2015-05-14 Zhu Jiuyuan

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Ten years of maritime affairs

The big waterfall in Heroes is the cemetery of heroes, and it is also a place of purgatory. The living and the dead, the light and the sinking, the despair and the hope, are gathered here to make a splash.

Lu Yun, as Christopher, was reborn by the baptism of the Great Waterfall.

Christopher's Yaglia-Qiong Fang, Caiyun chasing the moon, finally made the hero return to the world, completing the most important step of this sublimation.

Some people say that Lu Yun, who came out of the waterfall, has never cared about everything and his heart is dead. This is not to understand the new realm reached by Confucian Lu Yun. After Sun Xiao suppressed so much, he could not find a way out of Lu Yun’s rebirth. Under the circumstance, he finally used the newcomer Qiong Fang to pull out the sea for ten years.

Once the sea was difficult for water, Qiongfang was fresh, but if we thought that Lu Yunyi was sorrowful after that, and that it meant to kill the spirit, he would not realize his life. To a certain extent, Lu Yun’s realm is by no means empty. He has completed the sublimation of his own self, and he has reached a new realm of life. This kind of realm is that Confucianism will be reduced to a large number of people in Sri Lanka. It must first bitter its mind, labor and bones, hungry its body, and after a thousand turns, it must find the realm of knowing the life.

Yes, Lu Yun is known for his destiny. He has no regrets.

Who knows Jinghua tired?

Not only the title of the book, but every serious martial arts writer is thinking about what kind of return to use to guide his chapter. When we look back at the history of modern martial arts, from returning pearls to Jin Yong to Gu Long to Sun Xiao, they are unique, they are lonely, they are exhausted, they rack their brains, so their backs are left in our hearts.

When I was a child, I read the chapter of Azhuxiang Xiaoyu in Tianlong, and I couldn't help but cry. "There is a promise between the cow and the sheep, and there is an old alliance on the bank of the candle." What a pain! The words of these Jiguang film feathers are never created, and they convey to us the hustle and bustle of life in the north and south and the west garden.

Heroes have their own unique art of returning. As a style of Zhang Hui's novels, after the ancient vernacular and the new vernacular continue to temper, from Mr. Cao Xueqin to the returning landlord, the new literature and new novels face a dilemma, whether it is a complete Westernization or a separate family. New writers chose Europeanization, while martial arts novelists consciously accepted this tradition. After this inherited development, Jin Yong has become well-rounded and has become a big success. Jin Yong’s vernacular writing has set a good example of a new vernacular. Later, Gu Long, must look directly at this situation in order to obtain his own coordinates, so in writing, he changed from Jin Yong's imitator to a formal revolutionary. To this end, the violent clashes of martial arts novels have been frustrated. An innovator can't share the wine with the founder. The respective spectators also stand by each other and the party is different. They don't know that in the star-studded stars of the history of martial arts, the stars are reflected by various special light.

In this context, it is a small return, you can also see a writer's writing state and the meaning of the thoughts to be expressed. Liang is a formal moment, and even deliberately retains some storytellers' end words to express their traditional heart. And it is not unreasonable to call Jin Yong a "modern foreign talent." The paradox is that after the Jin Yong, the ancient dragon appeared, Jin Yong became the biggest representative of the tradition, and Gu Long inherited the reputation of his "foreign talent". In fact, Jin Yong’s education in classical cultural poetry may not be as good as Mr. Chen Wentong’s orthodoxy, but the talents of the heavens fall in the world. I personally think that it is far more than Liang’s. Jin Yong’s ingenuity can be seen in the lyrics of Tian Long Ba Bu and the ancient poems of Bai Liang in Yi Tian’s Dragon Sword. Jin Yong wrote the martial arts, and he wrote very eloquently. For example, the form of the genre of Tian Long Ba Bu expressed the heroic spirit of Xiao Feng’s “Whether thousands of people are going to squat” and Duan Gong’s “every year, from this drunk” The perfect combination of form and content has been achieved.

