This travel is the process of my long journey and practice two years ago. The content-independent strategy has nothing to do with the interval. It is just a journey to awaken the inner strength of the life. It is the expression of gratitude for the good life after I have passed the hard test of the "soul night".
After the Lantern Festival in 2012, I and my family set foot on the spiritual kingdom together.IndiaAn inner exploration tour takes place in the south. In the beginning, I just planned to practice in Nanyin for a month and a half, then goKolkataRenai House is doing volunteer work. There are no other itineraries other than this. I did not expect that in the process of spiritual retreat, I fell from the hopeless sense of abyss, from the full of light to the journey of the dark night of the soul...
When the fog is heavy inside, I have to throw myself into the vast world and find myself back in the wilderness. I didn’t expect to walk for half a year, from all over southern India.ChinaIn the far north, from spring blossoms to autumn cold leaves; tens of thousands of miles of long-distance trek, 202 days and nights of spiritual solitary journey, is to walk into the heart to go to know the true self. In this long journey, what I am exploring is as Thoreau said:

"Not a reputation, not money, not a belief, not a love, not a fairness, giving me the truth."
Yes, the truth. The reality of life, the meaning of life. It is the core of my hard work. I have never stopped walking in these years. However, life has various milestones and checkpoints. The one-time long-distance travel in 2012 is the farthest and most difficult journey I have ever traveled. Whether intrinsic or extrinsic. However, every exploration brings new discoveries and abilities to life. In the end, what I found in the vast wilderness is no longer confused and confused, but clear and clear.

One-on-one journey 
When the plane landed at Chennai Airport, it was alreadyIndiaIt was two o'clock in the morning. After nearly six hours of long flight, when I landed, I found that my feet became bigger and my shoes became smaller. Wearing some squeezing cotton shoes, the passengers who sneak out of the queue are long queued and waiting for immigration review.
The long team squirmed forward in a neat and orderly manner. The first half of the team was a bright Indian aunt, dressed in bright sari, wearing the same color hat. On this one-in-one journey, I went to the West Heaven with the father, my sister, and my younger brother. For the first time in my life, I traveled with my family. My brother and I were very happy. My father was even more emotional. Of course, not to mention the father, it is me, and I never thought that one day, we will come to India to explore the reality of life. After all, only we know for ourselves that it is not easy for us to be such a big family. Therefore, I cherish it very much in my heart. Therefore, I am very happy, and before the departure, I still said in front of my friends: "This time the Westward Journey will surely realize the truth and return to the truth."
Chennai Street Lane
I went to bed until 10 o'clock the next day to get up for breakfast.IndiaThe food is indispensable for curry, even for the vegetable salad for breakfast, it is also a spicy curry. Only the fruit is preserved. The streets of Chennai are so lively, colorful sari, bright fruit stalls, squadrons of students, smashing smashing cars, and motorcycles with the bus rang.
Indian women have dark skin, black hair and bright eyes, big eyelashes and thick lips. The lips are rich and sexy. They will point a red auspicious cockroach in the middle of the two eyebrows. The jasmine bouquets swayed freely on the back of their heads, looking at the delicate and elegant, and the close-up could smell the flowers. They walked in the sun, gathered together in groups of three and five, and talked happily. They looked like the children of the sun, healthy and bright, and those colorful sari were as beautiful as flowers.
On the way to the University, we saw the legendary Indian train. When the Indian train is driving, the door is not closed. The number of people in the car is unimaginable. The passengers who have finally got on the bus are hanging out of the train door with one hand. Some people even have a single foot on the door. "Oh, my god! How dangerous! Go down and fall to the dead!" Sitting next to meHong KongThe elder sister couldn't help but scream: "Where are you! You look at them, it's horrible! Don't you think it's too horrible?" She pointed out to me outside the window. "Hmm..." I should be on my mouth. I was thinking in my heart: I am pulling the wind! Have a chance to experience one. After all, there are no trains driving in China, and no one allows you to hang outside the door. I almost blurted out: "But don't you think that is so windy?" This sentence was finally swallowed, and there was no export. I knew that such crazy thoughts could not be resonated.


a mental operation
The first day of class was calm and there was no feeling. The energy in the next day began to overturn the sea...

