Western empirical and scientific approaches to the mind and body address consciousness superficially, while Eastern mystical and spiritual traditions subordinate the body and health to higher consciousness, leaving out the science entirely. Dr. Theodore Dimon’s theory of human development dives squarely into this cross-section, connecting two separate worlds of thought into a single model of conscious development. Drawing from research in the fields of evolution, neuroscience, and physiology–as well as years of practical study of motor function and attention–Dimon’s revolutionary model provides a new paradigm for understanding psychophysical functioning and how it can be applied to child development, performance, and to living in a truly holistic way.

论坛主讲人Dr. Theodore Dimon is a leading specialist in the field of education and offers theoretical courses in Psychophysical Education as an adjunct professor at Columbia University Teachers College. Dr. Dimon completed his Alexander teacher training in 1983 at the Constructive Teaching Centre with Walter Carrington, and received Masters and Doctorate degrees in Education from Harvard in 1987. He is a founding member of AmSAT, and opened his own Alexander certification school in 1997. Dr. Dimon has since published seven books, several of which are standard reading material in Alexander training courses around the world.




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