No one can become Jin Yong second. He is unique. After the author of Jin Yong wants to develop, he must open up new paths. From the form, or from the dimension of humanity, or from the ideological connotation of the home country, Jin Yong did not write it. A martial arts creator, when selecting a return, must be thinking about how to express it. Is it the use of scorpion, poetry, modern novel title, or mixed words? In Liang's case, he disdains and does not do it. He only made new attempts in his later years. More mediocre novelists choose to use the scorpion, but it is a lazy habit - because it is easy to do with the four-character duality, the seven-character syllabus, our poetry treasure house has been provided inexhaustible. origin of. In Jin Yong, he can change a pattern, a book of innovation, the book does not make the same, with a high degree of symbolism and art to achieve a perfect combination. Then other great masters of novels, knowledgeable novelists, avoid this road, choose the mixed words to express their own martial arts world.

Sun Xiao is undoubtedly one of the smart and creative ones. To read a novel, you only need to look at his recollections to observe the author's taste and thoughts. The 20-volume title of Heroes did not follow the traditional line and chose a more free-spirited title body, but in the twenty-volume headline, it used a unified four-character sentence to pay tribute to tradition. For example, “Western Yangguan, troubled world articles, one generation of true dragons, sea solitude, the right way of heaven, and the king” are all focused on the theme. Read the generous agitation, there is a golden murder. Going deep into the specific volumes, three wedges are noticed from the beginning. It is hard to thank the martial arts writers who use the wedge form so boldly. But Sun Xiao used it. He used to guide the whole structure, show the clues of the novel, and ambush the protagonist Qin Baxian behind the whole novel. There are more than three protagonists in the heroic ambition. One of them died is Qin Baxian. His horrible winds are constantly fascinating. He always reminds readers in the novel that he will always accompany you to read the final chapter of this novel. The return of some chapters has become a slogan language such as "I don't know what to do, who is fighting for the front." Relishing among readers shows the great success of an author's writing. For example, the words "the sky is green and the earth is down", and the "Kunlun sword is bleeding from the ocean".

But this is not all. The most evocative of the heroes is precisely the "Zhangtai Liu", "Mingyue Tianshan", "Jinghua Autumn Color", "Life is not seen", "Spring Breeze, Willow Bank", "Going Home" is normal No strange sentences and words. In the short sentence pattern, the infinite world of life is enriched, and the desolation of the home country of the world expresses the high artistic mastery of Sun Xiao.

Spring breeze has been Yumenguan

He is one of the themes of Chinese history. He has the theme of Wang Zhaojun and Princess Wencheng. What is puzzling is that it seems that these things have been written badly. Checking the martial arts novels, we were surprised to find that not many people actually described the plot from the front. In Jin Yong's novel, Xiang Xiang Princess was forced to marry by Qianlong. In Gu Long's novels, only one Chu Liuxiang and an unidentified desert princess smashed back.

In the historical literary style, and the family festival, only in the Yuan and Ming operas, it is a hot topic. Even the later Ming and Qing novelists did not bother to look at it. In the red building, we only saw a faint back of the "three thousand winds and rains, and the flesh and blood of the homes."

There are two significant differences between Sun Xiao’s and pro-and traditional and pro-themes.

The first is to describe the whole process in a positive and large-scale manner. This is extremely rare in the history of fiction. It can be said that it is the expression of Sun Xiao's view of history and writing. From Yinchuan's peace and pro, it gradually led to the internal and external worries of the Daming Dynasty. And further to the new ruins, the Fanbang martial arts will be introduced into the vision of the Han nationality. At the same time, it describes the different modalities of the genre, the sorcerer and the sorcerer.

