Current bibliography

"Clash of Civilizations"

"Clash of Civilizations" In the summer of 1993, Samuel P. Huntington, a professor at Harvard University, published an article in the "Diplomatic Quarterly" article entitled "Clash of Civilizations." In 1996, this article was expanded into a special book called "Clash of Civilizations and Reconstruction of the World Order." Huntington himself continued to publish articles and publication monographs to further defend and explain his views, including the author's revision of his own individual views.



Samuel Phillips Huntington

Professor of the Albert J. Weatherhead III School of Harvard University, Director of the Harvard Institute for International and Regional Studies, and Director of the John Olin Institute for Strategic Studies. He was a consultant to the Security Program of the National Security Council of the Carter Administration, one of the founders and two editors of Foreign Policy magazine, and the president of the American Political Society. A large number of academic works and papers have been published.



Wei Wei

Master of Education Technology graduates from Columbia University. Now Handy Inc. is a software engineer and teaches part-time at Columbia University. His people love to read and share. They have shared "Laozi", "Zhuangzi", "Sun Tzu's Art of War", "The Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic", "The Seven Habits of High-Efficiency People" and "The Road of Little People" , "Men from Mars, women from Venus", "Happier" and other books.


Share people

Gao Yuzhen

Like to travel, watch the stars, listen to classical music. I have no time to read history and write novels. Respect the elderly.


details of the event

1/7/2017 2:30pm
Manhattan - see the WeChat group notification after registration

Activity costs

Completely free


Activity process

1. Share people introduce books/topics and express their own opinions (about 30 minutes)

2. Each participant expresses their own feelings or asks questions (about 2 minutes / person)

3. All participants were discussed in small groups (about 20 minutes)

4. The group selects the representative to summarize the statement and the sharer and the moderator make the final statement.

5. Friends who are still unfinished after the event can voluntarily gather and continue to talk.


Activity notice

1. Due to the limitation of the number of people, if you are unable to attend due to any reason, please inform the volunteers of the society as soon as possible and withdraw from the event group so that other book friends can join.

2. Please bring your ID to arrive on time.

3. Any questions about the book club can be submitted at any time in this event group, and the volunteers on duty will try their best to help you.



Participants’ speech does not represent the position of the school!