Yi. Later, in the autumn, Zhang Han suddenly wanted to eat squid, so he resigned: The squid is so fragrant, I want to try it. Then I ran back to Dongwu. (Note 3) This became a famous anecdote. Later, Xin Qiji wrote in the words: Hugh said that the squid is sturdy, the west wind is gone, the season eagle is not returned? So the guqin is good, and there is an experience that can easily hook up the base friend... ...


The guqin of Zhang Han’s time is not much different from the present. Now there is a Jinqin in the world, which is the second year of the Western Jin Dynasty (281 years), called “猿啸青萝”, repaired by the hands of Pinghu, flying to The "Water Flow" played by Guan Pinghu is included in the Voyager No. 2 outside the solar system. It is played with this "猿啸青萝". This form is said to have been basically confirmed in the Eastern Han Dynasty (Note 4). Cai Wei heard someone burning wood at home, rescued it, and made it into the artifact "Gaoweiqin". The rear end of the piano has a protective crown angle, which is called Jiaowei. One time, Cai Wei was invited to go to other people's homes. When I heard the songs at the door, Cai Wei listened carefully. Σ( ° △ °|||)_There was a murderous in the trough, this is the banquet! Then the head turned away, the owner asked him what happened, Cai Wei said, the person who played the piano heard, explained: (>_<) I just saw a dragonfly in the catch, smashed away, forbearance Don't worry about being anxious. (Note 5) So the Guqin is good, you can smell the string and know the murder...


When Cai Wei played the piano at night, suddenly the roots were broken. Cai Wenji was still a small loli. When she heard it, she said: The two strings were broken. Cai Wei refused to accept, and deliberately picked one, Cai Wenji said: The four strings were broken. I heard it very accurately, and I am very grateful. (Note 6)


Cai Wenji’s "Hu Yu 18 Shots" later derived the "Hu Hu 18 Shots", "Da Hu Yu", "Little Hu Wei" and other music. Tang Zhenqin Dong Tinglan is the best at playing these songs. He is very skilled in poetry and is very popular among poets. The poet Li Xin’s description of Dong Tinglan is: “The day and night will lead the king to the piano.” (Note 7) Gao Shi also said to Dong Tinglan. Give him a poem: "There is no way to know who is in the world, no one knows the world." ("Don't Dong Da")


The sound of the guqin is very small. In most cases, it is only for the player to listen to, so when playing the piano, there is often the feeling of the "Bamboo Hall": sitting alone in the quiet, playing the piano and shouting. Shen Lin people do not know, the moon is coming.


Although the secluded has nowhere to be found, the moon is still there.


Note 1: "Historical Records of the Confucius Family": Confucius learns the drum scorpion, and does not enter for ten days. The teacher said: "You can benefit." Confucius said: "Qiu has learned its Qufu, but it has not been counted." There is a time, "I have learned the number, you can benefit." Confucius said: "Qiu "There is no ambition." There is room, 曰: "I have learned Xizhi, you can benefit." Confucius said: "Qiu did not get it as a person." There is something that is very thoughtful, and has a high hope and aspirations. Hey.曰: "Qude is a man, but it is black, but it is long, and the eyes are like a sheep, such as the king of the four kingdoms, who can do this for the non-Wen Wang!" The teacher squatted and worshipped again, 曰: "Shi Gaiyun" Wen Wang Cao is also."

Note 2: "Shi Shuo Xin Yu": He Sikong entered Luo and went to life, for the Taisun people, through the Wu Shumen, playing the piano in the boat. Zhang Jiying didn't know each other. He first met Jin Jinting, and he heard the strings very clear. He got off the boat and congratulated him. Hehe: "Where is Qing wanting?" He Wei: "Entering Luo to go to life, Zhenger enters the road." Zhang Wei: "I also have something to do with Beijing, because of the road." I didn’t sue at home, but I was asked.

Note 3: "Shi Shuo Xin Yu": Zhang Jiying, Qi Qi, Wang Dong Cao Yu, in Luo, see the autumn wind, because of the Wuzhong Chinese cuisine, squid, 曰: "Life is expensive, how can you count thousands of miles Want to be a lord?"

Note 4: "Qin Qin": The length of the piano is three feet six inches and six points, like the three hundred and sixty days; the wide six inches, like Liuhe. Wenshang Dianchi, Xiayanyan. Pool, water, and flat. Xia Binbin, Bin, Bin also, speak their clothes also. Before the wide and narrow, like the esteem. Below the upper circle, the law is also true.

Note 5 "After the Han Shu Cai Bi Biography": At the beginning, he was also in Chen Liu. Its neighbors are greeted by wine and food, and they are more likely to drink than to drink. The guest has a piano playing on the screen, and he tries to listen to it. Hey: "Hey! It’s fun to call me, but also?" The singer told the owner: "Cai Jun is coming, going to the door." The sorrow is the sect of the state. The owner swears and asks the reason, and the singer tells, not at all. The player said: "I am going to the drum string, seeing the direction of the song, I will go and not fly, and I will be one of the previous ones. My heart is full, but I am afraid that it will be lost. Yu Sheng??" Wan Guan smiled: "This is enough to be awkward.

Note 6: "Han Han Shu" quoted "Children's Biography": Day and night drums, strings.琰曰: "The second string." 邕曰: "Occasionally the ear." So break the string and ask, 琰曰: "The fourth string."

Note 7: See Li Xin's "Listening to Dong Da's Hu Husheng and Languages." The period in which Dong Tinglan was located was an important period in the history of Guqin. This period was the period in which the violinist family Sichuan Lei was active. The timbre of the guqin has a great relationship with its vintage. Among the pianos preserved in the world, it is best to use Tang Qin, Tang Qin, and the piano made by Lei. Lei Wei is the leader of the Lei family. He often climbs Mount Emei on a windy day, sipping his clothes in the forest, listening to the wind and blowing the trees, picking the longest sounding of the piano. There are several pieces of Rex's existing music, such as "Spring Thunder", "Nine-Year Ring", "Da Shengsheng" and other pianos, among which "Dasheng Essay" was shot at the 2011 Guardian Auction for 115 million. It was also during this period that Qin Caorou created a reduced-character spectrum and became the standard notation for Guqin. It has been used until now, so we can now play the music of thousands of years ago.




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