The second is the unique princess image in the history of martial arts novels: the glorious and pitiful image of Princess Yinchuan. We might as well compare the few princesses who have appeared in the martial arts novels. Before the comparison, we must first distinguish the concept of the princess. Is Zhao Min in the heavens count as a princess? Is Xiao Yi’s worry-free princess a princess? Is the illegitimate daughter of Deer Ding Ji, Princess Jianing, a princess? After the comparison and selection, it is obvious that compared with the Yinchuan princess, whether in terms of identity or humanity, I am afraid that only the Ajiu in the "Blood Sword" can be compared with Yinchuan. However, Ah Ji is more like a woman than a princess. In the political sense, Yinchuan is more tough than Ajiu, and has the grace of a country. In the face of politics, Yinchuan can never hesitate to dedicate himself. This is quite decisive. This political devotion is not a politician's consideration. But because she is naturally the daughter of the royal family. Simply for the political goal, Yinchuan can still marry into the state without changing its color, and then master the world. In this sense, the politicians who are determined to be determined by heroes, the number of males, Yang Suguan, and the only women of Yinchuan. She is grateful to Lu Yun and appreciates Lu Yun, but in the face of politics, Yinchuan will seek the right way to abandon Qianqian like Lu Yun, and she will be the home country. If Yinchuan is a man, able to overturn the rain, the means used will never be worse than Yang Su. However, Yinchuan is likely to use Wang Dao, Yang Suguan is the Magic Road, while Lu Yun is pursuing the right path, Qin Zhonghai is overbearing, and Wu Dingyuan is the humanity of his own heart. In Yinchuan's personality, there is another universal sentiment of Guanyin, great compassion and compassion. This is why she is so fascinating. This cannot be used to analyze Yinchuan Princess with political views.

Pack up the mountains and rivers

When I was a child, my mother often let me go to the streets to wait for a man with a face to walk past the door. He not only sells his face, but also sells it. On a cold day, the water bones braved, and I squinted, staring at the old man skillfully taking out the dough from the corner of the face, shaving the water, holding it in a bowl, and hotly handing it to me with a smile. That memory is still unforgettable. The people in today's cities, as well as the new generation of young people, have never had the chance to see such a group of people. They have disappeared into the dust of history and the times and have gradually disappeared. Because they are small people.

The little man has a small person's living method, and the life is hidden and fallen, and in the red dust, there are hidden many strange people in the dust. Some of them insisted on their own beliefs and perseverances, gave up the Qu Xue A Shi, gave up the fame and fortune, but the heart is still calm, I still.

Up and down, the past and the present, how many spring flowers and autumn months, who can count in the winds of history, how many such figures are struggling for a lifetime?

On the wall of the three-foot dragon spring, the dream of the ancient folks.

They are not without ambition. They are not without the strength of Artemisia. However, the husband has done something wrong. In the process of colliding with the world and the belief, he finally chose to bury Jin Jian.

"Golden sword has been buried! Zhuangqi Artemisia!"

When I read Lu Yun in "Heroes" and said, "I can't find the way in my heart, I can go back and sell my face, then I will say that I am a Confucius in Confucius. I don't care." The eyes.

Some people don't understand Lu Yun, and Lu Yun doesn't need people to understand.

However, the real hero is always shining. He has boundless power. He is always silent and forbearing. He affects the crowd around him. He is like a group of light, a group of heat, scattered into the dark corner, making the side The crowd is stunned and turbulent. Gu Yuyuan, Hu Meier, Wu Dingyuan, Qin Zhonghai, Lu Guzhan, Wu Chongqing, Qiong Fang, everything, whether it is a beautiful heart, a flowing soul, or a lost soul, silently toward this light, moths and fires, In the roar of the times and destiny, it is overturned. Gu Yuyuan does not have Lu Yun, he will not die, he can even spend his old age, becoming a nostalgic in the traditional Chinese sense in the country; Hu Meier does not have Lu Yun, she will not cry, such characters will no longer be cute. In a sense, Zhao Yunniang’s curse and evil on Lu Yun is the highest praise for Lu Yun.

A person who shines light, he, Lu Yun, has boundless embarrassment, but there is no regret, he is always the Lu Tietou, who is stubborn and even cruel to his lover, but the lover will not complain, only this way The love talent is worthy of his Lu Yun, just because he and she are both kind of people, stick to their beliefs.

The three armed forces can win the handsome, but the husband can not win.

