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1, all for the purpose of profit, in other words, as long as the whole family. At the extreme, people are full of no feelings, no loyalty, no fun, and people become boring, rigid, cold, and ruthless animals. This is not a "life", but a "survival".

2, some animals are mainly worthy of money, such as foxes; some animals are mainly worthy of meat, such as cattle; some animals are mainly bones worthy, like humans.

3, there is something wrong, knowing enough to know; sharp gas hidden in the chest, and air floating in the face; talent is seen in the matter, loyalty is applied to people.

4, the heart is small, all the little things are big; the heart is big, all the big things are small; bearish on the vicissitudes of life, the heart is safe and sound.

5. A modest person uses a diploma to spur himself, and a guilty person uses a diploma to show off himself.

6, take the right path, put the unintentional hand, make friends with the Tao, break the friend of righteousness, drink the clean tea, quit the color of the wine, open the door of convenience, close the mouth.

7, a lovely term for youth! People since ancient times have praised it and hope it grows in the world.

8. How many floors do you live in? - "Life has three floors: the first is material life, the second is spiritual life, and the third is soul life."

9, the collection of books such as mountains, reading like water. The mountain shape is limited, and the water flow is no longer available.

10, after the person is scattered, a new moon is like water; Qian Zhongshu corresponds: the eyes are far away, everything is sad.

11, someone to help you, is your luck; no one to help you, is the fate of justice. No one should do anything for you, because life is your own, you have to be responsible for yourself.

12, legitimate play, is a hard comfort, is the preparation of work.

13. From the expectation to the implementation, from the hope to success, it was the right way to enter the career of life.

14. If you love, life is lovely everywhere. If you hate, you can hate life everywhere. If you are grateful, you can be grateful everywhere. If you grow up, everything can grow. It is not the world that has chosen you, it is that you have chosen this world. Since there is nowhere to hide, it is better to be silly. Since there is nowhere to escape, it is better to be happy. Since there is no pure land, it is better to be quiet. Since it is not as expected, it is better to relieve.

15. Everything goes with the flow; when it happens, it is calm; when it is proud, it is indifferent; when it is frustrated, it is calm; the hardships are inevitable;

16. This world is not a world of rich people, nor a world of innocent people. It is a world of people with hearts.

17, not in the heart, not in love. Fear of the future, do not read in the past. So, well.

18, "My children! I am jealous of your life, more than once a day! I want to speak out and let you know. But when you know what I am, you will not be able to make me jealous." People. What a sad thing!" "But your golden age is limited, and the reality is finally exposed. This is the situation I have experienced, and the situation where the adults have experienced it. I saw my childhood. The heroes and heroes in the companion, one by one, retreat, obey, compromise, and yield, to the point like a sheep. I am also like myself. 'The vision of the future is still the past,' and you will soon go this one. Road!"

19. Since there is nowhere to escape, it is better to be happy. Since there is no pure land, it is better to be clear. Since it is not as expected, it is better to relieve.


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