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Share: Fang Min

MinuteEnjoy the bibliography: "Heroes"

Time: 2015.6. 17 Wednesday night 8:00 pm

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Sharer Profile:

Fang Min

Bachelor of Economics, Zhejiang University, is currently studying for a master's degree in quantitative economics at Yeshiva University in New York. He is about to graduate from the University of Rochester to pursue a doctorate in economics. This is the second time I have come to the school to share. I am very passionate about martial arts novels. I have been watching since I was a child. I have read all the novels of Gu Yong Jin Yong, and then I’m in classmates.
Under the introduction, I read a lot of new martial arts novels and hope to share them with you.

Share the bibliographic introduction:


Contemporary martial arts novels, published in 1996, officially published in 2000, the book has 22 volumes, 3.2 million words. It is hailed as a martial arts novel with the style of "Qingming Shanghe Tu". In the introduction of Sina Reading Channel, it is called "classical character" and "postmodern structure". It is known as "Jin Yong's seal, Gu Long, Jianghu Only the heroic spirit, its resolute and deep pen style, the proposition of banned by martial law, and the sense of greatness of the desolation, can be called an odd number in the Chinese writing circle of the past two decades.

About the Author:

Sun Xiao

Born in Taipei City, graduated from the National Taiwan University (NTU) Department of Political Science, and a Master of Public Policy from the University of Rochester. He is currently working in the corporate world. In 2000, he co-founded the "Speaking Hall". The aim is to publish the best martial arts novels and teach people to write martial arts novels. The masterpieces include "Heroes" and "Longqing Tianxia". On March 8, 2013, Sun Xiao officially opened Sina Weibo, and directly discussed and interacted with readers in the name of “Wu Xia Writer Sun Xiao”.

Highly interactive activity process:

1) The sharer introduces the book and expresses his own opinion (about 20 minutes);

2) Each participant expresses his or her own feelings (about 2 minutes/person);

3) Participants raise questions related to the topic;

4) Participants discuss the issues raised and show their speculation. (about 2 minutes / person);

friendly reminder:

1) Participants are not required to prepare in advance, and the sharer will provide the information needed for discussion

2) Please go online to participate in the event on time, so as not to miss the sharing of the bibliography

All the speeches of the participants of the event do not represent the position of the school.


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