In the afternoon Kundalini yoga class, the teacher talked about the energy of the bottom wheel. We have to go through the process of birth and experience the feeling of anger in the process. The teacher said: "It is the angry emotion that causes the energy of the bottom of the sea to block. The load accumulated by anger makes us unable to experience the joy of life itself... The injury will allow us to project into future life situations, leading to inner fear and anxiety."
After re-experiencing the birth process, the teacher guides you back to the fetal period and the whole birth process. Most people accumulate some psychological trauma at birth, because the baby is completely open for six hours after birth. It is a baby with adult thoughts. Although it can't be expressed, the children's reactions are all received by the children. If at this time, the child is not accepted by the parents, is not valued, or is not praised, it will have a major negative impact on the child's future life. The teacher said, "Don't escape, don't resist, face the pain, and feel uncomfortable."

Someone soon entered the state, crying a large piece, some people yelled, some people burst into tears... What surprised me was that the most fierce crying was actually Westerners! There used to be a concept that people in Western countries are more happy and should not be as restricted as the East. However, through this process, I really realized that everyone is the same. No matter whether there is money, no money, birth background or status, living is mainly a feeling of inner feeling. The external material and aura are second. Everyone is going all the way, and after all, it is a journey to the inner. Someone started to cry wildly. That scene is horrible. Cries and screams come and go, if people who are unclear go in, they may mistakenly think that they are going into the madhouse.

"How can humans have so much pain?" I can't help but sigh when everyone cried so badly.
However, I quickly ignored the pain of others. Because my own pain has come. When I calm down, I will bring my attention back to myself, follow the teacher's guidance, and my consciousness will return to the moment of birth, and my heart will immediately become a group. I saw myself so bravely working, and my mother used all her strength to bring me to the world. However, I was unpopular (the family expected me to be a boy)! I saw that I was not accepted, and I felt extremely sad. I have been repeating my heart: Why? Why don't you welcome me? Why... Why... Why don't you welcome me? Is it good for me? God! Why are my parents not welcoming me? ! why!
Although the teacher's guidance is to experience anger. However, there is no sense of anger inside me. I just feel endless sadness, grievances, confusion, not being loved, not being valued, abandoning feelings, panic feelings, meaningless feelings... inside the injured child, completely I woke up. I cried so weakly that I stumbled on the yoga mat, just like a mental debridement operation.
"Life is a miracle... Life is a miracle..." Is life a miracle? Is my life a miracle? "I lie and sing while asking myself. I heard a gentle and powerful voice ringing inside: "Yes! "The voice repeatedly answered with certainty: "Yes, yes! Life is a miracle! "When I heard the inner answer, there was a warm current in my heart, and silent flow of tears.



On the way to travel, I was helped by too many people. I took the stranger to the wind, the sofa, and the reception of friends. With the unconditional help of countless good people, I took the long journey of the soul. To be blessed by others, it is not just a mentality of "gratefulness." Always feel owed, want to do something to return. I can't always be a "served", I also need to go to "service." I can't always accept the help of others with peace of mind. If I am only a glimpse of the harvest, but not to give it, my heart is so uncomfortable.
I have to do something to reward the love and warmth I have received. Therefore, I will share this intrinsic practice that involves my personal secrets and share it with you. If you can learn from my true sharing, see your own life wisdom; if my life experience is inspiring and helpful to you; if you can harvest your spiritual growth in this travel book; then, it is my biggest Happy and grateful.
Travel is the practice of the soul. I believe that it is more important to understand yourself than to understand the world. No matter where you are or what you do, the most important thing is to have a firm heart, inner strength, and fear of fearlessness and courage. The biggest adventure is to dare to go inside and explore, dare to look at your own heart, and cultivate from it to cultivate beautiful flowers.

May you have income in the process of reading.


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