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If you encounter a cultural person and are not too high, then this sentence can be used as one of the best templates to digest. Please change the version yourself. For example, "I usually write poems for you, and it is enough for you to hold an umbrella. If you look at love novels, why not use it?"

So, those who have read books into a ritual of learning and learning as a learning task are really inexplicable.

Although we have been like this for so many years.

When it comes to reading, brain cells and tempers begin to fight. This brain cell has been played well - move up, honestly study the book; beat it, just put it to death - anyway, can't enter the book, drifting to the clouds. As a result, you are fighting here, and people's language textbooks, history textbooks, geography textbooks, and political textbooks are enjoying the fun.

Later, this habit is still a ghost. Going to college, what kind of major are you studying? Read more professional books, what monographs, what generals, what principles, all come; work, what work? Look at the industry books, what skills, what art, what must be, the momentum is rampant, it is difficult to parry.

In this way, reading is really uncomfortable. Why, we think it is too "useful". And when you want to do something with a "useful" motivation, it's just not that attractive to you. Just like if you just fall in love with him or her because this person is "useful", then I think it's hard for you to really like him (her) - after all, life is already so hard, and it's so useful for everything. Use it, free and easy, self-satisfied, as you like.

Although reading does have its own merits, like "Thickness Black" and "Wisdom of Zizhi Tongjian", it will be like a Sima Yi in several times, "the thunder is thundering and the face is like Pinghu". In the workplace, God blocks the killing of the gods, the Buddha blocks the Buddha, and builds the soles of the feet on the pink cheeks of others, crying on the face, laughing in the heart. There are also like "The Complete Works of Carnegie" and "Wang Yangming's Heart Theory", saying that it is said to the acquaintances that they are called to meet the acquaintances, and that they are called to read the books. The key is to practice a pair of skins thicker than the bark. Strong mentality, invulnerability, salted fish turn over, see people speak people, hell and say ghosts.

Although there are indeed people in the world, many books can be read in the attitude of learning knowledge. Look at the "economic principles" of the big part, learn some economics knowledge; watch the management class of "rich dad, poor father" "seven habits of high-performance people", open up and develop thinking; "Democracy" "Rules of the Rules of Procedure", contacted political theory, and even watched "Sun Tzu's Art of War", "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich", and involved in some military.

Even the book "How to read a novel", "The comfort of philosophy" and "How to read a book" should be attracted to the "I am useful!" gesture - if you change the title to "The History of Western Fiction", "The Six Philosophers of the Past and Present", "The Four Realms of Reading", it is estimated that half of the sales will be less!

However, most people want to study at such a motive. Most of them will be "buy books like mountains, read books like silks"; or people think: isn't there a poem in the belly, how can this person carry the old-fashioned Gas, copper smell.

Having spoken to a senior journalism major:

Me: "Can we discuss novels in reading?"

Long: "No, no, just discuss professional theory."

Me: "Why?"

Long: "Hey, not a liberal school."

makes sense. Look at the lives of the writers in Maugham's "Looking for Fun", the life of the animals in George Orwell's "Animal Farm", the life of Wang Erbo in the "Golden Age" of Wang Xiaobo, Dostoevs The life of the prisoner in the "Basement Handbook" is really not a half-money relationship with me.

Reading can always have a strong appeal to me. The cover, the title page, the binding frame, the paper, the ink, the illustrations of the book, like the new meat that grows on me, the poppy that is born in the desire, is lingering. "It’s strange to not read a book, it’s uncomfortable!"

What is even more strange is that there is no absolute freedom in the world. Reading makes me feel the ultimate freedom in spirit and aesthetics. Your imagination has something to say, "Follow me! I will take you into the "Blade", to see the beautiful countryside, the green valley, the slow river; I will take you into the "Pan Ruo" "The boat", listening to the Indian high man preaching, just sitting at his feet, enjoying the peace and happiness from his road in the air of the night fragrant jade; I take you into "the spider's nest" The path, through the road between the vegetable garden and the garbage dump, came to the small river and watched the spiders nest in the grass wall..." When the imagination took you to your heart, the feelings born during it were also sublimated. Wonderful.

In the world, there is no such thing as a match of gears. Reading makes me discover that this is not my feeling. Isn't that what I think?

How do you call true love? "Tess" said to you, "In fact, he loves Tess himself, her soul, her heart, her essence, not her ability to be a nurse and the ability to be a student. He loves It is her innocent existence in nature, and that does not require traditional decoration to dress up."

What is the feeling of eating a delicious snack? Proust said it to you. "The moment the tea with cake crumbs hit the captain, I suddenly shocked and noticed that something happened to me. A beautiful and unbelievable pass. Throughout my body, I felt super-sublimation, but I didn’t understand why. This pleasure immediately made me indifferent to the vicissitudes of life, and I was indifferent to the sorrow of life, and I didn’t care about the short-lived life like a illusion. Just like love is in me. Working on the body, enriching me with a precious essence."

Even the words I want to express in this passage - the heart of reading when reading, Maugham also helped me: "I really hope that you can understand, how exciting and rich the spiritual life is. There is no end to it. It is an extremely happy life. Only one thing is similar to it, that is, when you are flying alone in the sky, flying higher and higher, flying higher and higher, only infinite space surrounds you, you are intoxicated In the infinite space. You are such a joy that you turn a blind eye to any power and glory in the world. A few days ago, I read Descartes. It was so happy, elegant, and smooth. God!"

The world has never come to enjoy the peace, but reading provides such a convenient way. Your heart, along with the ups and downs of the story, sometimes rushing, sometimes quiet; your emotions, following the words and demeanor of the characters, together with joys and sorrows. This is the "moving" side. When you are reading, you become the scenery of others. At this time, you sit in the chair in the most comfortable position, and your eyes slowly skip between the lines. The hands don’t seem to feel any weight, just prepare for contact with the new page. . This is the "quiet" side. During this movement, you lose your sense of your own breathing, the weight of your arms, and the sitting posture of your legs. They are both non-existent and natural.

Therefore, when reading becomes a temperament, it becomes a kind of preference, you don't have to be the most lovely person, the most flamboyant person, after all, is the happiest person.

I want to say, I like to read "Reminiscence like Water", "Finnegan's Watching the Night", "2666", "Tower Talan", "Atlas Shrug", "Fou Ke Pen", friends of this kind, don't meet love When you look at the friends of the online novels, you are stealing music in the back and seeing the sneer. Everyone is a person who likes to read.

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