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Not long ago, a friend of the economics industry told me that after deep communication with the Internet elite Ma Yun, he found that Ma Yun’s success relied on “teahouse theory”. The essence of the "teahouse theory" is that the website is like opening a teahouse. The teahouse is a place for tea lovers and businesspeople to have a tea and talk exchange. Come to me to drink tea, talk about business, legally trade, I Provide a platform and charge a service fee. The website has the same effect as the tea house. It is this simple "teahouse theory" that Ma Yuncai has unearthed the first barrel of e-commerce, making Alibaba a world-famous e-commerce group.

Carefully trying to figure out this seemingly simple "teahouse theory" is actually not simple. To let customers come to your tea house to drink tea, you must first open the tea house. There are five essential elements in a good teahouse: one must have a superior location, the second must have good quality tea, the third must have excellent service, the fourth must have a unique culture, and the fifth must have a strong popularity. These five elements also apply to the construction of our network positions.

Great location.Location can be understood as a position. What is particularly stressful in business is the geographical advantage. If a good position is occupied by others, it is equal to the business opportunity being taken away. The teahouse must have a good location. The meaning of this location must first seize the opportunity. The occupied area must have a beautiful environment in addition to commercial prosperity. The same is true for website construction. First of all, we must seize the opportunity, the Internet position, we will not occupy, others will go to occupation, we will not act, others will go to chaos. For example, we have repeatedly called for the fight against the Internet water army. The water army must of course fight. However, while we are fighting the water army, we should also see whether our regular army has done anything. If the regular army has a lot to do and occupy the position, the water army will naturally Will reduce a lot. As early as a few years ago, the cybersquatting of Internet domain names was once raging. But until now, there are still some leading cadres who don't know the importance of domain names. Comrade Mao Zedong once said that cultural and ideological positions will occupy if we do not occupy the enemy. The network position is a new form of cultural and ideological positions. If we do not seize this position, we will be seized by others.

Quality tea.There must be good tea in the teahouse. A tea house, no matter how superior its location, how luxurious the decoration, if there is no good tea, it is absolutely not good. The so-called "the skin does not exist, the hair will be attached." Tea is the content of teahouses, and website construction depends on content. Internet positions are mainly not in hardware, but in content. For this, some of our leading cadres have misunderstandings. They always think that it is enough to increase the hardware investment in the website. Therefore, a large amount of funds are invested in hardware construction and technical means. Thus, the website is built, all The hardware facilities and technology are top-notch, but the content construction is very backward, not dry, empty, or even messy. Such a website is "golden jade, ruined", there is absolutely no market. In a word, the construction of the network position is the content of the king, otherwise it will be in vain.

Excellent service.The position was occupied, the content was built, and the next step was service. Undoubtedly, e-commerce relies on Internet means, but the real secret of its success is to rely on services. Commercial websites are like this, as are government websites and news websites. No matter which type of website, in order to win the netizens, you must have excellent service. The government website is to implement e-government through the Internet, so as to better build a service-oriented government. If our website can't provide good services for the majority of netizens, netizens can log in to the website, either the website can't be opened for a long time, or the consultation phone provided will not be answered for a long time, or the published e-mail will not be sent to the mail, or the information will be released. It is a well-known old thing about Chen tea... such a government website does not matter.

A unique culture.The teahouse needs cultural support. The reason why tea has become a national drink and is marketed all over the world depends on the profound Chinese tea culture. The teahouse culture is also a recognizable culture. That is to say, the culture of your teahouse is different from the culture of other teahouses. This is the charm of your customers. For the website, the content is only one of them. If you don't have your own unique culture, you can't stand out in the vast Internet army and make your own characteristics. This requires our government website to pay attention to the soul of culture. While grasping the mainstream of socialist advanced culture, we must create our own cultural brand according to the characteristics of our unit, department and field. Don't have your own thoughts, pick up people's wisdom, and people are clouds.

Strong popularity.Opening a teahouse depends on the popularity index, and the website is also the same. Although from the perspective of economics, a strong popularity index does not necessarily lead to good profits, but a low popularity index is an absolute impact on profits. The construction of the network position, the popularity index is critical. The popularity index of the website is composed of various factors, including click rate, reprint rate, forum participation and so on. Now, some government websites don't have a very low click-through rate, that is, the forums don't dare to let go. Without a trace of popularity, it is simply an empty city. Don't be afraid of people to drink tea when you open a teahouse. Don't be afraid of people talking when you open a website. Don't be afraid of people pouring water when you open a forum. Don't be afraid to shoot people when you open Weibo. Otherwise, others will not come, don't look at it, ignore you, and you will do it. What website? The purpose of running a government affairs website is not to entertain themselves, but to spread advanced culture, to achieve open government affairs, to guide online public opinion, and to build bridges and platforms for communication and exchange between the masses and the government. Therefore, for those irrational netizens, we can't just adopt the method of “blocking” and “closing”, but we should adopt the method of “sparing” and “guiding” to make our website popular, sound and influential. .


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