I often think that the significance of anthropology is probably to remind us that the wider world is beyond our sight. We are accustomed to favoring groups that are similar to our social structure and cultural structure, and it is easy to overlook the “valid” of different worlds. So when I heard that there was a recent "fantastic book" - "A Brief History of Humanity", I had a strong interest in reading.

The Israeli writer Yuval Hulari is 70 years old. This age can win wide attention in the world history. It is quite young. Don't underestimate the knowledge and ambition of young people. The Brief History of Mankind is a very macroscopic world. Historical research, covering a variety of disciplines such as physics, chemistry, anthropology, ecology, political science, culture and psychology, "to make a comprehensive investigation of the ins and outs of a wise man as a species and even the entire human society. And prediction." I have included this book in the field of anthropology. In fact, there is a threshold for this book, but it is good for me to learn a little bit of a cliché in this system.

Money is the most common and effective mutual trust system in history.
Herali undoubtedly opened up a "brain hole". The so-called "fictional story" and "imaginary reality" of Heraly are very novel and interesting. Heraly broke many fixed minds. For the first time, it was discovered that laws, institutions, companies, credits, and even the state are the reality of human fictional imagination. Because people believe that they exist, they exist. As long as these common beliefs still exist, power is enough to influence the world. "Money is the most common and effective mutual trust system in history." This sentence adds a bold body to the book. Hilally said, “The heart of money is broader than language, law, culture, religion and social customs. Among all the belief systems created by mankind, only money can span almost all cultural divides, not because of religion, gender, There are discriminations such as race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation. This view can be regarded as an alternative disclosure of the nature of money.

Human beings have never been high, they are hypocritical to give behavioral justice with fictional divinity.
Throughout the book, we rarely see “human beings”. The author frequently uses “smart people”, a biological concept. Heral's intention is to pull humans from the top of the high-rise bio-chain and to take away the gesture of blind pride. Human beings are actually nothing more than "a kind of animal." The "smart person" in the end is a kind of jealousy and ridicule for those who think they are noble and have long since they have left the ranks of animals. It is also a reminder and a sorrow. Many disasters in the history of mankind, whether it is the war-torn chaos or the catastrophe of ecological encounters, are mostly for the purpose of human animality, and people are more sophisticated than animals, and people are still looking for humanity for this animal. The excuse, even with fictional divinity, gives behavior to justice.

Racism exists in culture and is buried deep in the blood.
This can be seen in the colonial act of the European Empire after landing on the American continent. Nowadays, racism has long been notorious. Few people dare to openly say, "This is in their blood." Hercules reminds us to pay attention now. "This is in their culture." The so-called cultural conflicts and the fundamental differences between different cultures, how many hidden behind the "cultural evolution" intentions?

The role of words is to exploit slavery rather than enlightenment
With regard to the invention of written words, we often overlook the creation of towns and countries that accompany them. A large number of individuals are integrated into a political system and then divided into different castes and classes. According to the French anthropologist Levi-Strauss: "Writing words seem to be used as tools to exploit humans rather than enlighten humans." "The main function of writing is to help slavery." For the origin of the text, Hercules and Levi reached a tacit agreement. The different cultures of different texts have been going on for thousands of years. In the present and in the future, if we ignore foreign languages and ignore our own language, we may gradually evolve into culture. Maintaining the mother tongue status is not only a cultural issue, but also a nation. Political demand for independence and freedom from slavery.

Farming civilization allows more people to live in a worse situation
All along, in my impression, the agricultural society instead of collecting society is a major step forward in human society, but Heraly has straightforwardly called it "the biggest scam in history." In the view of Herari, the agricultural revolution brought not only a new era of easy living, but also made the peasants live a harder and more unsatisfied life than the collectors. It promoted the days of human leisure and richness. Monotonous and boring. If agriculture is invented today, will it be recognized by most people? I can't imagine it. However, despite too many shortcomings, agriculture is already the foundation of our modern civilization. The sharpness of Heraly is even more expressed in this sentence: "The true essence of the agricultural revolution: let more people live in a worse situation." The farming method allows the population to increase rapidly, let the "big man" appear, let the state rule Instead of the clan tribe, these are historical conclusions. The value of Herari is that he emphasizes the “individual” happiness, and he is distressed as an individual of social cells since then in the long history of history, as he is in this In the book, the perspective is often changed, from the perspective of wheat, from the eyes of captive poultry and livestock, to the sound of humans occupying high positions.

"When the world began, humans did not exist. At the end of this world, humans would not exist." From Levi-Strauss's book "The Melancholy Tropical", I was once slammed by this sentence. in. Now, when I read The Brief History of Humanity, the phrase deep in my heart once again came to my mind. Let us live as a "smart person" and face the world with gratitude and humbleness. The mystery of this world will be like a beautiful flower, quietly blooming in the sun.

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