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Appreciation of Korean Movies and Reflections on Us

In this issue, Marvin will lead you to appreciate the outstanding works of Korean films and explore the reflections and lessons of our younger generation.

The Republic of Korea in the southern part of the Korean peninsula, which is connected to China's garment waters, has circulated a popular culture of K-POP in the past 20 years. Among them, there are Jin Xiuxian, Song Zhongji, Kong Wei, Song Hye Kyo, Kim Tae-hee, Kong Xiaozhen and other Korean dramas that are popular among young men and women. There are also popular groups such as Big Bang, EXO, Girls' Generation, which are obsessed by teenagers. Derived and promoted Korean cuisine hot and Korean travel hot.

However, South Korea is also a complex country. On the one hand, it is a traditional Chinese festival with the same Confucian cultural circle. On the other hand, its national economy is dominated by the top ten consortiums such as Samsung and Hyundai, which advertise Western industrial technology. %, recently, the first female president has faced government scandals of suspending or even impeaching because of the "justice" incident, and so on. Why is this country with such a prosperous contemporary cultural development falling into the strange circle of frequent political and business scandals? Will this in turn affect South Korea's continued production of high-quality K-POP culture? This issue is not only a concern for Korean fans around the world, but China, which is striving to become a major contemporary country or even a strong country, should pay particular attention to it.

It’s hard to get started, and when I wake up, the keynote speaker Marvin will provide you with an observation entry point for the above issues – Korean movies, which are not only active in Kim Soo-hyun, Kong Tong, Quan Zhixian, Song Hye Kyo and other first-line movie stars. It is also the key to opening up Korean culture and social progress. It is also a mirror that reflects the dilemma of Chinese film and cultural development. The most important thing is that it will be a warning to the younger generation of China to think independently and fulfill their social responsibilities.

If the excellent film is a highly concentrated cultural essence, then this time Marvin brings you the film appreciation seminar of the essence. In the movie, there are real cases of promoting the Korean legal system by adhering to human care. There is a homesickness of comfort women to reflect the history of the sorrow of the Korean colony, the irony of South Korea’s internal affairs before the national disaster and the sarcasm of South Korea-US relations. There are also the friendships between the Korean and Korean soldiers and the soldiers to think about the gains and losses of the Second World War and the Korean War, and so on. Here, you can not only see the fine selection of 64 Korean movies and popular movie stars, but also the reflection products of many common historical and social phenomena between China and South Korea: humanity respect and independent thinking.



Fan Wei

Advocating the radiance of humanity and the unknown truth. Listen to all the good things in silence and listen to each story quietly. Look for clues to the corner and learn about the self that cannot be confirmed or falsified. Follow the inner guidelines and allow regrets, but ask for no regrets. Smile is dedicated to the happiness that truly belongs to you.


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Not Marvin, a civil Ph.D. candidate confused between New Jersey and New York. Love to read history, love to think, love cooking, love to swim, love to travel, and love to play Video Games. Formerly the Chairman of the China Federation of Students at Rutgers University at NB, dedicated to the cultural and ethnic diversity of the US campus, serving nearly 3,000 Chinese students and scholars across the school. I am born dull and use for diligence. However, my life is too short. I only want to pour out the flowers of independent thoughts with my friends.


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