2014-10-09 Yu Yingshi

The news of the death of Mr. Qian Mocun came, although he was not surprised, but he was inevitably blasphemy. I am not qualified to write official memorial texts because there is no personal relationship between us. But twenty years ago, I took the opportunity twice, and I listened to the world of Mr., and I still remember it. In the past, Mr. Chen’s recollection of Chen Shi’s recollection of the sentence “Heavy due to the wind and elegance, and the special pain of my private”. I can only express the meaning of the first sentence when I write this essay.

In late October 1978, the American Academy of Sciences sent a "Han Dynasty Research Mission" to mainland China for a one-month visit to the ancient world. I also participated. When I was in Beijing, I proposed to visit Mr. Yu Pingbo and Mr. Qian Zhongshu. Professor Fu Hansi of the same group also proposed the name of Mr. Yu Guanying. Under the arrangement of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, we went to visit Mr. Sanlihe’s apartment in the morning to visit the three gentlemen. Opening the door is Mr. Mo Cun. At that time, he was sixty-eight years old, but he looked like four or fifty people. If it wasn't for his self-reported name, I couldn't guess it anyway.

The conversation was carried out in Mr. Yu's living room and was roughly divided into two groups: Fu Hansi mainly talked with Yu Guanying about the issue of Han Wei poetry, and both Yu and Qian both started with "Dream of Red Mansions". However, the living room is not large, and the voice is clearly audible, so there is occasional communication between the two groups. After two decades, I can't remember the content of Mr. Mercury's conversation, but there is no such thing as literature or philosophy. At that time, although the thought air of the mainland had been slightly loosened, the layer of ice had not yet melted, and both the host and the guest had to hold the sense of speaking. It seems that soon I started asking him to remember his family, Mr. Bin Si? Because I know that the background about him is mainly from the chat of the four divisions. This is an indirect "retrospective" - a social way that the Chinese used to meet when they first met. His expression suddenly became very humorous, saying that he might be the "little elder" of the four divisions. Later, I was in Taipei to ask for the fourth division of the guest. The four divisions of Bin said that it was completely inaccurate. He and Qian Jibo and Zhong Shu and his son were not the same. However, Mr. Mo Cun did not follow the "retrospective", and I also changed the topic with interest. Then I seem to move the topic to "Talking Art Record". He even said that it was "less work" and "lack of view."

At this time, Mr. Yu Guanying, who was separated from the seat, suddenly interjected, saying that Mr. Mo Cun had a big book being printed. Mr. Mo Cun was humble again. This is the first time I heard the title of "Tube Cone". He told me that this new book was still written in classical Chinese. "This can feed the spread of toxins." He said half-truth (I can't remember the original words, but it does.) I asked him a small question: "Talking to the Art Record" mentioned the Lingyuan monk and Cheng Yichuan two simple, can be compared with Han Yu and Tian Bian three books. But the book does not mention the source of the two Jane, where is it? He is funny again, as if I was deliberately testing his memory. However, he thought about it, and then seriously said that he could probably find it in the Yuan Dynasty "Buddha". Because the topic turned to Han Yu, I told him by the way that he had an interesting story in Taipei: the descendants of Han Yu were playing the "诽谤" lawsuit for Bai Juyi's "returning to the service of sulfur and sorrow." I also added that it seems that there is something to do with the examination of Chen Yin’s "Yuan Bai Shi Yan Zheng". However, he did not agree that "retreating" was the "word" of Wei Zhongli. This is the old saying in Fang Weiqing's dialectic, and he was supported by Qian Dawei in the Qing Dynasty. Mr. Zang Cun does not take Chen’s research. Later in the United States, he criticized Chen Tingtai's "Trivial" (trivial, see small), which refers to the "Yuan Bai Shi Yan Zheng" in the section to test whether Yang Guifei is "deported into the palace" section. I am surprised that he has reservations about Chen Yu’s knowledge. I would have liked to say that Chen’s examination was to confirm that Zhu Zi’s “Tang Yuan’s outflow from Yi Di, so the rudeness of the door is not different” is not a “Trivial”. But at that time he was a guest at my house. In this sentence, I can't say it in public anyway.

