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Musical Emotions and Colors


 For me, reading or listening to music is a process of absorbing stories, just as writing and playing music are the same as telling a story. Only in the process of telling or absorbing the story, everyone's understanding is different, and the imagination space is different. But I believe that every reader or listener should be transformed into the hero of the story, and personally feel the ups and downs and twists and turns in this story. This lecture will introduce some common creative techniques in the composition to introduce how the composer expresses emotions and colors with music, and broadcast some classic works on the spot, comparing the different versions of the same work to different performers. Recording and playing, and combining with the information on the spectrum of the work itself to discuss with you, which way is better, more attractive, and why. This will help you to listen and understand the music language in the future when you enjoy music. You can not only understand and understand, but also have the ability to express and discuss your own opinions. At the same time, you will also play some non-classical music for everyone to enjoy, such as World music, New age music and so on. At the same time, I would like to introduce you to the different forms of music and their different characteristics, such as solo, duo, piano trio, string quartet and so on.




Fan Sijie

Growing up in the ancient capital of Nanjing, he graduated from junior high school and moved to Miami. He graduated from Columbia University and is currently working in finance in New York. Obsessed with Chinese classical culture, he is currently the president of New York Hanfu, and is committed to spreading and promoting traditional culture in the East. I like to read miscellaneous books, learn crafts, study new things, and dream of becoming a happy hybrid scientist.


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Chen Zhen

A pianist from the United States, a review by the Grammy Review Board, Art Director of the Manhattan School of Music in New York, and Music Director of the Roman Catholic Church in St. John, New Jersey. He graduated from the Piano Department of the Central Conservatory of Music, and majored in piano performances and chamber music in the Manhattan Conservatory of Music. Chen Zhen was considered by the American classical music evaluation magazine "Fanfare" to "have a very high artistic level and talent." He has been invited to perform in the top art halls of the two countries, such as the Stern Auditorium in New York, the Weill Recital Hall in New York, the David Geffen Hall in the Lincoln Center in New York, the LeFrak Concert Hall in New York, the Concert Hall of the National Centre for the Performing Arts, and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference. Auditorium, Tianjin Concert Hall, Chongqing Grand Theatre, Chengdu Jiaozi Concert Hall, etc. Chen Zhen won the first place in the 2009 Bradshaw & Buono International Piano Competition in New York. Due to his artistic attainments and social activities, the New York Alexander & Buono Music Foundation invited him to perform as a guest artist at the Carnegie Hall for two consecutive years in 2011 and 2012, and was highly regarded by the industry.


In 2016, Chen Zhen signed the Parma Recordings Record Company in the United States as a composer and pianist, and together with his record brand Navona Records, created his first solo album "Yang Ran" - for the piano and traditional Chinese people. The new music created by the instrument, the album's English name "ERGO", includes a total of ten works, the album will be released worldwide in April 2017. This album subverts the traditional expressions of Chinese national musical instruments in foreign countries. It uses the performance techniques and cooperative methods of Western chamber music to show the effect of the fusion of traditional Chinese instruments and Western instruments. It also makes the works closer to the aesthetics of Chinese and Western cultures. A style that achieves a different culture but tends to merge.


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4/2/2017 2:30pm

Manhattan - see the WeChat group notification after registration


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