2014-07-18 Bi Feiyu

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I still prefer ducks. They have a total of eighty-six. The captain handed over all these ducks to me. The captain stressed: "Eighty-six, you count well, only a lot, not less." I can't count. It's not that I don't know how to count. If I have time, I can count from one to one thousand. But I can't count the ducks. They kept moving, and no duck was willing to stay for a minute. I counted once and eighty-six ducks were counted by me to one hundred and two. The numbers are unreliable, the numbers are dead, but the ducks are alive. So the number is always bigger than the duck.

I am going to let the ducks go every day. I drove eighty-six or maybe one hundred and two ducks to the river, and then rushed to Wujindang along the river. Wujindang is a good place, it is in the easternmost part of our village, it is a very wide water surface, but the water is very shallow, the bottom of the water is full of water leek.

I am eight years old. It stands to reason that I should not put ducks at this time. I should sit in the classroom and listen to the teachers telling the story of Liu Hulan and the story of Lei Feng. But I can't. I have to wait until I am ten years old to enter the school. Our commune has regulations that children go to school at the age of ten and graduate from the age of fifteen.

My father’s interest in the night is getting stronger and stronger. Father is waiting every day, he is waiting for dark. Fathers suddenly fell in love with the universe in those days. In the dead of night, he likes to stay with the stars in the distance. The father stood on the field, holding a flashlight in one hand and a book in the other. The book "What's in the universe" was brought back from the county town the other day. The father had to look up at his neck all night and face the stars alone. When I saw what was important, my father lowered his head, turned on his flashlight, and flipped a few pages. His father’s actions were full of mystery. His actions made me believe that the universe only existed at night. The sky is bright, the east is red, the sun is rising, and the universe is gone. Only the pigs and pigs, dogs and dogs, people and people around the world.

The father also brought back a "World Map" from the county. Father put it on the mountain wall of the hall. No one expected that this "World Map" had a considerable movement in Wangjiazhuang. After eating dinner, my home was crowded with people, mainly young people, who came to see the world together. People don't talk, I don't talk. However, this does not hinder our basic understanding of the world: the world is radiating along the center of "China", like a face, someone has squashed it with a rolling pin, it can only be spent green Extending around, it is derived from seven continents and four oceans. China’s contribution to the world is already on the map of the World.

The World Map also corrects our misconceptions about the world. Regarding the world, people in Wangjiazhuang have always believed that the world is a square plane, with Wangjiazhuang as the center, extending in four directions in the southeast and northwest. It doesn't look right now. The openness of the world goes far beyond our foresight, nor is it square, but oval. The huge brackets on the left and right sides of the map illustrate this problem.

After reading the map, we left our home together. We came to the door of the brigade and were naturally divided into several different groups according to age. Let's start the discussion. To sum up, there are some points: First, how big is the world? In the end, there are several kings? There are everything on the map, even the US emperor and Su Xiu, why not all of us in Wangjiazhuang, Wangjiazhuang I know where Wangjiazhuang is, and maps why it ignores our problem. It is entirely necessary for us to reflect to the party branch of the brigade. Second, this point was proposed by Wang Aiguo. Wang Aiguo said that if we dig down like a digging well and dig constantly, we will dig somewhere. The world must have a foundation. This is affirmation. But where is it? What holds us up? What supports us? If the thing that supports us is gone, we will fall to where it is. This issue attracts everyone. People are getting together, obviously, they are starting to worry. We cannot but express our deep concern about this issue. Of course, the answer is no. Because there is no answer, our face is particularly dignified, it can be said that the sky is dark. Or Wang Aiguo first broke the silence and raised a more frightening problem. Third, if we go out and go forward, we will definitely go to the end of the world. During the day, if it is night, if we go down, we will definitely fall into the bottomless abyss. That abyss is undoubtedly a bottomless pit. That is to say, after we fall, we will neither be killed nor drowned. We can only keep falling, falling and falling forever. The words of Wang Aiguo deeply attracted us. We felt fear, boundless fear, endless fear. Because of fear, we are tightly tied together. However, Wang Aiguo’s words were immediately questioned. Wang Aibao immediately said that this is impossible. Wang Ai said that he looked at the map very carefully. The end of the world is not on land. It is just the ocean. There is no road. We will not go there. Wang Aifu added that the map is clear. The left side of the world is the Atlantic Ocean and the right side is the Atlantic Ocean. How can we get to the Atlantic Ocean?

Wang Ai is plausible. We all breathed a sigh of relief when we heard him, and we were grateful. However, Wang Aiguo immediately retorted. Wang Aiguo said that if we are sitting on a ship, Wang Aiguo, we will break into the bottomless abyss. The situation is quite serious and can be said to be at stake. Yes, if we are sitting on a boat. If we are sitting on a ship, it will not only be us who will fall forever, but also have to add a small seesaw. This loss will be irreparable. We have lowered our heads together with a few younger ones. To be honest, we have not dared to listen again. At this most critical juncture, Wang Ai’s poverty came forward. Wang Aiguo did not face the Wang Aiguo positively, but directly gave us a conclusion: "This is impossible." Wang Aiguo said: "Why is it impossible?" Wang loves to laugh. He laughs and says: "If the ship falls, then Excuse me, the waters all over the world have come to where the waters of the world have come. We looked at the squid river behind us. The water is still in the river, and there are no wings, no roaring, quiet like a well. We have seen hope and peace of mind. We firmly believe that there is water, there is us. Wang Ai poverty saved us and saved the factory world: we all watched Wang love poverty together, my heart is full of love and reverence. He is the world Established immortal feats.

