There is an old saying in China that people are going to die and their words are good. When the end of life is so brightly appearing in front of you, it is estimated that most people will let go of their resentment or resentment. In what to say, this world’s grievances and hatreds are still in this world, why bring them to another I am going to bother myself.

Sometimes, I will also ask myself this question. If today is the last day of my life in this world, what will I do? I find that I can’t think of anything. It’s just like this, even at night. Write a seal of the suicide note, so that you can leave a few words to the people I love.

Professor Mori also wrote a suicide note, but his suicide note is not only written to his own family and friends, but to people around the world. At the last moment of his life, he also gave his student Mickey every Tuesday to talk about life issues such as death, love, family, marriage, and so on.
As Mickey wrote in his postscript, "There is no time in life." Ms. Mori is still changing herself even at the last moment of her life. He did not yield, nor did he deliberately resist stubbornly to resist anything, but accepted it calmly, accepted God's arrangement, and shook hands with life.

When I saw this paragraph, I thought of the hero in "Diving Bell and Butterfly." In their life dictionary, it seems that they have not tried hard to fight for fate. They just accepted the fate, even though fate brought them the most unbearable experience. But accepting does not mean passively merling fish, but a more positive attitude towards life. In fact, perhaps we have been used as the benchmark figure for education examples from childhood to age. Those who are physically and mentally ill have let countless children worship the big heroes from childhood, not heroes. It’s just their life, their unique life experience. Maybe at that moment, they have to do that to survive, but they have been given a lot of meaning by the state media that they may even hate.

Professor Mori said that we must be alert to the brainwashing of popular culture. The most important thing is to establish our own culture. We have our own thinking and judgment. Every behavior of yours comes from your own culture, not for others to do it for you. Choice and judgment. After a long period of time, this sentence is still valid for many people, especially for many young people in China today. Therefore, the current school education may still experience less, and at least it will not be so laborious to re-wash itself in the future.

In this book, Mori repeatedly mentioned one sentence: love or death.
This is a poem and a sentence that Professor Mori wants to tell his own students. The human body can die, but love does not. Many people will have this experience. Their loved ones have been dead for a few years or longer, but you still think of him often. The care he gives you will stay in the hearts of everyone who has been loved. . forever and ever.

Perhaps this is why Professor Morley always said to Mickey to love. Now students who are confused about marriage can go to see how Professor Mori tells about marriage. "Marriage is a very important thing. If you don't try it, you will lose a lot." There is also this sentence, " If you don't respect each other, your relationship will be troublesome; if you don't know how to compromise, your relationship will be troublesome; if you can't communicate openly and honestly with each other, your relationship will be troublesome; if you don't have a common Values, you will also have troubles. You must have the same values."

Professor Mori is trying to warn people to start a marriage, or to have a lifelong lover, this lover is not a friend, not a family, is a lover who can live with you. I don't really know if marriage is necessary, but I think that lover must be there. The family is our last retreat in this world. We now have parents, and the family where our parents are is our retreat, but if one day they are not there, then, if we don’t have a family, no husband or children, if we encounter a change, then, where is the retreat?

Of course, this is my little reverie. There are many ways to get out of life and retreat. But if there is a chance, there will still be a person who will be warmer with a lifetime. At least, if friends can't take care of the dimension, you and your lover can accompany you. .

I like this passage, the excerpt is as follows:

Accept all feelings - love for women, sadness for loved ones, or what I have experienced: fear and pain caused by well-known diseases. If you avoid these feelings - don't let yourself experience, experience - you will never be able to escape, because you always have fear. You are afraid of pain, fear of sorrow, and fear of the emotional damage that love must bear.