2014-09-09 Mo Yan

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The meaning of eating a short mouth is very clear. It is simply not meaningful to have this meaning. I mean that the humiliation suffered by eating a carrot is hard to wash with an old ginseng.

After I was fooled into the capital of Beijing, I couldn't wait to see an animal and said it was friendly. But the animal fierceness in Beijing is top-notch in the world. Even a wild dog with dirt is more fascinating than a dog from other provinces. The bark of the bark can't hide the taste of the imperial city roots. In that year, in a cold-faced restaurant that seemed to be a pure and old Beijinger, the flies flew, the boss was sticky, and a savage dog looked at me on the side of the so-called counter. I sincerely threw a piece of meat to it. I mean, "Do not hate me, dog. I know that Beijing is your Beijing. You hate our foreign bandits and give you a piece of meat. Don't hate me. I am staying here for a while, and I will go back at any time." The dog screamed as if I had thrown a bomb in front of it. The proprietress said with anger: "What do you do? Is it too uncomfortable to eat? Is it a stupid duck? It’s like watching you swear!" I thought about how the languages of these Beijingers are derived from the pants. of? Beijing people like this? How do Beijingers feel as unreasonable as the Eight-Power Allied Forces? I am feeding them dogs and eating meat is friendly! At this time, a man who came out of a typical image of Beijing Hutong, the mouth of the Beijing dialect, which has a close relationship with the crotch, is like a blasting bean. He said that the dog was shipped back from France, purebred, famous, The value is at least 100,000 yuan. Such dogs can't be fed casually. Such dogs eat formula feeds. There are counts of vitamins and proteins. No more, no more. You can give him meat and eat it without disturbing its endocrine. Is this still a dog? I feel that my stomach is going to break. The dog is also imported from France by the death sample. The wild dogs in our village are many times more beautiful than they are. So I said, "Don't scare the countryman, but it's a fur-skinned dog." My mother, my sentence is the same, it is equivalent to using a fire hook to burn the tiger's ass, the man is fierce, the woman Knocking ass shouted: "Emancipation, you put the kid on the blood for me."

I'm scared. According to the general order of slaughtering animals, after the blood is blown, it is to boil the water to kill the hairy feathers, then remove the head and feet, open the belly, pick up the goods, and then hang up and sell. Maybe tomorrow morning, maybe tomorrow at noon, maybe tomorrow night, in the plate of the sauce, in the fried meatballs, on the skewers of the meat, there is a part of my body. Thinking of this, the spine was cold, where there was a cold noodles, sticking to the wall, nodding his head and waist, and a series of bad things in his mouth ran away.

When I returned to the dormitory, I felt more and more feelings, so I had two lines of shit like tears flowing out of my eyes. Who is complaining? Resent yourself, who will let you go to eat cold noodles? Do not cook in the house to cook instant noodles? In order not to upset the Miss Beijing service lady who sells instant noodles, you can go out and buy fifty bags at a time, and get rid of the sins. Just thinking about it, a friend came in and said that you are crying? Beijing lacks water, and although tears are small, it is also turned into tap water. I want to be reasonable. Let's go outside Beijing. Everything must be careful. We must cry back to Shandong and cry. You can do it in Beijing. Don't drink Beijing tap water and you cry.

My friend invited me to dinner, ate a plate of carrots, ate a plate of fans, and ate a plate of what I forgot. After eating, I am moved to death, eat people, and never forget.

After a few days, a group of friends gathered, and I sinned for a friend who invited me to eat, so the friend bit his teeth and said, "Your conscience has let the dog eat! A few days ago, I went to Shangri-La Hotel to buy it. Spanish-made carrots, went to the Great Wall Hotel to buy California's sauce veal, and also used my father's visit to the Baltic Sea caviar brought back by the Soviet Union, eating your little boy's mouth full of oil, you forget it in a blink of an eye. Those small Is the beef not digested yet?"