However, I am still not at ease. Or, I still have doubts. On the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, how can the water in the world not go away? What is the power to maintain the Atlantic Ocean? I suddenly remembered the factory "World Map." To be sure, the original shape of the world must be square, and the edge of the Atlantic is definitely a straight line. The huge outer arc on the map can only explain one problem. It is supported by the sea: like a bow, bent over, full of tension, full of danger of collapse. However, it did not collapse after all. This is a strange power, an incredible power, a force we dare not admit. However, it is a force of being.

It is entirely conceivable that once the edge of the Atlantic Ocean is broken, the sea will disappear like a meteor in the sky and disappear into the boundless darkness. The water is hand-in-hand, they only know the gap, the water in the world will be absorbed by the gap, and the water in the Wangjiazhuang carp river will also run away. At that time, the mysterious riverbed will undoubtedly be exposed to us. The riverbed is full of water plants, fish, shrimps, crabs, river otters, sassafras, boats, ducks. Maybe there will be a dock on our house. I fell into the river last year. A five-dollar coin. However, can five cents repurchase water from the world?

In less than two days, the world is stinking. I am stupid, my heart is like the universe in summer night, a star is a hole. I did not go home and found my father directly. I have to find security in my father and find the answer. The father stood on the field, holding a book in one hand, holding a flashlight in one hand, and looking up at the head. The stars of the sky are shining together, leaving me and my father in the world. I said: "Where is Wang Jiazhuang, the father said: "We are on earth. The earth is also a star in the universe. "I looked up and looked at the night sky. I must find the earth from the universe and see where the earth is flashing. I took the flashlight from my father's hand, looked around and looked around. The stars were brilliant, but no one was a flashlight. Reflective. Without reflection, the flashlight completely lost its meaning. I was anxious and said: "Where is the earth?" The father said: "The earth can't be found with your eyes. Use your feet. "My father looked at the darkness and looked at the fireflies around him. He hesitated for a long time and said, "We don't talk about things on earth." "I put my hand on my father's hand and turned around. I walked far away and yelled at my father's direction: "All said that you are a neuropathy. ">I am sitting on the small seesaw. Eighty-six of them may be one hundred and two ducks around me. They go all out to eat and go all out to drink. They can’t care about my inner fears. There is no cloud, the universe is gone, there is only one sun in the sky. The water of Wujindang bounces back the sun in the sky and shines on me. My body is covered with rust, the rust is black, sparkling However, this does not mean that my heart is full of light. I am only in Wujindang, and my eighty-six may be one hundred and two ducks. I admit that I am a little scared. Because I am in the water, I On the boat. I am very worried that the water in Wujindang is flowing. I am worried that they will whistle in the distance. For water, I know that once they flow, the blink of an eye will become a slippery jaundice. You can't grasp them with all your strength. Finally, you can only watch them go away, empty hands.

Everything is "World Map". But I am not going to complain about the World Map. Even if there is no damn map, what the world is supposed to be. The danger does exist. I even hate my father. The troubles on earth are so great. You don't ask, what do you do with the heart of the universe?

However, the danger is tempting at all times. It has plunged me into an endless imagination. My thoughts rushed forward along the waters of Wujindang, and rushed to the Atlantic Ocean. The Atlantic Ocean is very large, bigger than Wujindang and the Big Long Lake. Suddenly, the sea water turns a 90-degree bend and swoops straight down. At this time, of course you are eager to become a bird. You are along the cross section of the Atlantic, which is the edge of the world. You see the fish, the crab, the dolphins, the sword shark, the squid, the sea otter, and they are deep in the Atlantic. It is very satisfying and ups and downs. They swim on the edge of the world and attempt to rush out. However, the world's edge blocked them, and the rushing fish "bounced" and was bounced back, just as the sparrows in the classroom were bounced back by the glass. Based on this, I found that the edge of the world must be fixed by a material similar to glass. This material is as transparent as glass, and the glass is as airtight as it is. To be sure, this substance is ice. It is the way out of the ice blocking the sea. It is ice that maintains the stability of the world.

I picked up the bamboo pole and took it on the water. On the water, the ducks stretched their necks and fled forward desperately. I want to take my ducks and walk to the edge of the world. Take a look,> I drive the ducks out of Wujindang. , came to Dazhong Lake. Dalong Lake is endless, I firmly believe that through the big vertical lake, as long as I cross the Pacific Ocean, I can reach the Atlantic Ocean. I have not been able to cross the big vertical lake. In fact, I entered the Great Long Lake and I completely lost my way. I am full of fighting spirit, full of passion, just can't find the direction: looking at the lake, I gasped, fighting spirit and passion plummeted: I was dragged back by the other members with another small seesaw the next day. . The duck is gone. This unsuccessful expedition suffered heavy losses, and it caused our second production team to lose forever eighty-six or one hundred and two ducks forever. The two members did not hand me over to my father and handed me over to the captain. The captain held out a hand, lifted my ear and took me to the brigade. The squad secretary is there, and the father is there. My father is extremely humble, and is giving everyone a cigarette, and giving everyone a cigarette. As soon as my father saw me, I immediately went up and asked: "Ducks." I opened my eyes and said, "Let's fall." The father looked at the captain and looked at the brigade secretary and said loudly: "Where did you fall?" Going, "I said: "It fell, and it was still falling." My father looked at me carefully and touched my head. Father's hand is very white and cold. My father gave me a big mouth. I fell asleep while falling to the ground. Listening to the people in the village said that after the fall, my father kicked a foot on me and told the team that I had a neuropathy: Later, people in Wangjiazhuang always called me nervous.

"Nervous disease" has since become my name. I'm very happy. It at least shows that I was on an equal footing with my father when I was eight years old.

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