Therefore, we are sad and bitter, and there are complaints, you and me, continue to look at Lu Yun with a sad heart, pick up the mountains and rivers, and finish his last journey.

Confucianism and chivalrous

Lu Yunyi, two thousand years of Chinese martial arts literature history, has since born the first radiant image of Confucianism.

Before Lu Yun, the Chinese people talked about chivalrous essays. They always referred to the scholars and literati of the civil and military talents. They were the literary scholars who were full of literary talents, and they were also mad and heroic. "Dao Xia" and "Buddha" are also called. If the reader has the potential to sneak up, his heart has regrets. Why? Because of the history of martial arts literature, before Lu Yun, these names are inconsistent. Such as Chen Jialuo, such as Zhang Danfeng, such as Duan Yu. This generation can be called "Grandeur" at most.

Confucianism, with Confucianism, chivalrous, Confucianism, and Xia. The Xia Confucian, only the man's fur, all the maneuvering, all from the heart, under the appearance of Confucianism, the cover is the literati's fall and fall, suffering and suffering. Therefore, we look at Duan Yuliang's good and funny, nodded and said that he is a good friend, interesting and affectionate; we look at Chen Jialuo, swaying in the children's private feelings, his heart swinging, acting ruthless, innocent; we see Zhang Danfeng, arrogant, in The country is at home, but there is no stubborn belief to maintain, and eventually become a wild fox. There are many reasons why Xia Ru is so unbearable, only because Xia and Confucian are separated and isolated. Confucianism is not the same, Confucianism and chivalry are two-in-one, one-two unified.

In the martial arts novels written by Chinese people, we have never faced the concept of Confucianism. In the history of chivalrous novels, the big ones are the first-class Taoist tales and Buddhist buddies. For example, an unknown old man, such as Huang Chang, such as Wang Chongyang, such as Zhang Sanfeng. In fact, the history of Chinese culture has always been dominated by Confucianism, supplemented by Taoism, and the original meaning of Confucianism and Mohism is also the beginning of chivalry. The situation of martial arts novels is reversed. What is the reason?

Just because modern people do not understand the concept of Confucianism. Thought that Confucianism is pedantic, Confucianism is unbearable, and Confucianism is a book business. Big!

Since the Northern and Southern Dynasties, sweeping away from China, the Chinese people have left an indelible influence on the Chinese people. The great Confucianism in the past has saved the Chinese culture, saved the Chinese people’s own lineage, and rose up to resist. To the Tang Dynasty Han Yu, there are Song Daru two journeys, Zhang Zai, Zhu Xi, the voice of the Buddha is endless. Why?

When the Dharma was introduced to China, its lack of academics was right and wrong, and even one or two benefits. Just looking at the world, people from all over the country worshipped, and the study of China itself was absolutely perfect. The discussion of Buddhism in the great Confucianism of the past dynasties is by no means an act of arrogance. Otherwise, the study of Confucius in Zhougong is extinct.

Fo's is empty, not destiny; the old is a virtual way, non-rate. Therefore, the Song Dynasty Zhang Zai said: "To the heart and the earth, to make a living for the people, to go to the Holy Ghost and to learn from the world, to open peace for the world." This is the great and vigorous place of Confucianism, and it is also impossible to compare all the schools of religious retreat. Confucian justice is the study of pragmatic practice; Ji Cangsheng and Futian are in danger. Lu Yun’s “right way” was ridiculed by countless young people because they did not understand the Faith and did not understand the sublime. All were measured by vulgar utilitarianism. I thought that the sages thought that everything between heaven and earth was high with me and small with me. In the modern Chinese, the Confucianism is not a Confucian, especially the younger generation, and the poison of the Cultural Revolution is more serious. I believe that this ignorance of myself is advanced. As long as you talk about Confucianism, you will be full of words. This is the ignorance and sorrow of the young people in modern China.

The conviction of the world must be governed by a society, and a society must be tied to a belief. A belief must be tied by one or two people. We look at Lu Yun’s right path, this kind of belief, regardless of success or failure, gain and loss, love and pain.

Heroic, the edge of love and pain.

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