BaiLu is a non-governmental, non-religious, non-profit organization registered with New York State.

Through BaiLu Talk, the BaiLu Forum and other activities, BaiLu serves as an educational platform devoted to providing the knowledge and insights from various fields of study, helping young Chinese professionals and students to cultivate critical thinking skills and to develop their characters comprehensively.

BaiLu Talk is a cultural seminar in diverse forms regarding various cultural themes. Here, you will meet many fascinating presenters, learn about different topics (humanities, politics, economy, history, society, art, etc.) and experience the sharing of books, movies, documentaries, lectures and so on. You will hear a variety of personal opinions, and your voice will as well be needed! You will find people with the same passion of thinking independently.

During BaiLu Forum, you will have the opportunity to communicate with senior experts and scholars from different fields and gain industry insights from them. Through highly interactive discussions with keynote speakers and other participants, you will acquire knowledge efficiently.

Artist: The art is vast and enough to occupy one person
Us: Life is either noisy or tranquil, and we are willing to save a place for art.
With the leisurely mood in a pot, curiosity in a basket, you are invited to call on some friends to participate in BaiLu art activities. There, you will sow the seeds of Art, received from the masters, in the corner of your life, nourishing them attentively. After a while, a harvest of vividness will enrich your spirit.

BaiLu·New York is an independent non-governmental, non-religious, non-profit, comprehensive cultural exchange platform registered in New York, USA. With the concept of “improving the independent thinking ability and comprehensive quality of the backbone of society”, BaiLu currently has more than 1,000 members.

With the goal of “making thinking more independent”, Bai Yu aims to provide an independent social and cultural theme exchange platform for chinese students and young professionals in Greater New York.

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