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Painting Appreciation - Liu Yazhen Artist Lecture


The content of this forum mainly includes the following two aspects:
1. Chinese painting and how to appreciate Chinese painting

1. Taste painting in grasping the painting

2. Painting and charm

3. Painting and shape

4. Painting and artistic conception

5. Painting and style

6. Improve aesthetics in understanding painting

7. Deep understanding of painting can achieve master

8. Comprehend the painting in the sermons and the gods

9. Learn and draw

10. Creation and painting

11. The source of the foreign teacher's creation

12. Cheng Huai’s view of the road

13. With the Daoist

14. The moral spirit is the most fundamental foundation of painting.

In the Tang Dynasty, Zhang Yanyuan discussed the painting and appreciation in "The Famous Paintings of the Past Dynasties": "It is a day-to-day tireless, fascinating and fascinating, and enlightened by nature; things I forget, divorced and wise, and the body can make it like eucalyptus The heart can be like a dead gray, not the same as the magical theory! The so-called painting is also the same." Appreciators can use the intuition to sense the charm of the painting through the intuition, and can communicate with the wonderful painting in an instant. While the artist is in the way of appreciation, he can make a good idea and realize the nature; he can combine heaven and man, and think for a thousand years; What is appreciation? Appreciation is to distinguish between true and false, good and bad, high and low, knowing beauty, good taste, and sharing. The forensic person focuses on the authenticity, the superiority and the inferiority, and the superiority; the rewarder focuses on the evil, the elegant, the vulgar. This article is about appreciation, the focus is on reward, painting and painting through painting and taste, rhyme, shape, mood, style, and fun.

Second, the scene shows that the presenter can make a better understanding of some of the concepts and theories mentioned above through painting and painting on the spot.


Fan Sijie

Born in Nanjing, the ancient capital, he graduated from junior high school and moved to Miami. He graduated from Columbia University and is currently working in finance in New York. Obsessed with Chinese classical culture, he is currently the president of New York Hanfu, and is committed to spreading and promoting traditional culture in the East. I like to read miscellaneous books, learn crafts, study new things, and dream of becoming a happy hybrid scientist.


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Liu Yazhen

No. Nanshan, a doctor of art. He integrates collection identification, poetry and painting creation, and art criticism. Now he is a national first-class artist; a master of traditional Chinese crafts; the first batch of certified senior painters of the Chinese Ministry of Culture; the executive dean of the People's Painting Institute of the Chinese Native Art Association; an internationally registered senior antique painting and calligraphy appraiser; and the director of the Beijing Baoyiyuan Art Museum.


He has published a collection of poems and calligraphy collections such as "Year of the Moon", "Year of the Moon", "Year of the Moon", and a collection of works of appreciation, art criticism, poetry and calligraphy in various newspapers and magazines; editor-in-chief "Modern Enterprise System", "Management Code of Joint-stock Companies", "Western Xiazhen", etc.; published in 2012, the monograph of art theory "Chinese Painting Theory"; in 2014, "Liu Yazhen talked about bronze mirror".


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3/29/2017 2:30pm

Manhattan - see the WeChat group notification after registration


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