Mr. Mo Cun’s blogger’s strong note is amazing. He probably saw the information about me beforehand, so he specifically mentioned the English works of some colleagues at Yale University. He did see these works, and the comments were the first. Occasionally, the arrow is on the string, and it will also show sharp sharpness, just like "Authentic Record" says Authur Waley, "It is appropriate to enter the group blind evaluation ancient map". But he always came out of a gentle and refined manner, and he did not abuse it.

The second meeting was in the United States. In the spring of 1979, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences sent a delegation to the United States. At the time of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the United States, both sides were in the hot period. Some of the delegation visited Yale, including Mr. Mo Cun and Mr. Fei Xiaotong. The leader is Mr. Zhao Fusan, because at the official reception of the school, Mr. Zhao specially urged Mr. Mo Cun to reply in English, as if this should have been the task of Mr. Zhao.

I and Mr. Fu Hansi and others of course went to the train station to meet the delegation. The only one I know is Mr. Mo Cun. When I was about to shake hands to him, he suddenly and enthusiastically walked with me to "bear hug". This is probably the long-standing official ritual of the mainland at that time. I was a bit overwhelmed at the moment, and the answer must be substandard. However, my instinct tells me that Mr. Cun Cun is indeed very sincere. This time, there is no need to "remember the old". We really seem to be "old friends."

In the evening, Chen Shuping and I were entrusted by the school to host all the dinners at home. Even the number of professors and graduate students who bring their own students is no less than seven or eighty. This buffet was prepared by Chen Shuping for three days. We usually have very little entertainment, and this kind of excitement is absolutely unprecedented. Now try to talk about Mr. Mercury.

Mr. Mo Cun came home with my car, so we had a chance to chat along the way. Just four or five months apart, I feel that I can talk freely and improvise. The ice in the academic world on the mainland seems to have begun to melt. One of the arguments that has been circulating for a long time is that he served as the English secretary of Mao Zedong. I asked him for this. He told me that this was a misunderstanding. The mainland once had an editorial board for the English translation of Mao Zedong's anthology. He is one of the consultants. In fact, it is a famous name. It is rare to occasionally provide a little opinion, and that is all. I also asked him why he was criticized in the "Selected Song Poetry". Isn't it the "Speech at the Yan'an Forum on Literature and Art"? He didn't answer my question directly, probably because the time was not enough, but the main reason was that he didn't bother to mention the critics at the time. He only said two things: First, he cited a paragraph in "Speech" is actually just common sense; Second, the small biography and introduction about each family is written with great care. I told him that Hu Shi also said that his biography and notes were very wonderful.

I was vaguely aware that his explanation of the quotation of the speech might have hinted at his attitude towards life. 1957 was a year of "anti-right". He couldn't help but quote a few words "quotations" as a shield. And the way he cites is also an understatement to the maximum. He is a pure scholar, not only at least a little bit of Yaxing in the political "upward", but also avoiding it. This layer was already visible to me 20 years ago. Now I read the last two sentences of his second 1955 "Heavy Rain" and I am more convinced. These two poems are:

The new strength of the building is lazy,

The high point is not overwhelming.

This is his "love poem".

I had a buffet at that night. Because there were many people, I was divided into several places. On this table, there were several people, Mr. Mo Cun and Mr. Fei Xiaotong. The VIPs from the mainland talked very strongly, but everyone loved to listen to Mr. Cough for nine days, with the wind and the raw jade." As far as I can remember, the topic of the guests is naturally concentrated on the vicissitudes that they have experienced for decades, especially how the intellectuals are “ruthless, unjust, shameless and framed” (see Lin Biao’s translation"). Mr. Mo Cun also said a lot of moving stories, and they are all famous people at home and abroad. What impressed me the most was about Wu Hao. Probably I asked the tragic experience of the historian Wu Hao's family. Some people said some cause and effect, but Mr. Mo Cun suddenly looked at Mr. Fei Xiaotong and said, "Do you remember? Wu Hao in the 1957 'anti-right' period Is it ruthless to be from other people?” (The meaning of this) The look and tone of the reply clearly indicated that Mr. Fei was one of the victims of the year. Mr. Fei acquiesced to him by a bitter smile. In an instant, everyone did not speak, and no one was willing to continue to ask.

