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Living Mindfully has a life of awareness  


My initial exposure to the concept of mindfulness was in the training of psychotherapy. Mindfulness is often translated as Vipassana, truthful, special, and focused, representing a positive, unpredictable, and engrossed awareness of the present. Meditation and breathing exercises not only comfort my heart, but also bring peace to my visitors.


Later, I gradually realized that I could expand the scope of Viking, because the opportunities to practice concentration and awareness in life are ubiquitous. The French writer Camus said: "We are the sum of our choices." We make countless choices every day in terms of food, clothing, housing and travel. Through Vipassana, I realized that my previous thinking was like “auto-driving” mode, and I rarely took the initiative to think about how my choice affects myself, others, and the environment. For example, I didn't look at food labels before, didn't understand the carbon footprint of the clothes, daily necessities, skin care products, cosmetics, etc. I bought during the production process, and I didn't know the cruelty of industrial farms.


After the process of "three provinces and my body" and the constant exploration of the blind spots of thinking, my life has slowly changed a lot: I chose the local seasonal organic food and cooked three meals with nutritious food. I try not to use daily necessities for experimenting on animals. I also try to buy only environmentally conscious clothing brands. The botanical diet has gradually become a global trend in recent years. I noticed the heavy cost of meat to the environment and the animals, so I decided to make changes with practical actions, starting with three meals a day. As such, there is no victory. In the journey of deepening self-awareness, my physical condition is better than ever, and my heart is also unprecedentedly happy. Because the combination of knowing and doing, "changing the world, changing the body first" is really wonderful. These moves seem to be small in daily life, but the fire of the stars can be punished. For example, in 2014, Americans have saved 400 million animals from suffering because of reduced meat consumption. As the German-American psychologist Felom described in The Art of Love, the true meaning of love lies in giving, not asking and getting. At the same time as giving, my heart has become broader. Being able to make a little contribution to others and to the planet we live in, for me, that is the most beautiful and powerful feeling in the world.


Environmentally friendly and sustainable living – this is a topic that everyone knows is important but hard to act. I don't want to be a nutritionist or an environmental expert, and I don't want to promote a particular lifestyle. I just want to show the idea that if you are willing to actively learn and increase your awareness, everyone can collect information. Do research, absorb a variety of opinions, and finally form your own opinions, so as to make more wise and more compassionate decisions in life. I hope that this lecture will explain why focusing on environmental protection, which is not very relevant to our daily lives, is of great benefit to our physical and mental health, and I will share some personal experience. Vipassana allows us to "see" and "seeing" is the beginning of change. I look forward to sharing my experience with you and enriching my thoughts.



Wei Wei

Master of Education Technology graduates from Columbia University. Now Handy Inc. is a software engineer and teaches part-time at Columbia University. His people love to read and share. They have shared "Laozi", "Zhuangzi", "Sun Tzu's Art of War", "The Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic", "The Seven Habits of High-Efficiency People" and "The Road of Little People" , "Men from Mars, women from Venus", "Happier" and other books.


Share people

 Kang Wenting

Currently working as a psychotherapist at a psychological counseling center in Brooklyn. The undergraduate degree spent in the southern city of Atlanta, majoring in psychology and philosophy, minor in art history and Italian. I like to study how to make my lifestyle more environmentally friendly and sustainable. Love reading, especially sci-fi and detective crime novels. I like to measure the city with my footsteps. I hope that I can always understand the different cultural forms, schools of thought and lifestyle in this world with a humble heart.


details of the event

1/15/2017 2:30pm

Manhattan - see the WeChat group notification after registration


Activity costs

Completely free


Activity process

1. Share people introduce books/topics and express their own opinions (about 30 minutes)

2. Each participant expresses their own feelings or asks questions (about 2 minutes / person)

3. All participants were discussed in small groups (about 20 minutes)

4. The group selects the representative to summarize the statement and the sharer and the moderator make the final statement.

5. Friends who are still unfinished after the event can voluntarily gather and continue to talk.


Activity notice

1. Due to the limitation of the number of people, if you are unable to attend due to any reason, please inform the volunteers of the society as soon as possible and withdraw from the event group so that other book friends can join.

2. Please bring your ID to arrive on time.

3. Any questions about the book club can be submitted at any time in this event group, and the volunteers on duty will try their best to help you.


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