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The Lushan Society Learning Book Club is a new creative cultural social event! By limiting the number of participants (15-18 people) and the unique design of the event process, we are committed to creating an activity that enables you to interact, socialize, and access information efficiently. Let us bring you a different experience!

Share people:Feng Zikai

Enjoy the bibliography:History of Kailuan, Su Shanghao

time:2014.8.18pm 2:30pm to 5:00pm

location:Notice after the registration of the specific address in Columbia University.

Registration link:Click on the bottom left corner"Read the original text", will jump to the event registration link

Sharer Profile:

Feng Zikai

Student at SUNY Stony Brook University School of Medicine. I hope that through the professional knowledge I have learned, I will help more people to understand modern medicine correctly and establish a healthy life philosophy.

Host personal introduction:


Engage in cultural communication in film, learn and practice all kinds of spiritual growth and psychotherapy

law. On the way to find inner peace and happiness!

Sharing bibliographic information:

History of Kailuan

Not a medical research book, but a book based on conclusive medical knowledge. The book is very long-sighted: the surgeon's grandfather is a hairdresser. In the past, people lost blood from sheep. The first craniotomy in humans was in the Stone Age... Who is the father of surgery? Who is the father of anatomy? Who is the first to use narcotic drugs in surgery? Who developed the pre-operative disinfection and cleaning procedures? Su Suhao, through the easy story, has come to the beginning and end of surgical medicine.

However, this book is not only for the eyes of interesting bloggers, but many chapters show the author's humanistic thinking. The author suggests in the book that the history of human medicine is made up of many unexpected failures. Modern medicine is the result of the efforts and sacrifices of the predecessors. "I laughed and thought that I should be more humble before life."

about the author:

Su Shanghao

Kaohsiung, who entered the Faculty of Medicine of the National Defense Medical College in 1985, engaged in literary and artistic creations in the busy course, and won the first prize in the 1988 and 1989 novels of the Yuanyuan Literature Award of the National Defense Medical College.

Since 2010, he has been invited to the "Popular Columnist Exchange Platform" on the Internet. With the short name of the "National Island People", he has published a popular science essay on medicine. He is currently the director of Cardiovascular Surgery at the Boren General Hospital in Taipei.

The debut of "The Treasure of the Country's Surname" (2012 Times) was selected as one of the best books of the "Zhongshi", the Taichung City Cultural Bureau "Taiwan's Book", and the "Asia Weekly" annual ten-size award.

Highly interactive activity process:

1) The sharer introduces the book and expresses his own opinion (about 15 minutes);

2) Each participant expresses his or her own feelings (about 2 minutes/person);

3) All participants will be divided into small groups to communicate and propose a topic-related question;

4) Participants discuss the issues raised and show their speculation. (about 2 minutes / person);

5) After the event, welcome friends who are still unfinished to join the dinner and continue to talk.

friendly reminder:

1) Participants are not required to prepare in advance, and the sharer will provide the information needed for discussion

2) Please try to be on time to avoid missed sharing of the bibliography

3) Please bring your ID

4) If you can't find the venue, please send a message in the event temporary WeChat group or Facebook 麓山学社 Group, we will respond promptly

5) The number of people per reading will be limited to 18 people. Please invite your friends to register as soon as possible. After the full amount, the applicants will be in the waitlist.

All the speeches of the participants of the event do not represent the position of the school.


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