In this gathering, I found the other side of Mr. Mo Cun's hatred and passion. Like Tao Yuanming, he wrote poems such as "Jing Jing Yu" and "Reading Shan Hai Jing" in addition to "Home Gardening" and "Drinking". Try reading his "The World" in 1964:

After reading the world, the two are destroyed, and the blocks are solitary. The stars have not extinguished the fire, and the inch is difficult to burn.

I also know that I need to change my medicine for the disease. Do not figure out the long distance from the shackles, leaving another sangtian back.

I dare not explain his poems, so as to avoid the shackles of "creating the gains, slashing the air and hiding the soul" ("槐聚诗存.序"). Readers can get it.

After 1979, I have never seen him again. However, there is still a little aftermath, which lasted for more than a year. Mr. Mo Cun still strictly adheres to the style of Chinese poetry and rituals in the previous era, and is very particular about the number of rituals. Soon after he returned to Beijing, he wrote a polite letter of thanks with his beautiful hand. Although I have a hard time getting a pen, I have to barely follow. This way, there are no more than seven or eight times. I have kept his ink, but because of the move, I can't check it. But what impressed me the most was that after the publication of the first and second volumes of "Tube Cone", he sent it by airmail, and there was a personal title on the title page. Soon I received his "Four Old Articles" and "Spring Mud Collection" from Mrs. Ji Kang. I was flattered, and I wrote a thank you poem in a respectful manner as follows:

The first edge of the Yiyuan word forest, spring mud long tube coned. Yuan Tongshi actually respected Jiading, and Hui Jie people argued for the round. The cold-eyed is not a corporal, and the deep heart has been in the middle of the sky. After Xuan Xuan passed the autumn rain, I looked at Qizhou nine o'clock.

Poetry is insignificant, but the language comes from the heart, and it is by no means a reward for worldly retribution. The third and fourth volumes of "Tube Cone" were published, and he sent it in the same way. I re-reported the "Three Readings of the Tube Cone":

The secluded forest rock dreams for a long time, and the Magu Bridge is under the water. Nowadays, the smoke is exhausted, and it is not allowed to catch fish. ("Full Chinese" Volume 20)

"Avoiding the fear of the word prison", Gong Sheng said this in ancient and modern times. How to exaggerate the martial arts, but also to quit the words. ("Full Post-Chinese" Volume 14) What is the case of the King of the Kings, mistakenly blame the Confucian crown. Because of the multi-destination, the witchcraft has been disabled. ("Jin Jin Wen" Volume 37)

Mr. Mo Cun was cold-eyed and hot, and he had three tears in his life. Although the "Tube Cone" is a mysterious statement, it is a shock to the world of change. The above three sections are just examples. Mr. sent a gift to the "Big Cone" four volumes, all of which have been manually corrected, especially precious. Although the Hanzhai inserts are all over, the rare books are only one set. The bad news came, the heavy Moz code, the sense of the human piano, rather the yeah!

Mr. Mo Cun has been acquainted with the immortal city. The literary layman like me is not worthy of any praise, so I have to live in silence. I read Mr.'s book, from a historical and cultural point of view, the natural feeling is very deep. I hope to have the opportunity to write again later. Finally, I would like to solemnly point out that Mr. Mo Cun is one of the highest crystallizations of Chinese classical culture in the 20th century. His death symbolizes the end of Chinese classical culture and the 20th century. But history is endless. As long as the next generation of scholars are willing to work hard and hard like Mr. Mo Cun, the 21st century may be able to see the regeneration and renewal of Chinese classical culture.

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