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The Lushan Society Learning Book Club is a new creative cultural social event! By limiting the number of participants (15-18 people) and the unique design of the event process, we are committed to creating a platform that enables you to interact, socialize, and access information efficiently. Let us bring you a different experience!

Sharing people: Wang Kexin

MinuteEnjoy Bibliography: Philosophical Studies

Time: 2014.12. 07 2:30pm to 5:00pm

Venue: Notice after registration at the specific address of Columbia University.

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Sharer Profile:

Wang Kexin

Reading MBA Marketing. Like history, music, travel, movies, drinking.

Moderator introduction:


JD, a practicing lawyer in New York, is now a corporate lawyer in New York, amateurs providing legal support for non-profit organizations, and loves music and reading.

Share profile:

The constellation theory spreads virally in the population at a very high infection rate without any academic organization, economic organization or social organization. Those who believe in it will say that all the people he knows can match; those who don't believe it will say that it is psychological suggestion, check-in, and there is no scientific basis.

Is there a psychological suggestion? Is there a scientific basis behind it? Does the science we have in mind also make psychological hints about our understanding of the world?

So what is science? What about the true colors of the world? What does "freedom" mean?

These questions are a door to our doctrine of "language games." "Language Game" is the main idea in the book "Philosophy Research".

Share the bibliographic introduction:

Philosophical Research

A very interesting collection of aphorisms, the book is simple and lively, with no philosophical terms. This book mainly discusses "language games", that is, the usage of language. The author believes that the wrong use of language has caused various dilemmas and philosophical problems, and philosophy should be a "healing system" to help People set aside the fog and regained freedom and happiness.

About the Author:

Ludwig Wittgenstein

(Ludwig Wittgenstein, 1889~1951)

Born in one of the world's most influential wealthy families, the Wittgenstein family (compared to the Rothschild family and the Rockefeller family). He is a Jewish, gay, and Adolf Hitler elementary school student (due to Hitler's poor performance, Wittgenstein performed very well in all aspects, and Hitler's anti-Semitic psychology may be related to his early years and Wittgenstein's contacts). He participated in World War I. After the war, he studied under the British philosopher Russell and taught at Cambridge University. He is hailed as the founder of language philosophy and one of the most influential philosophers of the 20th century.

Highly interactive activity process:

1) The sharer introduces the book and expresses his own opinion (about 15 minutes);

2) Each participant expresses his or her own feelings (about 2 minutes/person);

3) All participants will be divided into small groups to communicate and propose a topic-related question;

4) Participants discuss the issues raised and show their speculation. (about 2 minutes / person);

5) After the event, welcome friends who are still unfinished to join the dinner and continue to talk.

friendly reminder:

1) Participants are not required to prepare in advance, and the sharer will provide the information needed for discussion

2) Please try to be on time to avoid missed sharing of the bibliography

3) Please bring your ID

4) If you can't find the venue, please send a message in the event temporary WeChat group or Facebook 麓山学社 Group, we will respond promptly

5) The number of people per reading will be limited to 18 people. Please invite your friends to register as soon as possible. After the full amount, the applicants will be in the waitlist.

All the speeches of the participants of the event do not represent the position of the school.


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