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Share: Liu Yati

MinuteEnjoy the Bibliography: The Story of Art

Time: 2015.3. 22pm 2:30pm to 5:00pm

Location: Midtown Manhattan Bar, the specific address will be notified after registration.

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Sharer Profile:

Liu Yati

Graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Ph.D. in Art and Art Education at Columbia University.

Moderator introduction:

Fan Wei

Advocating the radiance of humanity and the unknown truth. Listen to all the good things in silence and listen to each story quietly. Look for clues to the corner and learn about the self that cannot be confirmed or falsified. Follow the inner guidelines and allow regrets, but ask for no regrets. Smile is dedicated to the happiness that truly belongs to you.

Share the bibliographic introduction:

The Story of Art

It is one of the most famous and popular books on art. Sir Gombrich's "The Story of Art" is like the "Mona Lisa", which is famous in the world and conveys knowledge and enjoyment to people. It summarizes the development process from the earliest cave painting to the current experimental art, to clarify that art history is "a history of various traditions that are constantly changing and changing. Every work in this history is both retrospective and oriented." future".

About the Author:

Eh Gombrich

(1909—2001) British art historian, master of art history, art psychology and art philosophy. Born in Vienna and studied art history at the University of Vienna. In 1936 he moved to the UK and entered the University of Voorburg. He was a professor of Slade art at Oxford University, a professor of art history at the University of London, a visiting professor at Harvard and Cornell, and was awarded the title of Lord by the King in 1972. His main academic works include "The Story of Art", "Ideology and Idol", "The Symbolic Image", and "The Trojan Meditation". Gombrich is good at expressing serious questions in a simple and clear language so that beginners can learn easily.

Highly interactive activity process:

1) The sharer introduces the book and expresses his own opinion (about 15 minutes);

2) Each participant expresses his or her own feelings (about 2 minutes/person);

3) All participants will be divided into small groups to communicate and propose a topic-related question;

4) Participants discuss the issues raised and show their speculation. (about 2 minutes / person);

5) After the event, welcome friends who are still unfinished to join the dinner and continue to talk.

friendly reminder:

1) Participants are not required to prepare in advance, and the sharer will provide the information needed for discussion

2) Please try to be on time to avoid missed sharing of the bibliography

3) Please bring your ID

4) If you can't find the venue, please send a message in the event temporary WeChat group or Facebook 麓山学社 Group, we will respond promptly

5) The number of people per reading will be limited to 18 people. Please invite your friends to register as soon as possible. After completing the form and scanning into the temporary group, the registration will be successful. The full registration will be in the waitlist.

All the speeches of the participants of the event do not represent the position of the school.


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