I feel so cold that I really regret it. I can't wait to seal my mouth with a tape. Didn't you still eat coal in the same year? What are you doing with the carrot fans? It is really awkward for you to buy a sack of carrots and eat rabbits can not spend twenty dollars, you eat people's things, you have to bear the insults of others.

The biggest problem with my person is that I don’t remember it. Like a dog, I don’t remember to eat it. At that time, I was gnashing my teeth, and I forgot it after a few days. Another friend invited me to dinner, put on a briquettes stove, put a pot on the stove, put a dozen shrimps in the pot, a bunch of cabbage, and some meat forgot. The fierceness of eating and eating me is revealed. The friend said, "Look, I can't take care of myself!" In one sentence, my stomach was cooled, because the shame of eating people's things was poured into my heart. How can I kneel down like this? How can I not do this? You are in the next restaurant, honestly, don’t you spend a few dollars on a meal without eating it? How do you want to eat if you want to eat! How do you want to be evil when you want to be evil. You ate the meat and smashed the plate and did not laugh at you. You forgot that you are a countryman. People who have not seen you personally at all, sometimes looking for you to play, it is like a swan sometimes knows about water ducks. I vowed to starve and not eat anything. I swear that when I have a meal with my friends, I must pay for it first. I pay the bill. If I eat more, you won’t laugh at me.

Once I went to eat roast duck, I rushed to pay the bill when I ate half. After dozens of expensive species were filled with the stomach bags carved out of the treasures, there were still a lot of things left on the table. At this time, the peasant's squatting psychology broke out in my heart. What a pity, this duck, this cake This sauce, this onion, eat more, I will eat more. At this time, the man said: "I don't want to eat his money back!" I felt hot on my face, as if I had a slap in the ear. People also said to me: "Why do you say that he is so big? Why did he eat so much? If the Chinese are able to eat like him, China has long been eaten by him as a hot capitalism!"

I only understood this sadly: "The things in the world have already been arranged, and the insults are insulted.

I went home during the Spring Festival last year. I said that I have been humiliated in Beijing these years. Niang said: "I don't believe, people live a breath, then go to the feast, when you are in charge of the line, you should eat four hoes, drink two bowls of porridge, go to the banquet, and you can starve to death. Ghosts come together?"

After returning to Beijing, following the mother's teachings, I went to the banquet. Sure enough, the monkeys were anxious, and the food was warm and kind. Like the cooks in the British royal family, I waited for everyone's praise, but one person said: "瞧瞧莫言那It looks like a fake model! It seems that he can eat a Jia Baoyu with only two incisors!" Everyone laughed and the appetite increased. The man said: "People are still good, Lin Daiyu also Go to the toilet!"

"Mom, there is no way to live." I said to my mother.
My mother: "Oh, let's accept it! What do you have to do if you hit something?"
I said, "Mother, let's have a big family, just because I have been humiliated and eaten for half a lifetime. This situation has not changed."

Niang said: "Children, what are you? In the 60 years, Niang steals the production team and eats it. She is hung up and kept in the custody. At that time, she thought, put it down and killed it on the trunk. I can wait until When I put it down, I didn’t climb back home. Your aunt went to the West Village to ask for food, and went to the home of the leper. I saw a table in the hall, a bowl on the table, a bowl of leftover noodles in the bowl, dirty and dirty. But your aunt rushed to eat and dig it, and I was afraid that people would see it! What are you wronged by this grievance? I clearly see that you are getting fatter every day, not enjoying happiness, how to be fat? You are enjoying yourself, don't be in the blessings!"

I thought about my mother's words carefully, and gradually calmed down. Yes, the so-called self-esteem and face are all things after eating. For a hungry person, a bowl of leftover noodles left by leprosy patients is the most precious thing in the world. Of course, there are people who would rather starve to death than American flour, but they are great people. Animals like my pigs and dogs are endangered by their own self-respect and reputation.

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