The Brief History of Humanity is a wonderful book, and the book of human history, which has been changed from this book, is popular all over the world. It discusses a series of interesting topics from the cognitive revolution, the agricultural revolution to the scientific revolution. Explain how humans are on the world stage and become the spirit of all things. We used to be an unremarkable ethnic group in the African corner. The ecological influence on the earth is almost the same as that of fireflies, orangutans or jellyfish. Why can we climb to the top of the biological chain and become the master of the earth. . . Some of the ideas inside are not only novel, but also ruined. * "It will say gossip" is actually a super weapon that allows Homo sapiens species to crush other species. * "Agricultural Revolution" Perhaps the biggest scam in history. Humans have not domesticated wheat, but wheat has domesticated humans? * The strength of the European Empire is to recognize your ignorance and trust in the future. * Are we happy? What is the root of happiness? . . . . This is a grand brief history, a small one, allowing humans to re-examine themselves.

Author:Yuval Hulari was born in 1976. He holds a Ph.D. in history from Oxford University. He is now a professor of history at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is a young geek and a globally renowned new historian. He is good at the study of world history and macro historical processes. There is great interest in the academic field and in the field of mass publishing. His book "A Brief History of Humanity" made him famous and became a super bestseller in Israel. At present, this book has been copyrighted in more than 20 countries. In addition to history, knowledge in anthropology, ecology, genetics, etc. After the book was changed, the course was uploaded to YOUTUBE and became popular around the world. There are a large number of young fans. In addition to writing books and video lessons, he also has columns.

Presenter:He Yuchen, the founder of "Niu Reading", a member of the ebay New York Software Siege Lion, a member of the Chinese Science Writers Association, and the founder of the new concept reading product "Niu Reading". Love reading, music, travel and flying. I look forward to having more exchanges with you.


Activity time:July 31, 2016


 Event Location: Fordham University Manhattan Campus (specific address announced after WeChat registration)