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Here, face-to-face exchanges with senior experts and scholars from different fields, through lectures, to reach in-depth information. Efficient information acquisition and digestion through highly interactive discussions with keynote speakers and other participants


Bai Hao Forum, Managing Director of CITIC Securities: Development and Changes of China's Finance in the Past 20 Years

Dr. Gao Zhanjun brings you a comprehensive understanding of China's financial market.
白麓论坛 | 从资本市场交易到金融行业职业发展

白麓论坛 | From Capital Markets Trading to Financial Industry Career Development

Dialogue Dr. Du Yunsong - Managing Director, New York Capital Markets, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

Exclusive Event|BBKINGS First Overseas Talk Show Recap

Are you remorseful when you haven't had time to take notes? Don't worry, it's all here! A large number of photos are included!