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After reading "Devil Economics", I deeply feel the charm of gossip.

Don't laugh at me: What is the relationship between economics and gossip?

Of course it has a relationship. "Devil Economics" is an economic monograph that has all the elements of gossip.

First of all, the first question of the gossip reporters is that they will ask questions, tell stories, and be lively and interesting, and they will be able to attract the attention of the majority of entertainment enthusiasts. At this point, the author of "Devil Economics" is more than ever. Look at his question: What do school teachers have in common with sumo wrestlers? What do the KKK and the real estate agent have in common? Why are drug dealers still living with their mothers? Does the name have an impact on the child's future? Swimming pool and guns, which one is more dangerous for children? ... all angles are the number of ways that others have not tried, so that readers can see it with great interest.
Do you know how to subvert the KKK that the US government can't shake with one person? Devil Economics described this case as a thrilling detective story: a young man named Dyson entered the inside of the KKK and mastered the inside information of the KKK’s slang, secrets, rituals, etc., but thought There is no way to subvert the KKK. The popular children's TV show "Superman Adventures" gave him a chance to move, so he told the program of the full set of black and ciphers, the editors put the core secrets of these KKK into a special program: "Superman War III K Party, a few days later, the KKK members found that the children on the street were holding the same rituals as the real KKK, saying the same slang, these guys who are proud of this secret organization are simply To collapse!
The questions raised by Devil Economics are extremely gossip, but the answers to these gossip questions explain the real world wonderfully.
Second, what is gossip doing? It is the grassroots nature of the celebrities and reveals the true state of life. Who explains that the stars are so far away? Behind the flowers and applause, it is a bleak life. How about flowers and sizzling fires, after that, isn’t it a piece of earth? Cui Zhiyou came to Shanghai a few days ago. Actually, only 20 fans were picked up. Some people sighed at the entertainment circle, but this is the real world. It may seem uncomfortable, but Levitt points out that many of the conclusions that seem simple, convenient, and make us feel comfortable are simply unreliable.
For example, do you think that drug dealers in the underworld must be rich? In fact, the real underworld organization is no different from a modern company like McDonald's. The drug dealers at the bottom of the organization are as meager as the McDonald's employees. The only people who live in the villas are the ones at the top of the organization. The only difference is the name, the underworld. Called Big Brother, McDonald's called the president.
Levitt also found that for well-educated, successful, healthy parents, their children’s performance in school is usually very good, and what parents do to improve their children’s performance, such as taking children to the museum, reading regularly Listening to your child, or preventing your child from watching TV, does not have any obvious impact. Is it very interesting? Obviously, if you are a couch potato sitting in front of the TV after a meal, don't expect you to stop your child from watching TV. If you are a person who doesn't like reading, you can't buy a few books every year. Even if you work hard to tell a story to your child every night before going to bed, it is difficult for your child to develop a good habit of reading. If you are born with pessimistic and frustrated people, even if you read inspirational books to your child every day, it is useless to read the Harvard girl’s success. Fundamentally speaking, "what kind of person are you in essence" is more likely to affect your child's life than "what did you do for the future of your child?"

Third, from the "Great History" re-emerged to "Master Chen PK Shantou Hu", the gossip world has recently been popular spoof and subversion, "Devil Economics" went further. Levitt subverts our superstitions of experts. As long as there is motivation, it may produce self-interested behavior. The same is true for experts. The main weapon of the experts is to use information asymmetry to turn information into fear. For example, for an expensive operation recommended by a doctor, you often dare not refuse, because you know nothing about this disease, and fear will have serious consequences due to the rejection of surgery.
Fourth, gossip needs a protagonist with personal charm. The author of the book, Levitt, is well deserved. Almost in the eyes of all economics graduate students, he is a semi-god idol, they all want to be like Levitt. He looks sick and weak. He often makes his wife help him open the can lid. It is gentle, low-key, and not good at talking. It doesn't look like a person who can provoke controversy, but his research method is quite deviant. Traditional economics works must always be from shallow to deep, always from point to point, and use a large number of mathematical methods, but this "Devil Economics" is the opposite, there is no system at all. Levitt likes to laugh at himself: "I don't have good mathematics, I don't know much about the econometrics industry, and I don't know how to form a theory." This is really cool.
Finally, the last but not the least, the most important one of the gossip news: closeness. The gossip of the American queen is far less lively than the Philippine love of our own. Levitt's closeness is that he has a lot to do with China: after the one-year-old son died, he adopted a Chinese girl named Amanda.


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