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Qingxi, Huaying, low wall.
Under the fence, Tian Hao, Mo.

In the deep spring, the flowers are getting away, and the green lanes are strange.
If it is the breeze, the poem is fragrant, and I blow a leaf, I read a field.
If there is no wind to open, I will let the poems sleep here, and let the rain drench.
I grew a new bay and squatted on the ridge.

Come, I am going; you go, I forget.

If the time cuts Pingshui into a broken chapter, I will stay here forever.
Let each season brew a successful handover.
When I look back in the coming year, it is still
The flower wall falls, and the new rain moistens the old pool.

Spring and summer, the rain is coming again.
A group of words open in the twilight, the buds fall and the flowers are buried

If all the encounters are long-term reunion, all the alienation is the legacy of Qing Qinger.
Then, from ancient to modern times, there are poems:
Do not forget, will there be a resounding statement?

If there is a spirit in the sky, Ling Xiao skips the Buddha wall.
Then, in this life and in this world, will anyone have to give up?
Cut three thousand green silk, and the nirvana is a rosary, placed in a box
Come, deliver with you

Once the sea was difficult for water
But if one day the fragrance is gone, it’s out of the world.
Can you say on paper: The world is full of love, only because of the real, so the city, so quiet.
A moment of anticipation, folded in the old palm print
Hands clasped together, squatting new mud

Word on the paper, the sentence between the lips
This new, that Moss, only said to listen to Jiangnan

A deep and deep lane, two or three Xuan windows, four small courtyard, five or six cloves
The night comes to the wind and the moon, the rain and the snow; the rising sun to the flower eve, the smoke and rain.
The sound of the paddle sound is double, and the night of Jiangshan is not yet
Jiangnan rhyme

One side of Luopa Jinxiu 鸳鸯, a piece of broken paper on Jiangnan.
In fact, Jiangnan jade carving gallery, Hexiang Tingzhou, do not have to write full.
Just shake a leaf and it’s just right.

For example: Baidi red willow, fence moss powder wall, there is Xiao Di juvenile clothing sneak scent, a ride like a fly.
Another example: peach cover Xiaoxuan window, red umbrella painting bridge, deep lane apricot flower wine, drunk lying good man paddle.

In the rainy and wet town of Jiangnan, a poem fell on the tip of the grass, and it was a shame.
If you pick up from your feet, you can listen to the next sentence.
If not, this sentence is based on the old Qingshan, and the grass is a hope.
In the waiting of the old age, you are one and another empty sleeve Jiangnan.

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